Compressor Air Continuous Xtreme 8bar 230 V abratools
Compressor Easy for multiple applications. Without maintenance. autolubricado. Quiet. With cushions silemblocks.
Abratools Girt Jacket Size XL Blue
Heat Windproof with hood. Very good quality clothing and also keep out the cold wind, rain .... Full zip with double protection preventing air inlet. 1 inside pocket + 2 exterior zippered pockets 100% polyester - Inside Cotton - Size XL
abratools - Drive Diamond EcoPlus Wheel 180 X 2 X 5 X 22 MM
DISCO DIFFERENT CONTINUOUS WHEEL 180*2*22.2 mm Suitable for terrace, ceramic, tiles, marble ... Fast and clean cut.
abratools - Drive Court EcoPlus A30S 230 x 2.5 x 22 mm
ECO+PLUS standard line disk. Retractile abrasive discs. Suitable for steel and ferrous material chainwork. Measurements: 230 x 2.5 x 22 mm.
abratools - Protection for Drill with Microswitch 147.m1 Diameter 200 mm
Clear Screen Protector for drills, plastic bumper, with Attack and microswitch. 200 mm diameter, band width 130 mm, useful length 320 mm Backset
abratools - MMA Welder Inverter 200P 371030794
This Package Includes: 200P Earth cable 1.6m Electrode Holder 2m Delivered in its own suitcase Welding unit with inverter technology piloted bt microprocessor. The arc dynamic of the product is unique and revolutionary on the market. Can be used with all types of electrodes: rutile, basic, stainless steel, cast iron in direct current. Very handy, thanks to its small weight (5 kg) and its highly reduced volume. MMA Immediate start thanks to its very high no-load voltage. Constant welding power. Very smooth melting due to the direct current. Insensate to supply current fluctuations or to the arc length. Very good penetration and perfect arc stability. HOT START : Increased power at start. ANTI STICKING : Prevents the electrode sticking. ARC FORCE : Instantaneous increase of the current in difficult welding situation.  
abratools Rafale 4040 - Gun Retraction
Package is 4040 retraction Gun for wake of high performance. Ergonomic grip in synthesis Material. 360º swivel on burner. Hinged snap hook. Input Plug Quick and rotary.Power with propane bottle. Certified CE. Description: Complete Gun supplied in a briefcase with adjustable security: 1 regulator with gauge (1.5 to 3.5 bar) ensuring the automatic closure of gas in case of booted or breakage of the hose, 8 mts of hose and 2 gloves. Applications: retraction of covers and retractable polyethylene film of all thicknesses in workshop or in work, both in winter as in summer. Packing pieces and machines of all dimensions and forms.