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Acesa – Stainless Steel Spatula M/Wood, 140 mm 219201400
Spatula Stainless Steel M/Wood140 mm 219201400 - Wooden handle, stainless steel blade
A Chama Acesa
João Daniel Maia
Edições Vieira da Silva
Acesa – Ergonomic Scraper with Sleeve 25 mm. 625
Bahco Paint scraper developed according to the scientific ERGO™ process. Designed to be stored in holster, used for all kinds of small precision jobs. Two-component handle for better grip and comfort. Thin front handle with thumb grip. Front designed to fit profile blades 625 round, drop and pear shape, which can be turned 360° to find different radii or sharp points. Supplied with triangular 25mm blade and holster.
Bahco P123-19-BULK30 - Bypass Snip
Bahco P123-19-BULK30 - Bypass Snip
Bahco 038.120.200 - Tek Scrwd Flat Through 12X200
Bahco Tekno+ Flared Slotted Screwdriver Through Shank 12mm x 200mm BAH038120 Series 038 flared and slotted through shank screwdriver with the following features:Colour coded for quick identity of tip type.Yellow for slottedRed for PhillipsBlue for PozidrivGreen for TorquePurple for Hexagon (Nutdriver)Metal CapThe striking metal cap at the top of the handle gives ultimate protection during jobs requiring high impact and added force.Through shankThe shank continues through the handle before contacting to a striking metal cap for ultimate strength.HandleDouble shaped handle for use with both hands (in large sizes and in proportion to the dimensions of the shank), its large surface allows optimum comfortable grip and maximum torque.Hole The hole in the handle allows the insertion of a T bar for added force transmission and for hanging up the tool after use.ShankMolybdenum-Vanadium shank combines great hardness and toughness.TipBlack tip for added protection, precisely machined.Hexagon Nut (On Hex shank screwdrivers only)Allows the use of a wrench or open-ended spanner for demanding jobs which require extremely high torque power.Flared slotted through shank 12 x 200mm (8 in) BAH038120
Bahco LTB-30-30M Long Tape
- LTB - measuring tape, available in metric units, as well as in with metric and imperial (-e for M/I) accuracy class II Powerful Glass Fibre Tape consisting of over 16,000 individual fibres, resistant to a load of up to 500 Kgdoppelt coated band for a reduced wear body can be used to maintenance Easy opened and can be washed out
Acesa – Scissors P/Tubes Plastic 42 M.M.
Scissor P/Plastic Pipes 42 M.M.
Luz Acesa
Lucas Villela
Procissão dos Mortos: Lenda brasileira (Portuguese Edition)

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Acesa Padre Impact Socket 1/2 26 790S
Deep Impact Socket 1/2 26 - 790S
Paixao Acesa
Acesa Razorsharp 1-M P126 – 19
Secateurs A Hand Bahco P126 - 19-F/19
Acesa – SCREWDRIVER B/Pozid. 193 N-3/150
Premium screwdriver 3 x 150 B/Zinc