Activ8 Ultimate Firming and Resurfacing Face & Eye Moisturiser
The ultimate resurfacing face & eye moisturiser has been formulated with cosmetic drone, the most advanced delivery system for active ingredients. Harbouring signature ingredients, the face & eye moisturiser is designed with an anti-ageing cosmetics drone infused wiith shea butter and cottonseed oil. The science: harbouring signature ingredients, the ultimate resurfacing face & eye moisturiser is infused with an anti-ageing cosmetics drone, shea butter and cottonseed oil cosmetic drone technology entraps powerful ingredients intopatible polymers. In the form of x50 capsules, this revolutionary technology targets specific cells releasing active ingredients such as glycolic acid and peptides where needed to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Besides, the addition of shea butter and cottonseed oil in the formula, ideal for sensitive & dry skin, helps restore softness and suppleness. Anti-wrinkles cosmetic drone efficacy has been clinically proven. Clinical studies have shown reduction of signs of ageing including wrinkles and fine lines up to 67%* *30 women during 28 days
Premium Activated Charcoal Toothpaste (100g) and Bamboo Toothbrush Kit Teeth whitening, Eliminates Bad Breath, Prevents Tooth Decay, Removes Smoke Stains and Coffee Stains
Whitens teeth without bleaching. Remove Bad Breath. Won't harm dentures or crowns. Kills harmful bacteria. Great for every day use. Activ-8 toothpaste kit is the perfect teeth whitening package. The kit contains Grade A charcoal toothpaste and a top grade bamboo toothbrush. This Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening toothpaste made with natural organic bamboo charcoal destroys bad breath and removes smoke stains and Coffee stains.This product unites modern science and nature and is manufactured from eco-friendly materials without harmful effervescent or abrasive ingredients. Directions For Usage: Use a pea-sized amount of Activated Charcoal Toothpaste and brush normally. Use after every meal, twice daily or as directed by a physician or dentist.
Activ8 125ml Oil Additive for Engine & Gearbox Honda suzuki yamaha kawasaki
Is it a Modern, Modern Classic, Classic or Vintage? You may use ACTIV8 Friction Reducer successfully in them all including 2 stroke, 4 stroke and rotary. Also suitable in wet clutch systems as well as dry clutch. Read below but call if you want more advise. WHAT ACTIV8 FRICTION REDUCER DOES: Reduces surfaces wear by up to 90% Reduces fuel consumption Reduces exhaust emissions Reduces heat and vibration Eases cold start Improves performance Smooths worn and pitted surfaces Continues to lubricate when dry How Much To Use: Please find below a list of some of the most widely accepted applications in which ACTIV8 Friction Reducer is used. CAR & VANS Petrol Engines up to 100cc max = 125ml Petrol Engines 1801cc to 5000cc = 250ml Diesel Engines up to 1400cc max = 125ml Diesel Engines 1401cc to 4200cc = 250ml Manual Gearbox = 125ml Transfer Box = 125-200ml Power Steering (pre-mix with fluid first) = 50ml Differentials (if separate from gearbox) = 75ml 4-STROKE MOTORCYCLE (Engine & Gearbox - Unit Construction, wet or dry clutch) Up to 125cc = 50ml 126cc to 350cc = 75ml-100ml 400cc to 800cc = 125ml 801cc to 1400cc = 200ml 1401cc to 2300cc = 250ml Shaft drive differential = 25ml WARNING Do not use in systems which rely on metal to metal friction to operate, including some pre 1958 automatic gearboxes, elevator gearbox backstops and CVT automatic gearboxes. Also do not use on frictional loaded firing mechanisms in firearms.
