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Ball Mason Jars Ball Mason Glass Preserving Homemade Jam Jars, Pack of 6, 490 ml
Each embossed with the famous Ball preserving name, these tall glass jars are simply a cut above your average jam jar. The wide mouths mean they're easy to fill and perfect for pickling fruit and veg as well as keeping pie fillings, jams, jellies and chutneys nice and fresh.With a traditional 2-part screw and banded lid, the jars are airtight and watertight, perfect for storing those preserves. Made by glass and preserving specialists, Ball, the decorative design of this set of six gives them an almost vintage feel, making them perfect for gifting your homemade jams and preserves, while also being elegant enough to be taken from kitchen to table.About BallBeginning its life as a glass manufacturing company in late-19th century America, Ball has grown to establish itself as a world-renowned market leader in home preserving and jam making. Their range of glass jars, lids, labels and setting agents make turning your own produce into fruity, zingy preserves as quick, easy and efficient a process as possible.6 x 490ml.
Nutley's 8oz Hexagonal Jam Jar with Screw-Top Lid - Gold (Pack of 6)
6 strong hexagonal shaped half-pound jam jars - ideal for all home made jams, preserves, pickles and chutneys. Please note: these jars are the right size to hold tealights.
Kilner Clip Top Round Storage Jar, 0.5 Litre
Kilner Round 0.5litre Clip Top Glass Storage Jar has the Kilner brand embossed in the front and is finished with an orange rubber seal. The jars are perfect for storing dry foods stuff and also preserving fruits, jams and chutneys. H 115mm x W 110mm.
Nutley's 8oz Hexagonal Jam Jar with Gold Lid F3 Labels (Pack of 24)
A jam-maker's special! Twenty-four hexagonal glass jam jars with gold lids, all in a sturdy, reusable cardboard jar box plus 24 specially designed fruity self-adhesive labels. Fill with delicious home-made jams, preserves, sauces, chutneys and pickles. Then use the box to store further jars, or to transport them. Capacity: 190ml (approx. 1/2lb). Measurements: approx. 9cm (3.5") high x 6cm (2.25") max. diameter. Labels measure approx. 6.5cm x 3.5cm.
Kilner Square Glass Clip Top Jar with Airtight Rubber Seal, 1 Litre
The same high-quality Kilner specifications in a square shape - use for storing all kinds of produce, as well as for jams, chutneys, jellies & pickles. With a clip-top lid, chromed fixings and rubber seal for an airtight fit. Capacity: 1 litre. Height: 15cm, width: 11cm .
Set of 12 Jam Jars | 324ml Glass Preserve Pots | Screw Top Red Gingham Lids | Airtight Pickle Jars | Marmalade & Chutney Jars | M&W
In recent years the rise in the popularity with home cooking and baking has been enormous, with many master chefs now turning their hands to their own preserves and chutneys. With the Maison & White Set of 12 324ml Jam Jars, you can now make as many delicious preserves as you desire. The traditional, French Bonne Maman gingham lids, provides your creations with a container that are a real treat for the eyes before your flavours blow them away. SEASONAL SORTING When the fruits are in season and you've really got the bug for cooking and preparing whatever it is that takes your fancy, you can end up with all sorts of concoctions in all sorts of containers. Add a bit of style and uniformity to your cupboards by keeping them organised in these traditional style jars. Airtight, vinegar-proof lids, keep your produce safe; keeping any stronger scents inside. The possibilities for what you can use these jars for is as limitless as your creativity. NOT JUST FOR THE CHEFS These Maison & White Jars are not only great for preserving or storing home cooking but also make stylish, unique storage solutions. The 324ml capacity makes the jars great for things like sweets and chocolates, or even crafting items like buttons, beads or glitter. OVEN, FRIDGE, DISHWASHER SAFE. This set of 12 Maison & White Jam jars are perfectly safe for colder temperatures in your fridge and the glass jar is also safe for warmer climates of the oven. Remaining entirely dishwasher safe also, these jars are easy to clean and reuse, time and time again Specification: Size: 9.6(H) x 7(D)cm Material: Glass Jars In the box: 12 x Wide Mouth Glass Jars, 12 x Lids 2 Year Guarantee All product images 2019 Maison & White (Xbite Ltd)
KitchenCraft Home Made Pickling Jar, Glass, 0.5 Gallon (2.25 L)
Kitchen Craft
This traditional style beautiful glass jar with is perfect for storing and preserving home made pickles, onions, vegetables and relishes. Features a brushed steel twist off lid for quick and easy access.Capacity: 2.25 Litres
Kilner Vintage Preserve Jar 0.25ltr - Screw Top Glass Canning Jar for Storing Preserves and Jams
Kilner traditional iconic preserve jar with a vintage design twist featuring the Kilner unique pressure seal lid.Kilner Preserve jar lids consist of a two piece construction a single use, replaceable vacuum sealing disc and a metal screw collar, re-useable on average ten times. Spare replacement Kilner preserve jars Lids and seals area available.Dimensions: W, 90 x H, 85 x L, 90mm
Nutley's 380 ml Jam and Pickle Jar Lid - Red Gingham (Pack of 6)
Good, old-fashioned jam jars with a red gingham lid. Also perfect for home-made pickles, sauces, chutneys and all kinds of preserves. Twist-off lid is vinegar-proof. Capacity of jar is 380ml (around 3/4lb) and stands 12.5cm with 7cm base diameter. Neck diameter: 63mm.
