Abloy 362 Hardened Steel Padlock
The world’s toughest lock - the ABLOY 362A genuine Abloy 362 made in Finland, has the enviable title of being the most secure padlock in the world used by security professionals across the globe. The Abloy 362 new generation padlocks offer the very highest security, combined with the best build quality available. Each lock is supplied packaged with 2 keys.Features Include:Designed to meet the needs of industrial locking environmentsEasy key entry through symmetrical double sided keyCase-hardened steel body top-loaded cylinderProvides the highest level of security protectionProvides maximum resistance against a powerful attackA bump proof mechanismSmoother, more reliable operation365 million different combinations and master keying possibilitiesUsed for applications including containers, trucks, railway wagons, etcBody finish: Chrome plated stainless steelShackle clearance: 25mmVertical clearance and horizontal clearance of 25mm and 30mm respectively15mm diameterNumber of Discs: 11Genuine Abloy 362 Lock made in Finland
Abloy PL342 / 25 Padlock High Profile
The Abloy PL342 padlock is insurance approved to CEN grade 4. An excellent heavy duty padlock offering unrivaled quality and longevity. This padlock is ideal for use on heavy sliding doors, train wagons, trucks, containers, remote storage areas and warehouses.
ABLOY PL362T PROTEC2 Steel Padlock With 2 Keys And ID Card
Body Material: Case-hardened steel Finish: Chrome Shackle Material: Case-hardened boron steel Finish: Chrome Diameter: 15mm Vertical Clearance: 25mm Horizontal Clearance: 30mm
Abloy PL330 / 50 High Profile
The Abloy PL330/50 padlock is insurance approved to CEN grade 5. An excellent heavy duty padlock offering unrivaled quality and longevity. This padlock is ideal for use on storage doors, motorbikes, gates, trailers, power station switches and other security applications.
ABLOY PL350/50 CLASSIC High Security Steel Padlock /With 2 keys
ABLOY PL350C Grade: 5 .keying platform CLASSIC Body Material: Case-hardened steel Finish: Chrome.Number of Discs: 11 . Key removable in locked position Shackle Material: Case-hardened boron steel. Finish: Chrome Diameter: 14 mm Vertical Clearance: 50 mm. Horizontal Clearance: 31 mm ABLOY CLASSIC is the icon for ABLOY rotating disc cylinders with a long history. The first ABLOY CLASSIC cylinders were sold in 1920 and they are still a part of the ABLOY cylinder family. The unique structure of rotating disc cylinders guarantees reliable and durable function without springs and pins. ABLOY CLASSIC has been the foundation for all ABLOY cylinder system
Assa Abloy effeff Code Handle Design B 492-08-11-7
Assa Abloy
Easy to use with optical and acoustic signalling;User: 1 master code (6-digit) 9 users (4-6 digits);Power supply: 2x 3 V batteries;Colour: matt silver paint
Tesa Assa Abloy, Cylinder High Security Patented TX80, TX853535L
Tesa Assa Abloy
tesa High-security cylinder TX85 60. Brass-plated. - 15 mm long lever - 6 + 2 + 1 tips. Spring loaded. - Hard Metal (anti-drill). - Double Clutch. - Antibump System. - 5 patented keys that cannot be copied. - Certified to EN 1303 standards. - Protected copies; can only be copied by those in possession of the ownership card. - Patented wrench and uncopiable key with system sensor. -
Serafim Junior Dos Santos Fagundes
Tesa Assa Abloy – Lock with metallic profiles, 2246203AI
Tesa Assa Abloy
Lock monopunto lever Swivel Hook reinforced Series 2240 'hook Reinforced with two steel plates. » Reversible Latch. » tetón antilevantamiento in the model 2241 °C Features » Front and cerraderos of stainless steel. » security shield E210. » Cylinder 30 x 30. » Adjustable handle series
HID 1346 ProxKey III Proximity Key Fob by HID Global ASSA ABLOY
Small enough to fit on a key ring.; Universal compatibility with HID proximity card readers.; Provides an external number for easy identification and control can be placed on a key ring for convenient entry.; Lifetime warranty; the ProxKey III is suited for use in access control applications where a photo ID is not required.
Assa Abloy effeff Code A 492-08 - 11 - 6 Design Door Handle
Assa Abloy
Handle Code handle left autoprogramable Satin Nickel
Yale Y90SS/45 Padlock/129/1
Assa Abloy Italia Spa
Padlock High Security Yale y90ss/45/129/1
McKinney Products QC-C306 Cable, Steel
Standard ElectroLynx Retrofit Cable Conductor & Molex Both Ends 44" Actual Cable Length 8 & 4 Pin Connector 12 Wires
effeff Türöffner ohne Schliessblech 17E L/R o.S.
Assa Abloy effeff
Suitable for all standard doors (Stum Pftüren), recess depth: 28 mm, symmetrical construction of the opener is a standard door opener. Shape of the locking 10 is flat. Voltage is 12 - 0 V. With Lock is no. With mechanical unlocking is Yes. With feedback is no. Öffnungsrichtung according to DIN is left/right. Water-protected is no. Fitting is art installation. Power Type is AC/DC Working is working current without clasp sheet, Assa Abloy eff eff Door Opener without clasp, 17E L/R o.s.4042203130586