Activ8: The Big Dance Number: Using Maths as a Stimulus for Dance
Dance In Education Services
Activ8: The Big Dance Number has been designed to complement Dance and Numeracy provision in schools. Essentially, it is Dance through Maths and Maths through Dance. It comprises a teaching manual and accompanying musical tracks.Activ8: The Big Dance Number provides numerous creative, performance and evaluative opportunities. It uses practical activities to bring Maths alive and is meant to provide pupils with a fun, imaginative and challenging learning experience.As you work through the book, pupils will participate in a number of practical activities. Some of these activities will form part of The Big Dance Number performance work. This is an ensemble piece that is suitable for performance in assemblies and end of year productions. A Performance Certificate is provided at the back of the book for schools to award to participants in this performance work.Activ8: The Big Dance Number resource combines rhymes, pictures, puzzles and practical problem solving to entertain and create excellent learning opportunities. It brings everything together in a teaching manual and music, so you won’t have to scramble around looking for appropriate music.As you work through the book you may wish to separate the activities into specific year groups. Teachers can determine how much time to allocate to each task, activity or area of study.
Activ8 Men's Long-Sleeved Top with Compression Effect and Quick-Dry Function Strong Compression Super Feel Elegant Design Long and Comfortable Ideal for Winter Thermal Fitness, Black , M
Activ8 Men's Compression Top Long Sleeve Our premium fabric is made from 80% nylon and 20% elastane. This 4-way stretch material ensures strong compression, very high wearing comfort and optimal freedom of movement.   Scientifically proven properties: Muscle compression promotes blood circulation Stabilising effect on muscles, ligaments and joints. Endurance promoting. Up to 10% faster regeneration due to increased blood circulation.   Stay in shape with Activ8 TM compression clothing. The quick dry material ensures an optimal body temperature and keeps you dry. Moisture is wicked away from the skin and thus reduces odours. Flat 'flatlock' seams ensure minimal friction, especially in the problem areas of thighs, armpits and buttocks. With 230gsm this functional underwear becomes the second skin. Our elegant designs can be easily combined with other garments - our products are from the professional sports area, but are perfect for athletes from all sports and performance classes.   Basically, each person can wear two or even three sizes. Depending on your preference, you can wear a size smaller or larger. S: 55-65 kg. 140 - 180 cm M: 65-75kg. 145 - 185 cm. L: 75 - 85 kg. 150 - 190 cm XL: 85 - 95 kg. 155-200 cm 2XL: 95 - 105 kg. 160 - 200 cm
Entrepreneur or Wantrepreneur
Activ8 Publishing
Entrepreneur or Wantrepreneur is a book which evaluates your entrepreneurial skill-set to a level that will make most want to quit listening. This book acts as an extreme crash course for the mind of both the entrepreneur and the wantrepreneur. Every ounce of the listener's mental fortitude is tested in an effort to provide self-identifying entrepreneurial strengths and weaknesses for all of those who embark on the entrepreneurial journey.
Activ8 C100 All Metals Corrosion Central Heating Inhibitor 1 Litre
The Activ8 C-100 All Metals Corrosion Inhibitor 1 litre is one of our best selling products at the moment. The product is used for all types of central heating systems and ensures that it keeps away corrosion from entering your heating system. The product is also commonly used by plumbers and home owners as it features a triple blend corrosion inhibitor which makes it one of the best products on the market.