Kilner Preserve, Jam, Chutney Jar, Clear, 1 Litre
0025.401 Size: 1L Features: Metal screw top lid made up of 2 pieces. -Replaceable vacuum seal and a metal screw band to secure the seal. Product Type: -Jam Jars. Material: -Glass. Colour: -Clear. Function: -Free Standing. Dimensions: Size 0.5L - Overall Height - Top to Bottom: -15.5 Centimetres. Size 0.5L - Overall Width - Side to Side: -25.5 Centimetres. Size 0.5L - Overall Depth - Front to Back: -33.5 Centimetres. Size 0.5L - Overall Product Weight: -3.81 Kilogram. Size 1L - Overall Height - Top to Bottom: -40 Centimetres. Size 1L - Overall Width - Side to Side: -40 Centimetres. Size 1L - Overall Depth Front to Back: -50 Centimetres. Size 1L - Overall Product Weight: -5.33 Kilogram.
Mini Clip Top Glass Jars | Preserve Jam Spice | Birthday Gift | Decorative Containers | With FREE Black Labels & White Chalk Pen | M&W 12
Add the perfect touches to any household with these lovely Mini Glass Storage Jars. These mini containers are sold as a set and would make an aesthetic addition to your home. They are made out of premium quality glass and have a vintage metal arm that clips with a rubber seal to keep the jar airtight. Perfect for all your storage and preserving needs. These jars are mainly used as spice jars but they can be used for many other different things: Fill with small sweets, serve as individual pots of jam, chutney or mayonnaise at a pub, restaurant or dinner party. They also make perfect containers for the catering trade. How about you send these gorgeous jars as a gift or simply treat yourself to them. Label your jars with the free stickers and white chalk pen to stylishly organise your kitchen or pantry. Specifications: Height: 8 cm (Approx.) Width: 5 cm (Approx.) Diameter: 4 cm (Approx. - A teaspoon can fit inside) 24 FREE chalkboard labels & white chalk pen Features: 12 Mini clip top glass jars come with 24 free black labels and a white chalk pen. Made from strong, high quality glass the rounded square design makes the glass jars strong and resilient. The clip top ensures a airtight seal perfect for spices, herbs, sweets, jams, preserves, pet treats or anything else you can think of. The ideal container sample jars. Aesthetic and functionable for a wide range of uses! ng favours, All product images 2017 Maison & White (Xbite Ltd) Cat: KS01
Lakeland Fermentation Jar with Air-Release Valve - 1.4 Litre
Making your own delicious sauerkraut or kimchi at home is surprisingly easy. And our special 1.4 litre glass fermentation jar with an air release valve in the lid will make it even easier - and foolproof - with no other equipment required. Air Release ValveThere's no messing around with muslin cloths or remembering to 'burp' your jar as the airtight lid features a special one-way valve that allows built-up gas from the fermenting process to escape automatically, so there'll be no explosive situations, while also preventing contamination from outside, which can make your food go mouldy. Ideal for Sauerkraut To make a basic sauerkraut that's a world away from the stuff you find in supermarkets, all you need is cabbage and salt. Simply shred the cabbage and massage the salt into it until the cabbage goes soft and starts to produce a natural brining liquid. About five to ten minutes should do it and it's really quite therapeutic. Add some caraway seeds for extra flavour, if you like, then put everything in this wide-mouthed fermentation and preserving jar, top up with water until the cabbage is covered, weigh it down with a cling-film-covered ramekin filled with baking beans and put the lid on. That's it. After about three days, it will be ready to eat, but the longer you leave it, the more the tangy flavour develops. When you've got the flavour just right, put the jar in the fridge to halt the fermenting process. It will keep for ages. Our buyer, Veronica, was still enjoying a batch three months after she originally made it.3 Year GuaranteeIf you buy this product from Lakeland and you're not 100% satisfied, you can return it for up to 3 years - proof of purchase is necessary.1.4 litre.
