abratools ftx305abd – Laptop Cart Tote
Trolley Tote that is composed of 3 parts, the first (A) is a regular box of tools with a tray in the interior, the second (B) consists of two drawers with bearing guides, and the background (C) is a large storage box. Each part can be separated or combine freely.
abratools – Kit Welding Protection
Pack Team soudeur, apron, glove, hammer, brush GYS 070561 equipment for soudeur, to make the good work in conditions of comfort. This package contains: 1 x Leather welding apron 1 x Gloves 1 x Hammer to Piquer 1 x Steel Brush Area
abratools – Drive Diamond EcoPlus Wheel 180 X 2 X 5 X 22 MM
DISCO DIFFERENT CONTINUOUS WHEEL 180*2*22.2 mm Suitable for terrace, ceramic, tiles, marble ... Fast and clean cut.