acquastilla 108085 Bumper for Toilet Seats
STILLA s.r.l. a socio unico
Acquastilla 116843 Cot Bumper Toilet Seat Buffer Set
Acquastilla 116843 Bumpers for Seats Wc - Bumpers for seats wc - Number pieces for package: 1 - Acquastilla
Acquastilla 115242 Offset Connector for Toilet Waste
Offset connector for exhaust toilet, white plastic eccentric for exhaust toilet mm Connector.Tube 90 - 110 mm.100 internal movement cm.8Number of Pieces per Pack: 1.Weight: 18.1 g/piece to the net.Materials and finishes: Polystyrene.Instructions for use and fitting: for double cassette: Copper, Copper Button, copper production until 1989.
acquastilla 108084 Bumper for Toilet Seats
STILLA s.r.l. a socio unico
Valsir, Seal Seal for Outlet Valve Original Valsir Reference 0801017
STILLA s.r.l. a socio unico
valsir seal, valve for exhaust original valsir reference 0801017Number of Pieces per Pack: 1.
acquastilla 116865 Pipe Spanner for Cockerel Hinges Seats
Hexagon Key Wrench x Cockerel Toilet Seats, grey plastic pipe wrench for clamping range Cockerel hinges HingeNumber of Pieces per Pack: 1.Weight: 10.7 g/piece (Net).Materials and finish: Grey plastic material.
acquastilla 116276 Ceramic Cartridge Kerox Mix K25 M
Ceramic cartridge Kerox Mix k25 m, Kerox ceramic cartridge Mix k25 m Diameter mm.25 mm Height.54Number of Pieces per Pack: 1.Measures: Maximum Height mm.54 maximum diameter mm.25 Maximum Opening angle 25 ° Maximum temperature 90 °.Materials and finish: Ceramic disk cartridge Lever Plastic material housing Plastic material.Instructions of use and assembly: Omax, Riolo, snow, Geda, gaboli, the Tower.
Seals for 3/4
STILLA s.r.l. a socio unico
Gaskets for 3/4" load pipes, Gaskets for 3/4" load pipes 24x13,5x2 wide hole in black rubber Number of units per box 100. Measurements: For 3/4" connections, External diameter mm. 24 Internal diameter mm. 13.5 Thickness mm. 2 . Materials and finishes: Black rubber.
Acquastilla 117681 Kerox K-25OPC Ceramic Mixing Cartridge
Ceramic cartridge Kerox k25opc, Kerox ceramic cartridge k25opc Diameter mm.25 mm Height.For 55 webert, Guglielmi, IB, oioliNumber of Pieces per Pack: 1.Instructions for use and fitting: for cassette: Turquoise.