Self-Adhesive with Window Pack of 1000 Envelope DL & # 252 CK
Format standard long 110 mm x 220 mmWeight 75 g/m²In Holzfreier qualityUncoatedRecycled Content - NoBleaching ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free.)ISO 9706 certifiedCertificate: Euro Flower, Nordic environmental labelCan be printed - Suitable for colour and black and pressureLife 200 years (durable in accordance with ISO 9706) it is perfect for your daily correspondence
Washing Machine Universal Anti-Vibration Mat
With the acerto washing machine mat made of rubber granulates, you can prevent vibrations and oscillations from washing machines and other electrical appliances from being transmitted to floors and walls and causing annoying noises. The mats can also be used as fall protection for the children's room, cut protection in the hobby area and as a shelf insert and thus effectively protect against damage on the respective surface.
Height-Levelling Profile 100 cm 7-15 mm for Laminate Floors APL System 2 Legs with Screws and Wall Plugs
Our transition profiles are the perfect solution for height compensation between two floor coverings of different heights and guarantee a visual upgrading of your floors due to the high-quality surface anodisation.
Pin - Profile for Laminate Flooring (100 cm, 7 - 15 mm, APL System 2-Piece with Screws and Dowels), Silver
The acerto floor profiles are the perfect solution for the seamless transition between two floor coverings on thresholds. The 2-part profile system enables flexible vertical adjustment, depending on the height of the floor covering used. The high-quality surface anodisation also guarantees an optical upgrading of your floors.