Brave New World (Dramatized)
The CBS Radio Workshop was an experimental series of productions, subtitled "radio's distinguished series to man's imagination" that ran between 27 January 1956 and 22 September 1957. The premiere production was Brave New World, narrated by Huxley himself, with a complicated sound-effects score that evidently took a long time to construct, and comprised a ticking metronome, tom-tom beats, bubbling water, an air hose, a cow's moo, an oscillator, and three kinds of wine glasses clicking together. There was also a cast of some ten actors. What was most evident about this two-part adaptation, now available on podcast, was the vocal contrasts: between Huxley the narrator, telling the story in a cut-glass marked RP accent interspersed with occasional Americanisms ("diaper" instead of "nappy," for instance); the Controller, who spoke throughout in jovial tones, appropriate for the Brave New World of perpetual happiness; and the Savage, the representative of feeling, emotional humanity - now consigned to a reserve in darkest Mexico - whose tones became increasingly desperate as he understood how mechanized the universe had become. The Brave New World was a topsy-turvy environment, which despised institutions such as marriage and parenthood (any mention of such terms was greeted with scornful laughter), and advocated free love without passion. Everyone belonged to everyone else, and no one needed to think any more. Despite the Director's jovial protestations that this was the best of all possible worlds (shades of Voltaire's Candide), the doom-laden consequences of what had happened were suggested by Bernard Herrman's specially composed score, full of doom-laden chords, and metronome-like chimes played on the tubular bells. The adaptation was announced by the actor William Conrad - who subsequently found fame on television as the corpulent detective Cannon: at the end of the first episode he informed listeners in no uncertain terms about the moral purpose of Froug's adaptation. It was intended as a "warning against the destruction of moral standards, family life and the soul of man." Enjoy listening!
ABN Chain Alignment Tool for Motorcycle Pit Dirt Bike ATV Scooter Motorbike
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The ABN Chain Alignment Tool takes the visual guesswork out of aligning your vehicle's chain against axle block and swingarm markings that can be so easily marred by dings and scratches. Proper maintenance of chain alignment creates resistance-free use and prevents unnecessary wear and tear on  your vehicle's chain and sprockets. The quality, anodized aluminum body will hold up to years of use and makes alignment a breeze. Fits most motorcycle & ATV chains size 420-630. Take the guessing out of alignment with this simple and precise tool. TO USE: Clamp the tool securely to the rear sprocket using the adjustable knobs. The alignment rod should be pointing towards the front sprocket. While looking down on the chain from ABOVE (not behind the rear sprocket) use the chain adjusters on the swingarm to properly align the wheel and sprocket.
ABN AT12 A Amigo AP Solid Door, 1reihig IP30 4015153035249
Sales unit: each x1 in basket = 1 piece, Manufacturer: Removable brown packing unit: 1; Description: Door Type: at 12 A Manufacturer - Item Number: at 12 A design used as a privacy door: No Width: 300 mm Height: 245 mm EMC design: No Material: Steel Length: 9 Width: 298 mm, height: 189 Weight: 0.6 customs tariff Number: Country of Origin: Cubic Zirconia reach designation: N Abacus designation: N Item Class: Door/Window Control Tray (cabinet)
ABN 180 Grit 100 Piece 6 Inch Yellow Sanding Abrasive Disc with Sticky Backing Sandpaper Roll
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ABN 180 Grit 6" yellow sanding discs are preferred by working professionals and the weekend DIY-ers alike. It is manufactured to reduce clogging which makes it longer lasting and more efficient to use in both commercial and personal settings. It features an aluminum oxide grain coating with pressure sensitive adhesive PSA. Really easy to use, just tear and apply to a backup pad and begin sanding with your orbital sander. Comes in 100 piece roll.
ABN Telegu News Live Tv
The Sterint
ABN Gray TPMS Plastic Sealing Valve Cap 25 Pack
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The ABN Gray TPMS Plastic Sealing Valve Cap 25 Pack is a must have for all automotive enthusiasts. This kit is the most economical and durable plastic valve cap in the market. Designed to completely seal the tire valve stem to ensure there are no leaks. Constructed out of gray plastic to ensure durability. Cost efficient way to ensure the tire valve stem does not leak.
ABN® LED Maglite Flashlight Replacement Conversion Kit Upgrade Bulb, LED D & C 3-6 Cell 200 Lumens of Bright White Light
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The ABN 3W LED Upgrade for Mini Maglite D & C Flashlight is a must have for anyone with an aging Mini Mag Lite. Featuring 120 Lumens bright, focused, white LED light (Performance depends on cells and flashlight). LED will never burn out (100,000 hours) and will extend the life of the flashlight batteries by 20 hours. Simple and easy install, simply replace the bulb! Fits all D & C Mag-Lite. Designed to eliminate overheating and is shockproof.
