Abundant Flow Water

50 GPD Flow Restrictor 1/4
Abundant Flow Water
Inline flow restrictor to replace defective flow restrictors or to be used when replacing your membrane with a higher or lower flow capacity. This is the standard size for the 50 gpd RO system. This is a 420 ml size, you can use anywhere from a 350-500 ml size on the 50 gpd RO system
Catalytic Carbon/KDF-85 AND 5 Micron Sediment Big Blue Whole House Filter Set - 4.5
Abundant Flow Water
GAC/KDF 55 filter removes chlorine, chloramines, iron, other heavy metals, chemicals, tastes, and odors, big blue filter will fit any standard size housing that holds a big blue filter (4.5 inches x 20 inches), upgrading your standard carbon filter with this GAC/KDF 55 filter.
50 GPD Flow Restrictor 1/4 Quick Connect - H-R2065QC by Abundant Flow Water
Abundant Flow Water
Inline flow restrictor for reverse osmosis (RO) system; to be used on system utilizing a 50 GPD membrane element; Features 1/4 Quick Connect Fittings, 420 ml size fits all, easy to change or add to ro system
Salt brine tank replacement for water softener 18 x 33 round by Abundant Flow Water
Abundant Flow Water
18 x 33 brine tank replacement for water softeners;Complete tank with safety float and air check;Safety float prevents overfilling;Standard almond color tank, other colors available upon request;Ready to connect to your softener and start using
Portable RO Mikro Zeta Filter Kit (Aptera Inline Alkaline Filter and Inline Carbon Post Filter) by Abundant Flow Water
Abundant Flow Water
Replacement filter kit for Mikro Zetaa portable Alkaline RO system;Includes 2 inline GAC filter and 2.5 inline Aptera alkaline filter, both with 1/4 quick-connect;Inline GAC filters removes chlorine, tastes, odors, and many other chemicals;Inline Aptera alkline filter lowers ORP, raises pH by 1-3 points, and alkilinizes the water;Inline filters are standard filters that can be used with many RO systems
Abundant Flow Water
With the regular stress of removal and tightening, filter housings and fittings will weaken over time. To prevent unwanted system failure, the filter housings on your systems need to be replaced EVERY 5 YEARS. This kit includes three 10" white filter housings, two 1/4" hex nipples, and two 1/4" MPT x 1/4" quick connect elbows. These housings will fit all standard 2.5" x 10" filter cartridges commonly used on point-of-use RO systems, drinking water systems, and prefilters for ice machines and other water appliances and devices.
Paid Attention: Innovative Advertising for a Digital World
Kogan Page
As ever, the onus is on brands to find compelling ways to earn the attention of the consumer. Yet content scarcity has given way to overload, fixed channels have dissolved into fluid networks, and audiences have become participants in consumer-driven conversations. This shift requires a new course of action for brands; it demands new marketing imperatives. Paid Attention is a guide to modern advertising ideas: what they are, why they are evolving and how to have them. Spanning communication theory, neuroscience, creativity and innovation, media history, branding and emerging technologies, it explores the strategic creation process and how to package ideas to attract the most attention in the advertising industry.Packed with real-world examples of advertising campaigns for companies including Sony, Red Bull, HP and many more, Paid Attention provides a robust model for influencing human behaviour. Referencing a wide body of theory and praxis, from behavioural economics and sociology to technology and even science fiction, Faris Yakob maps advertising onto a wider analysis of culture. Containing practical advertising and branding templates, including a new advertising planning toolkit, it is ideal for students and practitioners looking to get noticed in today's cluttered marketplace. Online resources include additional toolkits with advice, techniques and best practice on brand behaviour, new ideas and effective communication.
