Starshine: Aurora Rising Book One (Aurora Rhapsody 1)
Hypernova Publishing
SPACE IS VAST AND UNTAMED, AND IT HOLDS MANY SECRETS.Now two individuals from opposite ends of settled space are on a collision course with the darkest of those secrets, even as the world threatens to explode around them.The year is 2322. Humanity has expanded into the stars, inhabiting over 100 worlds across a third of the galaxy. Though thriving as never before, they have discovered neither alien life nor the key to utopia. Earth struggles to retain authority over far-flung planets and free-wheeling corporations while an uneasy armistice with a breakaway federation hangs by a thread as the former rebels rise in wealth and power.Alexis Solovy is Earth Alliance royalty, her father a fallen war hero and her mother an influential military leader. But she seeks only the freedom of space and has made a fortune by reading the patterns in the chaos to discover the hidden wonders of the stars.Nothing about her latest objective suggests the secret it conceals will turn her life--not to mention the entire galaxy--upside down. But a chance encounter with a mysterious spy leads to a discovery which will thrust Alex into the middle of a galactic power struggle and a sinister conspiracy, whether she likes it or not.
The Black Friar: The Seeker 2
Rebellion in the city, and a Royalist spy in his own ranks - Damian Seeker, Captain of Oliver Cromwell's guard, must eradicate both in this twisty, action-packed historical thriller for fans of CJ Sansom, Rory Clements and The Three Musketeers. 'MacLean skilfully weaves together the disparate threads of her plot to create a gripping tale of crime and sedition in an unsettled city' Sunday TimesLondon, 1655, and Cromwell's regime is under threat from all sides. Damian Seeker, Captain of Cromwell's Guard, is all too aware of the danger facing Cromwell., Parliament resents his control of the Army while the Army resents his absolute power. In the east end of London, a group of religious fanatics plots rebellion. In the midst of all this, a stonemason uncovers a perfectly preserved body dressed in the robes of a Dominican friar, bricked up in a wall in the crumbling Black Friars., Ill-informed rumours and speculation abound, but Seeker instantly recognises the dead man. What he must discover is why he met such a hideous end, and what his connection was to the children who have started to disappear from around the city. Unravelling these mysteries is challenging enough, and made still harder by the activities of dissenters at home, Royalist plotters abroad and individuals who are not what they seem...
Transcendence: Aurora Rising Book Three (Aurora Rhapsody 3)
Hypernova Publishing
What does it mean to be human? What if the price of saving humanity is giving up your own?The year is 2322, and we stand upon the precipice of extinction. The invading Metigen armada has decimated the eastern third of settled space in a matter of days, leaving tens of millions dead. Determined to save the heart of human civilization, Earth and Seneca at last put aside their differences to face the threat together. But even this may not be enough to stop the fleet of colossal dreadnoughts inhabited by advanced AIs.Alex Solovy and Caleb Marano hold the key to defeating the invaders, for they know the secrets the aliens wage war to protect. Now they face a deadly gauntlet of relentless alien hunters and assassins sent to kill them before they can unleash a potent new weapon. They will risk everything in a bid to save their families, their loved ones, the entire human race—even if it means they can’t save each other.The lines blur between man and machine, ally and enemy, and soldier and civilian. In a final stand against an ancient, powerful foe intent on eradicating it from the universe, humanity comes face to face with its destiny.
The Seeker: The Seeker 1 (Damian Seeker)
'The Seeker' is Winner of the 2015 CWA Endeavour Historical Dagger.London, 1654. Oliver Cromwell is at the height of his power and has declared himself Lord Protector. Yet he has many enemies, at home and abroad. London is a teeming warren of spies and merchants, priests and soldiers, exiles and assassins. One of the web's most fearsome spiders is Damian Seeker, agent of the Lord Protector. No one knows where Seeker comes from, who his family is, or even his real name. All that is known of him for certain is that he is utterly loyal to Cromwell, and that nothing can be long hidden from him. In the city, coffee houses are springing up, fashionable places where men may meet to plot and gossip. Suddenly they are ringing with news of a murder. John Winter, hero of Cromwell's all-powerful army, is dead, and the lawyer, Elias Ellingworth, found standing over the bleeding body, clutching a knife. Yet despite the damning evidence, Seeker is not convinced of Ellingworth's guilt. He will stop at nothing to bring the killer to justice: and Seeker knows better than any man where to search.
