Accuro Korle

Accuro Korle Cadence Horizontal Brushed Stainless Steel Designer Radiator (600mm x 1500mm)
Accuro Korle
Accuro-Korle Cadence is a Modern high quality brushed stainless steel designer radiator is a perfect heating solution for living spaces and hall ways. The strong aesthetic lines of Cadence and high out-put achieved by increased surface area create stylish warmth in your home.
Accuro Korle Korlea Vertical Designer Radiator (White)
Accuro Korle
Accuro-Korle Korlea is a lightweight energy efficient aluminium vertical designer radiator. Korlea can be mounted either as single units or in multiple arrangements to reach the desired level of heat and style. Korlea is an aluminium vertical radiator available in gloss black and white finishes. Aluminium is a very efficient conductor of heat, warming up faster than a similar sized compact steel radiator, with less water content. Aluminium radiators are fast becoming considered an eco heating option. At the end of it's life, the Korlea Eco-rad is easily recycled because of its aluminium composition, while during it's life cycle it will provide years of efficient heat. Wall mounted in single or series these radiators add a great finish to any room in the house. Korlea is tested to EN442 standards and is supplied with a 5 year guarantee.
Accuro Korle Quattro Designer Tower Radiator 1510mm x 270mm x 270xx
Accuro Korle
Final word in elegant heating style, Quattro is hand made in Instanbul to the highest standards. Quattro is an efficient heating heating centrepiece.
Discover our stylish range of high quality designer radiators, specially developed to blend in with the interior of your home. A great designer radiator should match the style of interior, whether that be minimal and understated, an ultra-modern contemporary, or a more timeless traditional style. All of our designer radiators have been crafted to a high quality, and many feature state-of-the-art technology.Champagne towel radiators offer a stylish finish to every bathroom. There is also a place in the kitchen for a heated towel rail, ideal for hanging and drying tea and hand towels. Champagne is a brushed aluminium heated towel warmer that offers all of the aesthetics of a stainless steel towel radiator, but the responsive benefits of aluminium, heating to operating temperature 3 to 4 times faster than stainless steel radiators
Accuro Korle Paeonia Designer Towel Warmer
Accuro Korle Paeonia is an eye catching modern designer towel warmer which makes a stylish bathroom statement. Paeonia is made from best quality brushed stainless steel and is tested to the highest standards before leaving the factory. Confidence in the product is so high it is offered with a 25 year manufacturers guarantee.
Accuro Korle Daisy Brushed Stainless Steel Designer Radiator (840mm x 500mm)
Accuro Korle
Accuro-Korle Daisy is an ideal modern design for bathroom towel warming. Accuro-Korle Daisy represents best quality, best design and best value. Daisy is made from brushed stainless steel and adds a quality stylish finish to the modern bathroom. Stainless Steel Daisy is covered by a 25 year guarantee against faulty materials and workmanship.
Accuro Korle Modern Excel Horizontal Designer Radiator - Brushed Aluminium & Wood - High heat output. Heats up 3-4 times faster than standard steel radiators. FSC Certified Wood (H300mm x L1000mm)
Excel designer radiators offer a stylish heating solution to every room. The 300mm high radiator is ideal for conservatories. Excel is a brushed aluminium and wood radiator that offers all of the aesthetics of a stainless steel radiator, but the responsive benefits of aluminium, heating to operating temperature 3 to 4 times faster than stainless steel radiators. The Accuro-Korle Excel radiator is a design classic. It is tested to EN-442 standard and hand made in an ISO 90001 environment. Every Excel is pressure tested at the factory to 10 bar and enjoys a 5 year guarantee. In line with our commitment to environmental sustainability, only FSC certified wood is used in the manufacture of this product. This radiator also comes as a 600mm variant. Horizontal / Vertical H Electric / Hydronic Hydronic Height 305mm Width 1012mm Depth 90mm Weight 7Kg Centre to Centre 866mm Centre to Wall Free Standind Back to Wall Free Standing Front to Wall Free Standing Number of Tubes 8 BTU ? 50°C 730 Watts ? 50°C 214