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A4 Tech KV-300H SLIM PC/Mac, Keyboard
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Dimensions:435(L) X 124(W) X 22(H)mm
A4 X-748K Gaming mouse 3200 dpi/USB
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A4Tech A4TMYS15917 - Mouse XGame X-748 USB
Bloody V7M Gaming Mouse
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POWER. CONTROL. SPEED. PRECISION. Designed to redefine the standards of accuracy and speed, this awesome mouse engine crushes the competition. Engineered to give you the unfair advantage in intense gameplay. With Bloody devices you react faster and are always a step ahead of your opponents. The Bloody Gaming Mouse is a Multi-core mouse with 7 programmable buttons, Tracking Optical engine with 200dpi - 3200dpi. 7 keys + Wheel. The Mouse connection: USB (2.0/3.0) ONE OF THE FASTEST OPTICAL GAMING ENGINES! Bloody gaming mouse gives you the unique advantage of having the fastest gaming engine around the world. You can land more killing blows with pinpoint precision. The Bloody gaming mouse is the world's most accurate shooting mouse with auto recoil suppression and concentrated trajectory, which offers the unprecedented high head shot rate. It also offers both software and hardware dual trajectory adjustments. The Bloody gaming mouse is the cutting-edge technology, which completely improves the suffering of using poor weapons to compete against the superior-equipped opponents. The Multi-Core design has 6 breakthrough innovations with 3 shooting modes so ensure the Gamers to win the game easily. The Bloody gaming mice is the world's most accurate shooting mice with auto recoil suppression and concentrated trajectory, which offers the unprecedented high headshot rate. It also offers both software and hardware dual trajectory adjustments. Specification Resolution: 200 Dpi to 3,200Dpi (5 ranges adjustable) Image processing: 368 mega pixels / sec Acceleration: 30g Tracking speed: 75 inches / sec Report rate : 1,000 Hz(4 ranges adjustable) Key response time: 1ms 160K onboard memory Mouse size: 125 x 64 x 39 (mm) Cable length: 1.8 m Mouse weight: 155 g Package Contents Bloody V7M Gaming Mouse Download software Instruction Card Warranty Card Bloody Tattoo
A4 Tech Bloody V7MA
A4 Tech
Mouse A4TECH HOLELESS WIRED Gamer V7MA Bloody black /rot US
A4 Tech V7 Bloody Multicore Gaming Mouse - Black
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Interfaces:1 x USB, Buttons Qty:8, Performance:30 G maximum acceleration, 1 ms response time, up to 75 inches per second, realtime sensitivity switching 200 - 3200 dpi, Interface:USB, Features:Scrolling wheel, HoleLESS HD Engine, Connectivity Technology:Wired, Movement Resolution:3200 dpi, Cables Included:1 x USB cable - integrated - 1.8 m, OS Required:Microsoft Windows Vista / XP / 7 / 8
TeckNet 2.4G Wireless Keyboard For Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP and Android Smart TV, Extra Long Battery Life, UK keyboard Layout and Whisper-Quiet Keyboard Design
TeckNet Wireless Keyboard - X315:The TeckNet X315 Keyboard uses advanced TeckNet 2.4G wireless technology to allow you to sit back and relax with your keyboard while you work, use it to watch your smart TV or even play games Hassle free plug-and-play:Simply plug in the USB Nano receiver into an empty USB port on your PC and leave the rest to Co-Link, our intelligent connection recognition technology. Co-Link will automatically pair the keyboard with the Nano receiver - there¡¯s no need to configure them or install software drivers. If connection is lost for any reason, they will automatically reconnect with each other after the computer is restarted Compact Comfort:The super-slim profile (5mm thin) and cord-free connection, this compact keyboard allows you type with more comfort while taking up less space. It¡¯s compact and light enough to use while watching your smart TV from the comfort of your sofa! Effortless, Whisper-quiet Typing:The compact QUERTY keyboard with its whisper quiet keys offers a truly comfortable typing experience. Intuitive keyboard layout and button placement offer effortless use and reduce the fatigue that¡¯s usually associated with prolonged use Power Play: TeckNet¡¯s ultra-low power consumption technology includes energy efficiency features such as an on/off switch and smart sleep mode enabling you to keep going for longer.At TeckNet, we believe in our products. That's why we back them all with an 18-month warranty and provide friendly, easy-to-reach support Box Contains:1 x TeckNet Wireless Keyboard1 x Nano Receiver(Stored inside the battery room)1 x User ManualBatteries NOT included