Ladies Womens Soft Teddy Fleece Hooded Jumper Hoody Jacket Coat Cream Taupe Black (CDK008-G-S)

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Super soft, super snuggy I Love My Teddy Sweater, available in 2 colours featuring an oversized zip and contrastind hood and drawstrings. Fabric composition - 100% Polyester Average length from shoulder to hem - 24 Inches Colours - Cream, Taupe, Size - UK Sizes - S/6 8 M/10 12 L/14 16 XL/18 XXL/20 22 *Sizes are based on average
Crucible: Alexander Seaton 3
Aberdeen, 1631. University librarian Robert Sim takes receipt of a gift of books recently arrived from overseas, mysterious works on alchemy and hermetics - the pursuit of ancient knowledge. By nightfall he has been brutally murdered. His colleague and good friend Alexander Seaton is left with the task of hunting for clues as to his killer's motive, as well as locating the missing books. What did Sim discover in the package, and what makes these books so dangerous? Crucible is a fantastic historical thriller that imagines deep-rooted deceptions and a secret whose revelation spells danger for anyone who comes close.
The Redemption of Alexander Seaton: Alexander Seaton 1
Is the young man merely drunk or does his tottering walk suggest something more sinister? When he collapses, vomiting, over the two whores who find him on that dark wet night, they guess rightly that he's been murdered by poisoning.
Glue G-S Hypo Fabric Cement With Applicator 9ml | Pack of 1 | Variety of Pack Sizes | Free Delivery
Bluestreak Crystals
GLUE G-S HYPO FABRIC CEMENT WITH APPLICATOR 9ML G-S Hypo Fabric Cement has a long tapered tip with a precision applicator for intricate work . Can be applied straight onto fabric and textiles with no mess. I nstructions included. Silk & satin cord Leather & thread Plastic, glass metal & ceramic Synthetic materials Dries cleABOUT BLUESTREAK CRYSTALSBuy with confidence: Bluestreak Crystals is an Approved Swarovski UK Supplier and UK Limited Company which has been selling beads and crystals for many years via our own online store. We pride ourselves on our high quality products, fast dispatch and outstanding customer service.High Quality Products: Bluestreak Crystals only offer genuine high quality products from renowned brands and suppliers.Customer Service: Our objective is to provide you with the best shopping experience and customer service at all times. If there are any issues, we aim to resolve these as quickly as possible and to your satisfaction.Bluestreak Contact Details: If you have any questions, require assistance or have any additional requirements our UK office is open Monday to Friday (9am-5pm).
Sterling Silver 6mm Simple Wedding Band Ring Sizes G - Z (S)
Red Crimson
Sterling Silver 6mm Simple Wedding Band Ring Sizes G - Z
G&S PACKING UK LTD 50 X 12oz/340ml Smoothie Cups with Dome Lids
50 X 12oz / 340ml Smoothie Cups with Dome Lids
G.W.S® 6W Round Circle LED Surface Mounted Panel Downlight Ceiling Light Warm White, LED Driver Included
G.W.S LED Panel is Backed by 2 Years WarrantyThis LED panel comes complete with its own dedicated transformer. It's simple to install, convenient and energy-efficient. A unique ceiling or wall lighting solution to illuminate rooms in your home and also in commercial settings. SpecificationsMaterial: Acrylic & AluminiumLED Colour: Available in Warm White & Day WhiteWattage: Available in 6W, 12W, 18W & 24WInput Voltage: AC100-240VBeam Angle: 120 DegreesIP Rating: IP44Lifespan: 50,000 HoursCertificate: CE & RoHS Approved Installation Guide1. Make sure power is turned off.2. Fix the pad to ceiling with screws in packaging. 3. Connect the drivers with input.4. Join the lamp to pad fixed with screws.
