Accusharp Knife Sharpener Blue and White
AccuSharp Sharpener. Uses no oils or stones. Tungsten carbide sharpener will not rust, and can be cleaned in dishwasher. Works on knives, axes, hoes and serrated edges. Full length safety guard protects fingers. White handle.
Accusharp ACCU-002 ShearSharp Scissor Sharpener, Yellow, 23 x 10 x 3 cm
AccuSharp ShearSharp Scissor Sharpener. Uses no oils or stones. Tungsten carbide sharpener will not rust, and can be cleaned in dishwasher. Full length safety guard protects fingers. Yellow handle.
Accusharp ACCU-703C Sport Knife-Black, 2.5 Inch
Now from the maker of the world's best knife sharpener comes another innovative tool that everyone can use - The AccuSharp Folding Sport Knife. This tool is constructed of anodized aluminum and stainless steel providing years of rust-free use. And with our patent pending wheel lock, you have the ability to open and close this tool with only one hand. The belt clip ensures that this knife will always be by your side when you need it. Our knife also has a glass breaker feature. And as with all our other products
ACCUSHARP 4-in-1 Knife and Tool Sharpener, Ceramic, Black
Accusharp ACCU-004 SturdyMount Knife Sharpener, White, 23 x 10 x 3 cm
AccuSharp Sturdy Mount Knife Sharpener. Tungsten carbide sharpener will not rust and can be cleaned in dishwasher. Will securely mount to any drillable surface. Hang packaged.
ACCUSHARP Replacement Sharpener Blades
AccuSharp Replacement Blades. Individually packaged tungsten carbide replacement blade.
Accusharp Lightweight Sharp-N Easy  Outdoor  Knife Sharpener available in Blue -
AccuSharp Sharp-N-Easy Two Stage Sharpener. Measures 2 1/2" x 2 3/4". Rubberized grip. Keychain attachment. Features pre-angled coarse and fine ceramic rods that will maintain an accurate edge. Use three or four strokes through the coarse rods to restore the edge, then three or four strokes across the fine rods to finish and polish the edge for a smooth sharp finish. Includes instruction brochure. Bulk packed.
Accusharp ACCU-030C Diamond Rod Sharpener, Black
AccuSharp Diamond Rod Sharpener. 4" closed. Unbreakable diamond-coated steel rod. Ideal for sharpening all knives. The retractable rod is engineered with a cone-shaped end for use on serrations and tight spaces. The diamond-coated steel rod also has sharpening grooves for use with all kinds of hooks, darts, and pointed objects. Black pen shaped housing with stainless shirt pocket clip. Hang packaged
Accusharp ACCU-033C 14
Realigns the blade's edge keeping all your household knives properly honed;The steel surface quickly returns the edge of a good blade in around 10 strokes;The rubber over-molded handles ensures a safe and secure grip;The collar guard safely keeps hands out of the way;14 inch total length
Accusharp ACCU-025C Tri Hone Sharpener Bench Kit, Black, 25 x 9 x 25 cm
NEW!�The AccuSharp DELUXE Tri-Stone Knife Sharpening System, featuring a course diamond-coated steel, allowing you to easily sharpen and hone any straight-edge blade with ease. AccuSharp�s three stone surfaces include coarse diamond, medium alumina-oxide, and fine ceramic. This�deluxe Tri-Stone System provides extra durability and safety on any surface with a rubber-grip base which prevents sliding while sharpening and honing your knives. Additionally, the deluxe Tri-Stone Sharpener base can be mounted to most countertops for extra stability. Also included is an angle guide to assist in maintaining a consistent angle while sharpening.