2Work Green 1-Ply C-Fold Hand Towel (Pack of 2880) HC128GRVW
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Eco Friendly 100% recycled paper rolls. Highly absorbent 1-ply hand towels. C-Fold. 15 sleeves of 197 towels per pack. Colour - Green. Sleeve length: 225mm. Width: 100mm. Height: 100mm.
2WORK 2W03975 5 L Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash,Multicolor, Pack of 1
VOW Europe
This antibacterial soap is clean smelling and will leave your hands fresh and moisturised. Ideal for work environments this soap will clean your hands of bacteria, visible dirt and grease. • Antibacterial Hand wash • Effectively cleanses and leaves skin soft • Economical yet high quality, suitable for most washrooms • 5 Litre Please click here to download the safety data sheet for this product.
2Work Antibacterial Washing Up Liquid 5 Litre (Pack of 1) 221
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2Work Washing Up Liquid Antibact 5L Sing
2Work 2W03974 5 L Hand Soap, Pack of 1, Pink Pearl
Clover Chemicals Limited
2Work Pink Pearl Hand Soap 5 Litre
Carex Complete Protects Hand Wash with BacteriaProtect Zinc (5 Litre Bottle)
Carex Original hand wash works in seconds to effectively Clean, Care and Protect, so you and your family can feel free to "Live Life Hands On" Our trusted, expertly developed formulation: Superior protection for healthy hands Kills 99.9% of Bacteria Dermatologically Tested by Experts Cleans: Effectively removes dirt and germs Cares: Our special blend of moisturisers helps keep skin feeling soft Protects: Enhanced to give superior protection for healthy hands
Carex Handwash Professional Original 2 x 5 litre
PZ Cussons UK Ltd
Carex (5L) Professional Original Handwash (Pack of 2).
2WORK 1-Ply C-Fold Hand Towels, White, Pack of 2880
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Use these absorbent handtowels for drying your hands, clearing up spills or any other mess. The towels are interleaved so when fitted to any standard hand towel dispenser, only one towel is presented at a time, avoiding excess waste. Suitable for use in standard hand towel dispensers, these versatile towels can also be used for wiping, polishing and drying. These hand towels are 100% recycled and provide great value for money. • 1-Ply, C-fold paper towels for easy cleaning • Great absorption of all fluids - For wiping, polishing and drying • Can be installed into standard hand towel dispensers • Towel size: 310x225mm • Pack of 15 sleeves with 197 towels per sleeve
Dymabac KCDPP Hand Soap, Pink, 5 L
Cleaning and paper Disposables PLC
Dyma Pink Hand Soap 5Ltr KCDPP
2WORK Facial Tissues Box, 100 Sheets, Pack of 36
Cleaning and paper Disposables PLC
Maxima facial tissues are strong 2 ply tissues ideal for the office, hotels and conferences etc. • Facial tissues ideal for the office, hotels and conferences • 100 tissues per box. • Cream box • Less than 84p per box when bought as a pack of 36 boxes
2WORK Plastic Toilet Brush Set, White
The Jantex toilet brush has a round brush end with nylon bristles and comes complete with white, open front holder. The brush handle also has a hook so it can be hung to save floor space. The plastic design is easy to clean and maintain, allowing for a more hygienic washroom.
2WORK 2W00697 Coreless Toilet Rolls, 95 mm x 96 m 800 Sheets, White (Pack of 36)
Coreless 2ply Toilet Tissue is a high capacity, easy maintenance system which results in less run-outs and lower maintenance costs, which is perfect for high usage areas. This system is also environmentally friendly as wastage is less then other systems as there's nothing to throw away, eliminating waste and keeping washrooms tidy. Each case contains 36 rolls and each roll is 106 metres, with a width per roll of 98mm. These rolls will fit any Coreless toilet rolls dispenser 36 Rolls per case
2Work X-Large Cotton Buds (Pack of 100)
Durable Cotton Buds (Pack of 100)
2WORK 498 TFN Neutral Floor Cleaner, 5 L
VOW Europe
This floor cleaner is perfect for mopping and is suitable for use on all hard floors including PVC, marble, linoleum and wood. This floor cleaner has a pleasant lemon fragrance and cleans evenly with no patches or smearing. This great value 5 litre bottle contains concentrated formula that needs to be diluted - ideally with a mop bucket or spray bottle. • Floor cleaner for mopping or spraying • Suitable for all hard floors including PVC, marble, linoleum and wood • Fresh, lemon-scented fragrance • Low foaming: dries quickly and evenly without patches or smears • Dilution: 600ml trigger spray = 30ml • 5L bucket = 120ml Please click here to download the safety data sheet for this product.
2WORK AHS 222 Hand Sanitizer Pump, 300 mL (Pack of 6)
VOW Europe
Prevent the spread of bacteria in your workplace by having this hand sanitiser pump readily available. This Alcohol Hand Sanitiser from 2Work will effectively kill bacteria with a skin-friendly and effective bactericide called trichlosan. Ideal for use in workplaces with a high risk of contamination, such as healthcare and food environments, this antibacterial hand sanitiser requires no rinsing and dries quickly for use on the go.
2Work Bulk Pack Toilet Tissue, Pack of 36, White
Brightwell Dispensers Ltd
2 ply soft tissue. Interleaved single sheets ensuring constant supply. 250 sheet refill.
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Mac Rell
2WORK Microfibre Cloth, 400 x 400 mm, Pink, Pack of 10
Robert Scott & Sons
These microfibre cloths are an excellent choice for the house, office or car. The microfibre material lifts dirt and dust easily, whether wet or dry and with or without chemicals. These soft, gentle and scratch-free cloths protect your surfaces from any possible damage. Ideal for cleaning, dusting or polishing, the square cloths are machine washable at 90°C and won't lose shape or quality. For excellent quality cleaning whether wet or dry, these microfibre cloths are for you.
2Work 2W06003 Sponge (Pack of 10)
Cost effective sign acts as a barrier while delivering a safety messageEasy to deploy sign takes immediate effect in closing off roomsWarns off employees and visitors entering areas whilst cleaning is in progress and prevents potential slipsFeatures rubber end caps to protect doorways and walls from scuffing and damageSuitable for many environments, the telescopic sign fits door widths from 580 to 1346mm Ideal for public areas such as retail outlets, restaurants, airports and stationsSign can be rolled up and easily stored when not in useConstructed with strong, high quailty material for long lasting useSign measures 60 x 180mm