Men's 925 Solid Sterling Silver Polished 4mm wide band ring in sizes G-Z (S)
Silver Rock Jewellery
Men's 925 STERLING SILVER PLAIN BAND RINGS Band Width 4mm Stamped 925 AVAILABLE IN RING SIZES G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q, R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z Silver Weight Between 2.2G-3.2G Depending On size Of Ring The Rings Are Made Of Solid Sterling Silver The rings are suitable for use as a wedding band/Thumb Or a just an every day ring
Aurora Renegades: The Complete Collection (Aurora Rhapsody Collections Book 2)
Hypernova Publishing
AURORA RENEGADES: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION: Over 1,200 Pages of Sci-Fi Adventure**2nd trilogy in the Aurora Rhapsody series (Sidespace, Dissonance, Abysm + bonus content)**It is a time of accelerating technological change & shifting allegiances as the old rules fall away & the old balance of power is upended. A new world rises--one of unshackled AIs, indestructible starships, ethereal quantum spaces & potent new weapons--& the race is on to determine who will control its future.When faced with its greatest challenge, will humanity rise to triumph or fall to ruin?Get the 1st trilogy, AURORA RISING, here: amzn.com/B0109ZA42E*SIDESPACEHumanity is saved. But its troubles are just beginning.To achieve their extraordinary triumph over the Metigen armada, humanity put aside its myriad of conflicts & united against a common foe intent on annihilating civilization. In victory, unparalleled peace & prosperity are theirs for the taking--if they can keep hold of them.When the secrets behind the Metigens' defeat escape the shadows, the people who won the war find their lives in danger. Facing anti-synthetic terrorists who want them dead, power-hungry politicians who want them chained, & a rapidly dwindling number of people they can trust, the Prevos--individuals & AIs sharing a single body--must take their fate into their own hands.51 Portals. 51 Universes.Intent on learning the purpose behind the Metigens' elaborate multiverse network, Alex Solovy, Caleb Marano & Valkyrie embark on a gripping journey through the network's portals, each one leading to a universe not their own. In a mosaic of spaces inhabited by fantastical aliens & worlds both beautiful & deadly, they will be forced to question everything they thought they knew, including the nature of life itself.*DISSONANCEKnow this: you need not be afraid. They own the fear. They fear us because they believe we are powerful, and they are correct to do so.The technology behind Project Noetica is on the loose. Prevos are spreading across the galaxy. Now two opposing but inexorably related forces threaten to plunge the galaxy into chaos. The Order of the True Sentients believes Prevos are monsters who endanger humanity,& it intends to destroy them by any means necessary. Underworld despot Olivia Montegreu, now a radically enhanced Prevo, is its doomsday warnings made flesh.As society splinters from within & the Earth Alliance falls to reactionaries, a formidable new player emerges on the galactic stage, one not afraid to do whatever it takes to protect all sentient life--human, Artificial and Prevo.The Metigen surged forward to engulf her in light. I see you, Alexis Solovy.Killers & saviors. Deceivers & protectors. Destroyers & creators. Could the Metigens truly be all these things? The search for answers leads Alex and Caleb to the most shocking revelation of all--the true face of the enemy.*ABYSMIn the quest to be the masters of their own fate, will humanity rise to become liberators or follow the path of their ancestors into darkness?Alex Solovy & Caleb Marano risked everything to learn the hidden purpose behind the Metigens' multiverse portal network, but nothing prepared them for the answer. Humans are a genetic recreation of the Anaden, the dictators & overlords of the master universe. Aurora is a recreation of their origins created by the Metigens in a desperate gambit to understand their enemy & find a way to defeat them.Aurora's future hangs in the balance as the Earth Alliance goes to war with itself over the right of synthetics and Prevos--human/AI hybrids--to exist. Terrorists sow chaos in a wave of bombings and assassinations. The next evolution of the human species will not be so easily defeated, but they must move quickly to win the day, because the true enemy is closing in faster than anyone realizes, and they--humanity, the Metigens and the trillions the Anadens enslave--are all running out of time.
