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PILAAIDOU Suction Grab Bar Rail
Keep confidence in any slippery surface with our Balance Assist Handle Bar The best shower handle bar on the market We love this balance assist bar for its strong hold suction cup and comfortable non-Slip grip, it allows you to enter a wet and slippery tub or shower safely and with confidence. Features - Made from the most durable corrosion-resistant plastic available. - The strong suction bar provides safety and security in bathroom, tub, shower and toilet handrail. - Non-slip grip, your hands won't slip even when wet. Benefits - Its molded, gently contoured grip gives you a reliable handhold. - Portable, durable and stylish, its travel-friendly design fits easily into a suitcase or backpack. - Extremely easy to attach and detach, just push down the locking latches to secure or flip them up to release. - Gives confidence in slippery and wet places like the bathroom, perfect for elderlies and children. Best Price On Amazon - Highest Quality at Best Price on AMAZON. - The Only Shower Handle Bar Backed By a Lifetime No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee - This product is simply the best for keeping your confidence up in any slippery area. Not satisfied? Return the Balance Assist Handle Bar for a full refund! 100% Money Back Guarantee! Package: - Set of 2 Shower handle bars - Lenght: 11.5" - Hight: 4" - Width: 4" Highest Quality at Best Price on AMAZON. Click The button at the top of this page to start using the Balance Assist Handle Bar For an excellent suction put the handle bar on non-porous flat surface. Please note that this device is solely meant to provide balance and excessive body weight should not be applied.
Ability Superstore Contour Leg Pillow
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Provides comfort for the lower back, hips and knees. This leg pillow helps to align the legs, hips and spine into the correct position. Anatomically shaped to fit your legs comfortably all night. Supplied with a removable white cover.Length 250mm (10") Width 200mm (8") Depth between 70mm (2.3/4") and 150mm (5.3/4") Weight 100g
Ability Superstore Pill Dispenser
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Ability Superstore Caring Cutlery Full Set
Ability Superstore
Caring CutleryDesigned in co-operation with Occupational Therapists. This range of stainless steel cutlery has contoured plastic polypropylene handles with built-up ends. Ideal for those with a weak grip or restricted wrist/finger movement. The knife and fork have an indent for the index finger to aid correct control, and the knife has a serrated edge to allow easier cutting. Angled forks and a spoon are also available to minimise wrist movement. Dishwasher safeDimensions:Length of straight handle: 18cm (7")length of angled handles: 12.7cm (5")weight: 52g (1.1/2oz).Kit:Contains 1 Of Each Caring Adult Cutlery Total Six Peices