Activ8 Step 1 - Cleanse, 8.5 oz by Activ8

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Tablet Messenger Bag Black with Green Trim
Activ8 Distribtuion Ltd
This zipper shoulder carry bag is designed for those who want no compromises when it comes to protecting their Apple iPad 2! Your Tablet is kept safe from nicks and scratches with the soft fabric lining on the interior of the case. Also boasts a zipper design, allowing you to lock your tablet securely into the case. Tablet Messenger Bag Black with Green Trim
Honeywell 8IR135 Activ8 360 White Single Channel Quad Ceiling PIR c/w 360° Coverage
Honeywell 8IR135 Activ8 360 White Single Channel Quad Ceiling PIR c/w 360° Coverage
Novak 3183 Activ8 V2/Ballistic 550 4x4 SCT Pro System 4.5T by Novak
Novak 3183 Activ8 V2/Vented Ballistic 550 4x4SCT Pro Sys 4.5T, 3183This is the Novak 2S-6S Activ8 V2 Brushless Electronic Speed Control with the 550 Vented Ballistic Brushless Short Course 4.5 Turn Motor. This setup is ideal for 4x4 short course truck racing.Features:Activ8 V2 Electronic Speed Control (ESC)Auto-detect LiPo battery protectionHigh-voltage programmable and adjustable BEC (10 steps, 6.0-7.2V)Dual level shock system for superior vibration protectionPure sensor-based design5 customizable throttle profiles can be savedLarge 1.6 x 1.6" (40 x 40mm) cooling fanFull coverage heat sinkCompatible with the Novak Pit Wizard Plus Programming Box, NOVM4100Super Tuner Plus programming with 5 multi-colored LEDsOn-board temperature monitoring with thermal overload protectionMotor sensor testBuilt-in power cap bankReplaceable high-current input and switch harnessOne-touch setup Programming features include-10 Step Drag Brake, Brake Minimum, Brake Frequency, Brake Power, Drive Frequency, Drive Minimum5 step dead bandDynamic Timing Level (0-45 deg** in 1 deg increments)Battery voltage and transmitter monitoringMotor rotation directionRPM Start/Final (10 steps each with 6 RPM range tables)Trans/Receiver Rate (SSR Mode, Standard)ESC Temperature Runtime Data**Requires Pit Wizard Plus Programming Box**Timing is limited in 3S-4S operation; timing is not available in 5S or 6S modes, or when using reverse motor rotation Ballistic Brushless Short Course 4.5 Turn MotorROAR approved for 4WD Short Course racingVented end bells for cooler running temperaturesExtra long stator and rotor magnet delivers twice the torque of anequivalent 540 motorSensor-based for excellent torque and low-speed driveabilityCompletely rebuildable with interchangeable stator construction thatallows easy experimentation at the track and
Spray activ8 - Patio Decking Fencing Mould Algae Moss Killer Drive Cleaner
5 Litres of Spray activ8 - Moss / Algae / Lichen / Weeds / Mould Remover - Spray & Walk Away! Spray activ8 is a unique, revolutionary new, patio cleaning product which offers the highest performance at economical levels whilst still being gentle enough to the surface.  Spray activ8 will remove all general soiling marks, algae deposits, hard to remove stains, greasy deposits and moisture related spots. Spray activ8 is designed to be used for exterior works only is to be used when cleaning stone, block paving, monuments, paving stones, decking, terracotta, fences and can also be used on tennis courts. Spray activ8 is highly powerful and will begin to work on application so caution must be used when applying.  We recommend using gloves and goggles when applying this product.  Spray activ8 contains Sodium Hypochlorite solution 15% CI Active. Ready to Use and Fast  Acting Can be used on most surfaces How to Use Spray activ8 - Always pre-test a small section of each surface you plan to use Spray activ8 to ensure it is compatible.  Allow to dry and check thoroughly.  Once you are happy to proceed apply Spray activ8 at a rate of 3-6m² depending on the level of soiling and porosity.  5 Litres will be enough to treat a 50m square area. Application - Spray activ8 is ready to use so can be applied neat.  It is important to clean the area to be cleaned first removing any build ups.  Using a simple low compression sprayer apply Spray activ8 to the area that is being cleaned and allow 10-30 minutes for activation.  Once the time has elapsed simply rinse off with a hose and clean water.
Wild Defense
Activ8 Game Studios Co., Ltd.
Activ8 oil additive shogun land rover jeep range 4x4 friction reducer 1 litre
UK BRAND!!!!!!!!! 
 You are looking at buying this 1 litre bottle . This stuff is amazing (and we sell other brands but this 1 is the best in my eyes). Activ8 1 litre. For All Engines For all Motorcycle engines/gearbox units (NOT AUTO GEARBOXES THO!!) . ( safe to use in wet clutches ) For single Vehicle Treatments See our 250 ml & 125ml bottles GO FASTER By adding Activ8 to your engine and transmission (gearboxes and differentials), you will increase the available power at the wheels because frictional losses will be reduced. GO LONGER By adding Activ8 to your engine and transmission (gearboxes and differentials), you will reduce the amount of fuel you use and be able to travel further on each tank of fuel. FOR LESS The more that you can reduce friction in moving mechanical components the more wear and running costs will be reduced thereby saving time and money