Academy Games

Academy Games ACA05450 Fief Board Game
Academy Games
Play time: 2 to 3 hours;3 to 6 players;Ages 13 and up;Diplomacy and area control
Academy Games ACA05312 1812 The Invasion of Canada Board Game
Academy Games
For 2-5 players;Takes 1-2 hours to play;Great historical strategy game
Acacemy Games Conflict of Heroes Awakening The Bear 2nd Edition Board Game
Acacemy Games
Awakening the Bear is the first game in the multi-award winning Conflict of Heroes series. In it, players control individual squads and tanks to resolve the same tactical dilemmas and decisions that commanders faced during some of the most ferocious engagements of WWII.CoH features a fast and fluid system that is easy to learn but realistic to all of the unique theaters of battle portrayed.Fun: Quick simultaneous play allows players to interact without waiting.Easy: Teach a new player how to play in under 5 minutes. No charts!Historically Accurate: Portrays realistic forces and tactics.Counters: Depict individual vehicles, airplanes, guns, squads and more.Consistent: Each game in the series uses the same rule system.2nd Edition includes all new artwork, more units & firefights.
Derwent Academy 2300147 Colouring and Graphite Sketching Pencils, Set of 30
Derwent Academy
This Derwent Academy Art Set has is a high quality 35-piece set of sketching pencils, watercolour pencils and colour pencils, all presented in a smart wooden box. Derwent has been making artists pencils for 175 years, so you can be assured that this set of pencils has been created with a high level of knowledge and expertise. The Academy Wooden Box set has everything you need to start creating beautiful artwork with pencils, and includes:
Disney Princess Sofia Royal Prep Academy Board Game (Multi-Colour)
Wonder Forge
Sofia the First Royal Prep Academy Discover the hidden charms of Princess Sofia's enchanted school! Royal Prep AcademyView larger Peek in the windows to find the charms Help Sofia the First find the hidden charms Princess Sofia is new to Royal Prep Academy where she is learning the way of a princess. She's lost her dance shoes, teapot, schoolbook, and other valuables, all around the enchanted building. Help her find her prized school supplies, and discover fun lessons from the Good Fairies along the way. Perfect for a preschool play date This enchanting two-player game is a fun way to promote memory skills and deductive reasoning. Players must guess correctly where the Charms are hidden in order to collect them for their Charm Bracelet. The three-dimensional Royal Prep Academy School takes preschoolers into the world of Sofia the First. Designed for two friends or a parent and child to play together. Perfect for a rainy day or quiet afternoon. Decide which player will start the game as Princess Sofia. The other player - the Hider, will then flip over one Tile. It could be a Charm Tile where they will hang the Charm behind an empty window, a Friend Tile where they place the Friend token behind an empty window, or a Guessing Game Tile, where the Hider takes a Charm not in play and holds it closed in one hand and has Princess Sofia guess which Charm it is. On Princess Sofia's turn, the player will spin the spinner to see how many windows they'll look through. Princess Sofia then looks into any window she wants. If there's a Charm behind that window, she gets to put it on her bracelet. Players trade roles once all the Tiles have been flipped.
Arcane Academy Card Game
Idw Games
Challenge rival students to become the best in class in Arcane Academy, an innovative board game of tile-linking, wizardry for 2-4 players that pits young spellcasters against one another in a duel for honor and prestige. Forge potent magic items and wield wickedly powerful elemental energies to outthink and outmaneuver your opponents in this elegantly simple and quick-to-learn board game that will appeal to families and experienced players alike! Arcane Academy is based on the critically acclaimed, all-ages comic series Finding Gossamyr, which is set in a fantasy world in which math is the language of magic. It features game design by industry superstars Eric M. Lang (A Game of Thrones, Star Wars: The Card Game, Quarriors) and Kevin Wilson (Descent, Arkham Horror and Android) in their first-ever design collaboration!
Academy Games ACA05105 Conflict Of Heroes Awakening Bear Firefight Generator Solo Expansion Board Game
Academy Games
Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear Firefight Generator builds on our award-winning Conflict of Heroes series for a whole new experience. Players use strategy and cunning to manipulate the battlefield and available forces to create an engagement set to their advantage. This expansion for Awakening the Bear 2nd Edition includes everything you need to create countless Firefights, from solo Firefights that make use of Awakening the Bear - Solo Expansion to giant, multi-map, four-player battles.To create a unique new Firefight, players alternate playing Generator Cards to choose their units, Victory Point conditions, weapons, weather conditions, and more. Players can bluff, outmaneuver, and thwart their opponents... all before the Firefight even begins! Successful commanders will make smart and strategic choices by allocating their limited resources to set themselves up for victory. This is a groundbreaking new system that is challenging and fun to play! Create a 1 - 4 player Firefight in under 10 minutes!Includes: Soviet and German Generator Card Decks,Option Record Boards, and Rule Book with Mission Guidelines. Special Addition: Solo Mission Generation System, including the Solo Mission Sheet and Artificial Intelligence Tiles!