Aurora Resonant: The Complete Collection (Aurora Rhapsody Collections Book 3)
Hypernova Publishing
Over 1,400 Pages of Sci-Fi Adventure**3rd and final trilogy in the Aurora Rhapsody series: includes Relativity, Rubicon, Requiem + the Re/Genesis short and an exclusive excerpt from the new novel, Exin Ex Machina**Our universe is but a snowglobe--an experiment born of desperation and hope. The true universe is unfathomably vast, teeming with life and untold wonders. And it is enslaved.Created by ancient aliens in a daring gambit to understand the nature of the enemy, humanity is now asked to be the savior of a universe not their own. If they are to succeed, they must rise above not only their fractious past but the sins of their genetic ancestors to boldly embrace a future they never dared imagine possible.*RELATIVITY"I'd tell you to be careful, but we wouldn't be here if you'd ever taken that advice. No reason to start now, right?"For millennia the Anadens have ruled the known universe. They believe they've crafted the perfect empire, ordered and impervious to challenge. They believe the fight has been crushed out of the species they subjugate. They are wrong.It's a suicide mission, without a doubt. Alex Solovy and Caleb Marano must steal crucial intelligence from the Anadens' central military headquarters. To succeed, they'll need to navigate a strange universe ruled by a cabal of powerful immortals, populated by aliens they've never met and fueled by technology they've never seen. They're going to need a little help--the kind of help only a suicidally defiant anarchist on the run from more than just personal demons can provide.*RUBICON"We are you--the you that you could have been."The Anaden Directorate has ruled Amaranthe for millennia, subjugating species and galaxies in a neverending quest for control and order. For as many millennia, the anarchs have rebelled, defiantly claiming their own freedom yet without hope of winning it for everyone. Now, an alliance with humans offers a tantalizing chance to at last defeat their immortal masters. But can they trust an ally who looks suspiciously like the enemy?Humanity is the genetic recreation of the Anadens, but genetics aren't everything. Humans like to make their own destiny, and they have overcome great challenges to achieve unprecedented peace and prosperity. But have their trials prepared them for the enemy they now face?"The battle for the heart and soul of Amaranthe will be joined, and we must be unafraid."Amidst the chaos of an escalating war, Caleb's bond with the mysterious diati grows ever more powerful, even as Alex's forays into the hidden dimensions of the universe lead them to unfathomable places. But when the anarchs are pushed to the breaking point and the AEGIS fleet is dealt a devastating blow, Miriam Solovy must find a way to defeat a foe wielding superior technology, firepower and numbers, or else more than one civilization will be lost.*REQUIEMThe end of the world began with a library query...how will it conclude?What began as a chance discovery of an anomalous signal is now a multiverse war between humanity and its genetic ancestors over who controls the levers of life and death. Over who decides what life is and whether it will be allowed to exist. For the ruling Anaden Directorate, victory means immortality. For humanity, defeat means extinction.On the heels of a breakthrough in wormhole technology, AEGIS and the anarchs enjoy the upper hand in the war. But their escalation pushes the Directorate to the brink, and now it will stop at nothing to destroy its enemy.In the thrilling finale of Aurora Rhapsody, events rush headlong toward an explosive conclusion that will decide the fate of civilizations, and only the victor is making it out the other side.
S.G Curtain Poles Shepherds Crook Style Wrought Iron Metal Tie Backs Hold Backs Waxed and Polished for a Gunmetal Finish
S G Curtain Poles
(TB6-Raw) Shepherds Crook End Wrought Iron Tie Backs. Best quality Tie Backs around Guaranteed. Offer is for 1 x Pair of Hand Forged Scroll End Tie Backs. A beautiful addition to enhance your window feature. Each Tie Back measures 225mm (9") long x 150mm (6") depth (12mm solid bar). Finished in Raw Gunmetal/Pewter and Polished for an awesome authentic look. Complete with Screws & Plugs. Average weight of a pair of tie backs is 2kg depending on design. We have a range of wrought iron tie backs available - please visit our shop further details. As well as working for the general public we have made Poles and Candle Holders for Actors, Famous Fashion Outlets, Sporting World Champions and most recently the Queens Scottish Castle (Castle of Mey) so you are in good hands with S G.