Medicare Compliance for Patient Access Staff: Training for the ABN, Important Message and MSP Questionnaire
Proper presentation of the Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage, the Important Message from Medicare, and the Medicare as Secondary Payer questionnaire will provide your hospital with the best opportunity to ensure accurate reimbursement from Medicare. Registration staff must understand the basics of each Medicare rule and how they are used to deliver the necessary paperwork to the patient during the admission process and ensure proper billing. Remember, compliant best practices must begin at the time of registration! Through entertaining and realistic scenarios, Medicare Compliance for Patient Access Staff will ensure that your staff members: •Receive comprehensive training in less than 20 minutes •Understand their responsibilities by watching wrong-way/right-way scenarios•Deliver each standard with ease and confidence using custom-made tools Your training video package also includes a CD-ROM with scripts and tools you can use to enhance your training program. The CD-ROM also features a 10-question quiz to reinforce learning objectives and key concepts, as well as a FAQ special report that can't be found anywhere else Give your staff the tools to communicate the right message at the right time to Medicare patients: Ensure CMS compliance and avoid costly appeals with Medicare Compliance for Patient Access Staff.
ABN 16 AWG SAE Extension Cable 24
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The ABN 16 AWG SAE Extension Cable provides an extended, stable connection to your SAE devices. The cable is made with pure copper wire to reduce voltage drops and maintain steady connections. The thick, durable casing protects the cables and prevents overheating when used with heated clothing. It is compatible with all other two-pin SAE connector brands, so you can use it to connect with virtually any device. Pair with the ABN SAE Y-Cable to Dual SAE Cable to connect two SAE devices at once with an extended reach.
ABN Finest Adjustable Height Foot Rest Under Desk Footrest Work Office Angled Ergonomic Computer 46L x 34W x 11H cm
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This adjustable height foot rest is a fantastic product to have when working for long hours at home or office. It not only helps to circulate blood flow but also reduces tiredness. When in use this office foot rest can help to keep you in a comfortable posture (thanks to its ergonomic design) which enables you to stay focused without those niggly discomforts. It can be easily kept in adjustable angle under computer or work-space desk to give comfortable leg rest.
ABN Finest Wall Mounted Mail Post Letter Box Outdoor Stainless Steel External for Outside with Newspaper Holder Large Key Lockable
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Post - small but hugely significant, potentially life-changing on occasion! Strewn all over the floor, damaged, lost, or weather beaten, before you even arrive home or at work. And here's why we love this wall mounted stainless steel letterbox... It puts an end to all that! Imagine this... you arrive home or at work to find your post in one place, safe, secure and protected. And the only person who has access to it is you (and whoever you choose to give the second key too!) Click Add to Cart and Buy Now! Product Features Height : 33.4cm Width : 30.5cm Depth : 9.5cm Size Mail slot: Takes 30cm wide x 3cm broad approx Material : Steel Main colour : SIlver
ABN Finest Black Mesh Waste Paper Rubbish Bin Metal Small for Office, Living Rooms, Bedrooms 2 Packs H27 x W24 x D27 CM - 10L
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This metal waste paper bin offers excellent value for money. Use this rubbish paper waste bin to ensure your work-space, bedroom remains tidy. It is so compact that it can easily be left under your office desk.
Edox Men's Analog Quartz Watch with Rubber Strap 84300 3CA ABN
Edox Watches MFG Code
Instrument for the Sauber F1 Team
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Waldhausen Fliegendecke Protect mit abn. Halsteil, taubenblau, 1, taubenblau, 155 cm
High quality fly rug made of fine-meshed fabric with Kreuzu straps and tail flap to keep insects out of drinking glasses. Double front closure, kick pleat, tail strap and leg straps make for a good fit. Included is a removable neck cover to protect your neck and mane.Material: 100% Polyester
ABN Finest Key Cabinet Holder Safe Box Store Lockable Wall Mounted Metal with 20 Tags - Black
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Security Key Box Keys are important, right? They protect our property and our information. But how often we forget to look after them and keep them safe! We just throw them down wherever and then forget, only to have to search for them with that niggling concern... what if we have lost them? And then add other people into the mix and it becomes more of a confusing hassle... This lockable key storage box solves all these problems in one secure and convenient step. Just click Add to Cart and order today! Everything is provided for you to conveniently increase your level of security. Heavy duty, metal key cabinet stores up to 20-keys Key Lock - 2 set provided All wall fixtures, screws and plugs included 20 coloured key tags, self adhesive labels Product features Size: (L) 200 x (W) 160 x (H) 75mm Fixture: Wall Mounted Locking Mechanism: Key