Academy Games 1775 - Rebellion
Flat River Group
1775 is an area control game that is great for head-to-head or up to 4-player team play.;1775 Rebellion is the second title in the Birth of America series after 1812 - The Invasion of Canada.;The perfect introduction to historical and strategy boardgames!;2014 Origins Wargame of the Year, 2013 Boardgamegeek Golden Geek Award for Best Wargame;2-4 Players, 1-2 Hours, 10+
Academy Games ACA05014 Conflict of Heroes Guadalcanal Board
Academy Games
Ages 12 and up;2 to 4 players;Playing Time of 1 to 3 hours;CoH features a fast and fluid system that is easy to learn but realistic to all of the unique theaters of battle portrayed.;Quick simultaneous play allows players to interact without waiting.
Tasty Minstrel Games TMG03005 Bomb Squad Academy Game
Tasty Minstrel Games
A great expansion for Bomb Squad.
Academy Games
Academy Games
In development for more than three years, Conflict of Heroes: Eastern Front - Solo Expansion revolutionizes solo tactical play. Instead of AI units being individually programmed as in past games, AI units utilize a unique emergent behavior and agent-based logic. Each situation is evaluated and the AI implements the best course of action using available resources and unit assets. Even veteran CoH players will be challenged to hone and adapt their playing styles in order to overcome the AI! In the Conflict of Heroes Solo System, players no longer track APs, but must make a Unit Spent Check after every action. The higher the cost in APs an action was, the higher the probability that the unit will be spent. Now a player must decide if he will augment his action with APs or increase his chance of keeping the unit fresh! Each Firefight has its own Mission Track. A Mission Track is a series of events that are triggered if the Mission Marker lands on an event's space. Certain orders advance the Mission Marker 1, 2 or 3 spaces, so the game is different each time you play. The firefight ends immediately when the Mission Marker lands on or passes the last space of the Mission Track. Note: With a bit of adapting, this expansion can be used with 1st Edition Conflict of Heroes.
Big Brain Academy Board Game
University Games
University Games Big Brain Academy Board Game
Blue Cocker Card Game – Medieval Academy
Blue Cocker
"Squires, welcome to Medieval Academy, the place where you'll be trained to become a knight. You'll have to master the arts of Jousts and Tournaments, complete dangerous Quests, and polish your Education. You'll also have to serve the king, and show that you have a sense of Charity and Gallantry. Only one of you will be knighted by King Arthur, so it's time to show what youre capable of." Father Advevan Nicolus Emilius, chairman of the Medieval Academy.In Medieval Academy, a "family " game, each player takes the role of a squire who wants to outdo the others in the different training categories to score Chivalry Points. To achieve this goal, during the six turns of the game, the players must wisely draft the cards that are the most useful to them and play them at the right time to move their discs up the training tracks.At the end of turn VI, the squire who has the most Chivalry Points wins the game and is knighted by King Arthur!Players 2-5Playing Time 30 MinutesSuggested Ages 8
LeapFrog EPIC Tablet
Discover our most advanced Android-based tablet, that adapts as your child grows, offering endless possibilities for exploration, learning and play. With the first-of-its-kind playable home screen, children can bring a town to life and watch their world turn from day to night, change the weather, add animated characters and discover a new surprise every day. Access games, apps, eBooks and more that draw from 2,600 skills, including creativity and problem solving (sold separately). Every LeapFrog app is reviewed to ensure there are no in-app purchases, no third-party ads and only age-appropriate experiences. Stay in control of what your child is ready for. Out of the box, kids can access only pre-selected, kid- web content* with the LeapSearch browser-add new websites when your child is ready. Features a 7'' screen, an operating system based on the Android 4.4, an expandable 16GB memory, Wi-Fi, 2MP cameras, stylus, protective bumper and over 20 apps. (Wi-Fi required. Not compatible with LeapFrog cartridges.) (*Source: 2015 LeapFrog survey of major U. S. children's tablet brands.) *The kid web videos maybe subject to 3rd party advertising.Discover the Android-based tablet experience that adapts as your child grows, offering endless possibilities for exploration, learning and play.Features the first-of-its-kind playable home screen that kids can create. Watch night fall, add characters and discover a fun surprise every day!Access LeapFrog educator-approved content and kid-favourite Android apps, such as Fruit Ninja Academy: Maths Master and Doodle Jump (sold separately).Includes 20+ apps: games, LeapSearch kid-browser (the kid web videos maybe subject to 3rd party advertising), eBooks, utilities and more!Full-featured tablet with 7'' screen, 16GB memory with expandable memory, Wi-Fi, 2MP cameras, stylus, protective bumper and 20+ apps.Please note, Wi-Fi is required for most features and this is not compatible with LeapFrog...
Aroma Academy Wine Aroma Game
Aroma Academy
Think you know wine? This game tests your nosing skills to the limit. Suitable for playing on your own, in a group or in teams, the set comes with nine aroma solutions, aroma strips, reference cards and rules. Gift boxed. 20 x 14 x 3cm.
University Games Big Brain Academy Game
University Games
Who has the biggest brain? Perfect for lovers of brainteasers and puzzles, this fun board game is inspired by the top-selling Nintendo DS video game. Players are mentally and physically challenged in five different categories: Analyze, Compute, Identify, Memorize and Think. The player who collects the most tokens by answering questions correctly wins. Speed and accuracy count - not smarts - when answering questions at the Big Brain Academy. Teams collect chips based on the number of questions they answer correctly. After five rounds of play, teams weigh their chips on the "brain-o-meter" to see which team has the biggest brain. In this game, brain weight does matter! For 2 to 6 players.