A4 Tech N-350 PC Mouse, PC/Mac, 4 Ways
A4 Tech
Mouse A4TECH V-Track n-350-2
A4 Tech F3 V-Track PC Mouse, PC/Mac, 2 Ways
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Interfaces:1 x USB - 4 PIN USB Type A, Movement Resolution:3000 dpi, Memory:160 KB, Interface:USB, Buttons Qty:6, Performance:30 G maximum acceleration, 3 ms response time, realtime sensitivity switching 400/800/1200/1600/3000 dpi, Connectivity Technology:Wired, Features:Scrolling wheel, Cables Included:1 x USB cable - integrated - 1.8 m, OS Required:Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Microsoft Windows 2003
A4 Tech Bloody ZL5 Sniper
A4 Tech
A4Tech ZL50 Laser Gaming Mouse SNIPER EDITION Innovative LK (Light Strike) Technology Uses Infrared Micro-Switch Reacts at light speed / extreme 0.2ms click response Features Infrared Wheel Gives the exact same precision as a mouse button No Double-Click Output is zero-bouncing  Use "1, N, 3,4" keys to shift 4 shooting modes and boost up firepower instantly Built-in 160K memory  Adjustable resolution 800/1000/1200/1600/8200CPI Optimal MMO (Ultra Core 4 & Macros)  Sniper-Key Lower CPI for in-game precision. Fine-tune the focus to improve tracking X'Glide metal mouse feet technology adds durability and improves the glide of the mouse  Ultracore4 software activated + exclusive Ultra Core4 Bloody 5 gaming software  Bloody Gaming Dedicated to bringing the best gaming solutions. 9 years spent in R&D to provide innovative gaming tools. Specification Memory: 160 K Acceleration: 30 g Frame Speed: 12,000 fps Max. Resolution: 8200 CPI (5-level adjustable) Key Response: Less 0.2 ms Infrared-Wheel: Over 1 Million Scrolls Tracking Speed: 150 inches/sec(ips) Image Processing: 10.8 Mega pixels/sec Metal X' Glide Armor Boot: Over 300 Kms Infrared-Micro-Switch: Over 20 million clicks Report Rate: 125~1000 Hz/sec (4-level adjustable) Type: Wired Button Numbers 11 Cable Length 1.8 M Sensor Laser Engine Connector USB(2.0/ 3.0) System Requirements XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 or later Whats In The Box ZL50 Gaming Mouse Bloody Sticker Download Card
A4 Tech F5 PC Mouse, PC/Mac, Built-in Storage Capability, 2 Ways
A4 Tech
A4TECH F5, USB, Game, PC, black, right hand, 3 ms
A4 Tech XL-755BK PC Mouse, PC / Mac, Built-in Storage Capability, 4 Ways - Black
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Interfaces:1 x USB - 4 PIN USB Type A, Features:Scrolling wheel, 3XFire Button, Movement Detection Technology:Laser, Performance:1 ms response time, realtime sensitivity switching600/800/1200/1600/2000/3600 dpi, Connectivity Technology:Wired, Movement Resolution:3600 dpi, Memory:16 KB, Interface:USB, Cables Included:1 x USB cable - integrated, OS Required:Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Microsoft Windows 2003
A4 Tech Sound Headset 3.5 mm HS-100 Stereo
A4 Tech
BK Media 100-Pack Slim DVD Movie Cases Organize and store your DVDs. Protective DVD case that prevents DVD damage. These DVD movie cases help you save space and are convenient way to transport your DVDs while protecting them.
A4Tech Mini X-Slim Keyboard KL-5UP - Keyboard - USB
A4 Tech
The innovative A4 design team have created the slimmest profile in today`s keyboard market at only 14.5mm.QWERTY keyboard layoutWarranty Information1 Year
A4 Tech G7-750N Wireless Padless Laser Mouse
A4 Tech
A4TECH A4-G7-750-1 Wireless Maus
A4 Tech X7-G800V PC/Mac, Keyboard
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Hot Keys Function:Programmable, Layout:German, Hot Keys Qty:15, Features:Spillproof, Cables Included:1 x USB cable, Compliant Standards:ISO 9002, RoHS, Included Software:Drivers & Utilities, OS Required:Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Microsoft Windows 2003
A4 Tech X7 (A4TPAD43984) Gaming Mouse Pad, Black, 437 x 350 x 3 mm
Durable and shock absorbing for maximum protection