TOP STAR Vintage Victorian Pick & Mix Candy Buffet Kit - 10 Jar Pack + 100 Gold Polka Print Bag
Top Star
Victorian Style Plastic Jar Pick & Mix Sweet-Shop Kits Create a lovely vintage village fete atmosphere at your special occasion with our sweet-shop buffet kits! Ideal for weddings, christenings, birthdays and more. Please Note: Sweets are NOT INCLUDED, images for illustration purposes only. Jars & Scoops are not diswasher safe. Hand wash only. Bag Colours: Pink, Green, Purple, Blue, Yellow, Red, Orange, Brown, Black, Grey, Pink (Polka Dot) 10 JAR KIT INCLUDES: 2 x Large 33cm Tall Plastic Jars (2.5L volume) 2 x Large 25cm Round Plastic Jars (3.2L volume) 3 x Small 15cm Tall Plastic Jars (500ml volume) 3 x Small 13cm Round Plastic Jars (650ml volume) 2 x 5oz Metal Food Scoop 2 x Aluminium Tongs 100 x Sweet Bags - Choose your own Colour
Plastic Jar Party Pack-11 Assorted Jars
3 x 3.2 Litre Spherical Jars - 9.5"Tall 1 x 2.5 Litre Victorian Jars - 13"Tall 1 x 4.5 Litre Square/Rounds -13"Tall 3 x 500ml Victorian Jars - 7"Tall 3 x 650ml Spherical Jars - 6"Tall All with Victorian Lids Sweets Not Included
Positive Thinking Quotations In a Jar. A Month of Inspirational & Motivational. Take One A Day to Keep You On Track to your Challenges and Goals. All in an Attractive Orcio Glass Jar. The Perfect Gift
Smiles by Julie
Could You Do With Some Positive Thinking? Do You Know Some-one Who Could Do With A Bit Of A Pick-me-up Each Day? Have You Ever Looked For That Unusual Present That Can Be Enjoyed Days After The Gift Wrap Has Been Recycled? WELL NOW 'SMILES by JULIE' HAVE ARRIVED TO BRING YOU THE PERFECT SOLUTION. OUR UNIQUE QUOTATION JARS ARE FILLED TO THE BRIM WITH POSITIVE THINKING QUOTES FOR YOU, YOUR LOVED ONES AND THOSE SPECIAL FRIENDS HAPPY DAYS.........DAY AFTER DAY!! Quotes and Sayings are all around us and often make us pause for thought as we reflect on them as they bring a smile to our faces. And let's face it, we could always welcome a reason to smile☺ Our jars are filled to the brim with colourful quotes for you to TAKE ONE DAILY. They provide simple reminders and words of wisdom to inspire you towards your own dreams & successes. We hope that you get as much enjoyment from them as we did in making them. Sample quotes from our range of jars include:-'One Small Positive Thought In The Morning Can Change Your Whole Day' 'Don't think Of It As Rejection. Think Of It As Re-Direction' 'Just Because It's Not Happening Right Now Doesn't Mean It Never Will' OUR PROMISE TO YOU We want you to be totally satisfied with your Jar of Smiles. When you order today, if for any reason you feel anything less than 100% happy with your purchase, simply contact us to receive a 100% refund of your purchase. Don't wait any longer... Click on the Add to Basket above......Treat Yourself or Show some-one how much you love them and order your Jar of Smiles now!
Kilner Square Glass Clip Top Jar with Airtight Rubber Seal, 2 Litre
Kilner Square Clip Top Jar 2 Litre
Ravenhead 1 Litre Kilner Preserve Jar, Sleeve of 3
A traditional design, these best-quality glass jars come with the easy-to-use, patented two-part sealing lid. The inner section has a rubber outer which creates an airtight seal, and the outer ring screws on firmly around it. This way, the life of your jam, chutney or preserve maintains its freshness for the longest possible time.