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AccusizeTools - 3/4 4 Flute M42 8% Cobalt TiAlN Roughing End Mill, #1102-0034 by Accusize Industrial Tools
Accusize Co. Ltd.
TiAlN Coated, Center cutting, M42-8% Premium cobalt, Flutes ground by a world-class IS-9002 Factory, CNC Qualified;Diameter: 3/4''; Shank Diameter: 3/4''; Flute length: 1-5/8''; Overall Length: 3-3/4''; 4 Flute, Coarse Tooth;Produces a smooth finish that often eliminates the need for a finishing cut for profiling and shallow slots. Used for aggressive machining. Performance approaching solid carbide with tough H.S.S Tools. Recommended for abrasive materials. Excellent performance in hard materials that are difficult to cut. Extremely hard, resistant wear.
Accusize - 7 Pieces/Set 1/4
Accusize Co.Ltd.
Toolhoders: MGER0250-2, SER0250-08, SWGCR04-2, SCLCR04-2, SCLCL04-2, SDNCN04-2 , SDJCR04-2. Inserts: MGMN-2, 08ER A60, WCMT21.51, CCMT21.51, CCMT21.51, DCMT21.51 and DCMT21.51.
Accusize - 7 Pieces/Set 1/2
Accusize Co. Ltd.
Shank Size (H x W): 1/2" x 1/2". Overall Length: N/A Black oxide smooth finish on each turning tool holder style and shank size. Each tool holder comes with a C6 TiN coated carbide insert with positive rake cutting angle and built-in chip breaker great for general purpose cutting action. Including 7 Pcs indexable turning tool holder; 7 pcs TiN coated C6 carbide inserts; 7 pcs hex screws; 2 pcs hexagon keys; fitted Aluminum case. Inserts for each holder: Carbide insert TiN Coated WCMT 21.51(#2139-1020) for SWGCR08-2J Carbide insert TiN Coated 11ER A60 (#2652-0015) for SER0500J11 Carbide insert TiN Coated MGMN-2 Double End Cut-off (#2403-4022) for MGEHR 08-2J Carbide insert TiN Coated DCMT21.51 (#2104-1010) for SDNCN08-2J / SDJCR08-2J Carbide insert CVD Coating CCMT21.51 (#2200-1008) for SCLCR08-2J / SCLCL08-2J
Accusize - 25 Pcs/Set Metric 1.0 mm-13.0 mm x 0.5 mm HSS Chucking Reamer Set In Fitted Case, #5500-SB00
Accusize Co. Ltd.
H.S.S. Straight Shank Straight Flute, Right-Hand Cut 25 Pcs/Set Metric 1.0 mm-13.0 mm x 0.5 mm HSS Chucking Reamer Set In Fitted Case, #5500-SB00 Diameter Tolerance Thru 1/2" diameter +.0002" -.0000" Above 1/2" to 5/8" +.0003" -.0000" Above 5/8" to 1-1/2" +.0001" -.0004"
AccusizeTools - 7 Pieces/Set 3/4
Accusize Co. Ltd.
Inserts Item No. for each Toolholders Inserts Item #2139-1024 WCMT32.51 Carbide Inserts TiN Coated, for SWGCR12-3B Inserts Item #2652-0025 16ER AG60 Carbide Inserts TiN Coated, for SER0750B16 Inserts Item #2200-1014 CCMT32.51 Carbide Inserts CVD Coated, for SCLCR12-3B / SCLCL12-3B Inserts Itm #2104-1014 DCMT 32.51 for SDNCN12-3B / SDJCR12-3B Inserts Item #2403-4026 MGMN-3 Carbide Inserts TiN Coated, for MGEHR12-3B All the inserts could be fund on