Mikro Epsilon 3-Stage Portable Reverse Osmosis Re-mineralization pH Filter
Abundant Flow Water
The Mikro Epsilon Portable 3 Stage Reverse Osmosis Re-mineralization System is designed for those who want high quality water in a compact size...it only measures 14"x8"x6". Featuring 3 stages of filtration, this system is ideal for apartments, cabins, campers, or those who travel a lot. This system can be taken anywhere that you need pure water and can be used on the go. The system can deliver up to 75 gallons of pure water a day (3 gallons per hour) in ideal situations. The RO membrane lasts an average of 2 to 4 years and the carbon/sediment and calcite/GAC filters should be changed annually. The unit comes complete with an inline sediment/carbon filter, a 100 GPD TFC (Thin Film Composite) RO membrane, and inline calcite/GAC filter, flow restrictor, and garden hose adaptor. Also included are 5 feet of each color tubing (red for supply water, yellow for concentrate water, and blue clean water...15 total feet of tubing), and instructions. System utilizes qu
Drain Saddle Valve with 3/8 Quick Connect for Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems by Abundant Flow Water
Abundant Flow Water
Drain saddle valve used with reverse osmosis (RO) systems;3/8 quick connect fittings allows easy tubing conections;Fits on drain pipes up to 1.5 in diameter;May come in Black or White, both fit the same;Fits on standard under sink drain pipes between trap and sink basin
Abundant Flow Water PRO-Alpha 4 Stage Mikro Alpha Portable Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System with 75 GPD Membrane by Abundant Flow Water
Abundant Flow Water
4 Stage Portable RO System great for cabins, campers, RV, and apartments;75 GPD membrane produces about 2-3 gallons per hour;Provides 96-98% effective contaminate removal, including chlorine, fluoride, salt, and many others;Garden hose adapter makes for simple use and easy storage;Standard-size filters last about 1 year. Comes with 30 satisfaction guarantee!;This is an O.E.M. part
Pureteck F-07-BSS Euro Style Non Air-Gap for Reverse Osmosis, Brushed Stainless Steel
Abundant Flow Water
Non Air Gap Single Line 1/4 connection; Quality Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish; Euro Style 1/4 turn knob, ceramic disc; Built to last, high quality faucet for RO systems; Meets lead free standard and NSF This is an O.E.M. part
Permeate pump upgrade kit with 90% auto shut off ASOV tubing and clip kit ERP1000 by Abundant Flow Water
Complete kit to upgrade your RO system with permeate pump and 90% shut off;ERP1000 high output permeate pump to fill storage tank quicker. no electricity!;Comes with 90% shut off valve to fill tank full, more pressure!;Cut waste water in half, fill tank with more water!;Kit comes with pump, mounting clip, tubing, 90% shut off valve, instructions included!
Fleck 61453-10 7000 Piston Assembly Softener D/F
Replacement piston for Fleck 7000SXT softener valve. These can get work, break, or lose their coating over time and require replacement.
Sino Yoga®,100%Microfiber,Super Absorbent,Non Slip,many Colors (Green)
Yoga Towel
Keep Sweating, Let Yoga Mate Absorb It. Introducing Sino Yoga's Ultra-Absorbent Microfiber Mat Size Yoga Towels & Hand Towels That Keeps You DRY & IN POSE !!! Add our Incredibly Absorbent, Skidless Yoga Towel to Your Cart Right Now - NEVER SLIP AGAIN - The 100% Microfiber, No Slip, Skidless design keeps you DRY and LOCKED in to your Yoga Pose  - STANDARD SIZE - 63 x 183 cm Perfectly on top of the Standard Size Yoga Mat  - READY TO USE for All Yoga Practices - Just take it out of it's pack aging and use it for Hot Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Outdoor Exercises, Sports, Meditation, Pilates, and More!  - MACHINE WASH & DRY - Pro Yogi Tip - Pick Up 2 Towels & Always Have a Clean One Ready for Your Practice.  What's Included w/ Your Order: - (1) Non Slip Yoga Towel by Sino Yoga - Washing Machine & Drying Instructions on Packaging. - The perfect towel to take to your Yoga, Hot Yoga, Bikram class to stay grounded and dry.  Sweating is Good, Slipping is NOT- Scroll Up Click "ADD TO CART" Now!
