abratools ftx305abd – Laptop Cart Tote
Trolley Tote that is composed of 3 parts, the first (A) is a regular box of tools with a tray in the interior, the second (B) consists of two drawers with bearing guides, and the background (C) is a large storage box. Each part can be separated or combine freely.
Abratools Girt Jacket Size XL Blue
Heat Windproof with hood. Very good quality clothing and also keep out the cold wind, rain .... Full zip with double protection preventing air inlet. 1 inside pocket + 2 exterior zippered pockets 100% polyester - Inside Cotton - Size XL
Abratools – Work Table BELFLEX 154 x 475mm
Work table 154 x 475mm.
abratools – Kit Welding Protection
Pack Team soudeur, apron, glove, hammer, brush GYS 070561 equipment for soudeur, to make the good work in conditions of comfort. This package contains: 1 x Leather welding apron 1 x Gloves 1 x Hammer to Piquer 1 x Steel Brush Area
abratools – Drive Diamond EcoPlus Wheel 180 X 2 X 5 X 22 MM
DISCO DIFFERENT CONTINUOUS WHEEL 180*2*22.2 mm Suitable for terrace, ceramic, tiles, marble ... Fast and clean cut.
abratools – Drive Diamond EcoPlus Wheel 230 x 2.4 x 5 x 22 mm
Designed disc with synthetic wheel. Dimensions: 230 x 2.4 x 5 x 22.2 mm. Suitable for terrace, ceramic, tiles, marble, fibreglass. Quick and clean cut.