Hrph Aquarium DIY CO2 System Kit with Pressure Air Flow Adjustment Water Plant Fish Tank Aquarium Co2 Valve
Product easy to set upCO2 system is designed for low cost planted tank use.What do you need to prepare for this systems?below(not included)2 x 2 Litre of Coka Cola plastic bottle1 x 200g of Citric acid or 200ml of vinegar1 x 200g of baking sodaTips to install:the bottle must be carbonated beverage bottle, do not use pulpy, green tea, mineral water bottles, etc.trimming valve regulation avoid by sudden big or small, can\'t suddenly turn up, after immediately shut down again, so as not to cause abnormal pressure to the bottle.Note: Make sure carefully observe the direction of the parts before assembly. The usual wrong handle way will cause abnormal reaction components as follow: the contrary direction of the check valve and fine-tuning in the direct. DIY AQUARIUM CO2 SYSTEM REGULAR KITIncluded:1 x Needle valve1 x Pressure gauge2 x Bottle caps1 x CO2 tubing
LeYi Case for Huawei P Smart with Glass Screen Protector [2 pack], Glitter Liquid Flow Luxury Clear Transparent Diamond Personalised TPU Silicone Shockproof Cover for Huawei P Smart Purple Blue
Fashion Personalized Design:The mobile phone shell is injected with liquid and starts hearts, and the sealing process is tight. Glitter, sparkly, bling, cute for girls women, luxury gifts. When you move your mobile phone, the inside quicksand flowing freely, bring more fun to you. Edge with diamond,the gradient color design makes your phone more eye-catchingDual layer protection and premium materials: Flexible TPU silicone gel outside combine with hard PC inside, keep the original shape of your phone, the maximum protection of your mobile phone life.Quick Access:Soft silicone bumper with precise cutting and response buttons to ensure quick access and feedback. Easy to install and remove.Ultimate Protection: Using air cushion technology to protect all corners. Anti-slip, impact-resistant, shock-proof. Increase the thickness enough to make the raised edges better protect the screen and the camera to maximize the protection of your phone. Free Gift: Complimentary Tempered Glass Screen Protector (2 Pack), anti scratch, anti-fingerprint, dust-proof, make your mobile phone to get 360 degrees of overall protection.
Biofresh Yoghurt of Bulgaria Probiotic Natural Soap with Rose oil, 100gr
Soft formula that provides an excellent cleaning and at the same time protects the leather, due to the palm oil and coconut oil of the composition. During your use, wraps the body with a soft foam that gently cleanses, softens and caresses your senses with its soft delicate aroma. The active ingredients especially selected hidrolizada protein of yogurt and pure oil of rose of Bulgaria, prevent inflammation and irritation and keep the moisture of the skin daily. Recommended Use: Moisten the soap. Apply on hands or the body through gentle circular movements to produce abundant foam. Rinse with water flow.
Filox 10 Iron, Sulfur, & Manganese Removal Water Filter with Fleck DIGITAL 2510SXT - 1.0 cu. ft. by Abundant Flow Water
Removes highest levels of iron & sulfur from your water without chemicals or air injection!;Whole house application treats and cleans all your water with one tank!;No more rust stains or stinky water! No chemicals, no salt, no additives, all automatic!;Removes rotten egg odor, ferrous & ferric iron, and manganese, AND some levels sediment;Removes up to 15 ppm of iron, 7 ppm hydrogen sulfide, and 3 ppm manganes.
Canna Coco 1L A&B Bottles Set
Canna Coco was the first nutrient product that was suitable for use when growing on coco and it still hasn't been equalled after all these years. - Canna Coco gives unrivalled results on CANNAs coco substrate . This substrate combines the tolerant, organic nature of soil with the precision of rockwool. Due to the special characteristics of the substrate the nutrient does not have a Vega and Flores variant, but there is one unique formulation for both growth and blooming phase. We cant make things easier!CANNA Coco Plus is the only Coco substrate that has RHP certification which has not been sterilized and so retains its natural sponge-like qualities as well as the natural, beneficial fungi. This is the reason why CANNA Coco is so successful as far as root development, growth and re-use are concerned.Application 4ml/ltr A 4ml/ltr B.