BioBizz 1 Litre Acti-Vera Botanic Activator
Acti-Activator? vera is an organic part of the aloe vera can be used for all kinds of plants cultivated for indoor and outdoor-consideration should be given to all the mixtures of the soil with all methods of cropsEuropean Food Safety Authority BioBizz this new product, contains a multitude of amino acids and enzymes which activeront the life of the soil and improve the treatment of nutriments. for use on stages, of vegetative growth and flowering Acti-vera?: Protects plants by activating their system immunitaire. improve the absorption of nutriments. Boost Metabolism plantes. This will greatly increase the branches, which will increase the efficiency of récoltes. Organic Activator BioBizz this, can be used as a complement to your ordinary fertilisers in watering Classic but also in combination with Water Spraying For a foliaire. NFU 42-002-02:
activera rehastage Aid to Help With Putting on Socks/Stockings with 2 Long Straps
EasySock Device to Help Putting on Socks Without Bending Down
activera Flipstick Walking Stick with Seat, 160cm-170 cm high (adjustable), black
The Flipstick is a combination of a stick and a very practical seat. Specially designed for the journey, relaxation and outdoor sport, but of course also for shopping and attend outdoor concerts or sporting events. The Flipstick is a robust and high quality European on, which is the combination of a sturdy aluminium frame and a plastic seat, and has been made and assembled according to strict quality standards. Flipsticks are convenient, easy to use, light weight to carry and tested for securely support parts. Simply press down on the exclusive, patented button to lock the association seat place for taking a break while on a walk. How to ermploi: For convert the stick into a seat, press on the button at the top of the stick - Open out the seat to lock it in the desired position. For the stick, press the button which has now become visible in the middle of the seat - Close the seat to lock it into the desired position. Always Please make sure the button is of new set prior to use. Never use in a vertical position to sit down. Length 87 cm (approx), Seat height: approximately 75 cm. Colour: Black Pack Weight 800g. Maximum permissible 110 kg of body weight Suitable for people between 170 and 180 cm A brand product from activera - Innovation in Healthcare
2 Pcs Toolflex Tool Clamping Device Holder for Poles 30-40 mm diam with Mounting Material
The system Toolflex creates let the desktop clutter at garden tools in on tools in the Werkstattt and in storage.It can take the device always at hand and there is nothing in the way or it won't fall. Easy to use thanks to the easy snap - the all you need is to tool handles with different shapes, whether round or square, secure.Because the EPDM Rubber Holder includes the handle tightly and securely, releases this but iseasily.Toolflex brackets are highly resilient and vibration resistant. Set consists of Set of 2. Toolflex Wall Bracket for tube diameter of 30 - 40 mm (screws and wall plugs included)Holder and rubber Colour: BlackThe holders are prepared for directly screwing into the wall, the necessary screws and small dowels are included.The wearing parts Rubber Holder or pin can be re-ordered separately.You will be able to answer any questions in our price list for added Toolflexh brackets and accessoriesRequest free on 0800 0000 9449
USB Powered Laptop Light LED Keyboard Lamp for PC Computer No Battery Needed
Our product video you can see now here: If you work daily with your PC, Laptop or Netbook take care of your eyes! For this reason - it doesn't matter if you work with Netbook or Laptop - the keyboard should be sufficiently illuminated! No matter where you work, from now on the practicable Clip-on LED Lamp illuminates your keyboard with 5 bright LED's. Due to the Clip-on-Function you clamp the LED Lamp on the Screen Frame first. Than you connect the LED Lamp with the USB-Port and promptly you are able to work, chat or play very comfortable even so the lightning conditions are insufficient. And from now on there's no more cable tangle. After you finished work, press the button and the power cable will be retracted into the housing. Especially on sulky weather, on the terrace in the evening or in a faint train compartment a comfortable working is not possible in fact of an insufficient natural light. If a person works daily with PC, Laptop or Netbook there's always the wish to save one's eyes. Wouldn't it be great if there's a Lamp who is simple and fast mounted directly on the PC, Laptop or Netbook? Time now for a helpfull EDV-Tool that facilitates your business in a faint environment: Already a LED Lamp for Laptop, Netbook and PC The Clip-on Lamp is infinitely variable 5 LED's illuminates the Laptop especially the keyboard Power supply via included USB plug 50 cm Power cable with retraction, so no more trouble with cable tangle Specifications: Dimensions: 62 x 45 x 20 mm Length USB Cable: 50 cm with cable retraction Material: ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) Plastic Colour: silver with black frame Packing: single-carton
Bath Handle Hugo The Rail Grip for Bathroom Adjustable up to 120 kg
The innovative bath handle for entrance and exit Made of 100% rust-proof materials Heavy duty both vertically and horizontally Simple and effective handle system Easy to put on and take off Twin handles for easy put on/take off The bath handle with attractive design provides a secure stand while getting in and out of the bathtub.With 2 handles for an optimal support. The anti-slip system inside part of the holder is suitable for a variety of bath and Schrägung.It prevents scratches, chips to the bath.Thanks to the flexible and when fixed any direction moving inner cushion is is decorated, strong enough to support the most vigorous. The side handle is left or right side Montiertbar and makes out of the bath. Technical details: Product Weight: 2.5 kg Handle height from edge of the bathtub: Adjustable from 8 to 14 cm Clip Width: can be adjusted from 2.9 cm - 13.5 cm Load capacity: up to 120 kg both vertically and horizontally Material: Plastic, Stainless Steel Non-Slip Rubber Please read carefully the operating instructions (cannot guarantee instructions are in English) and keep goes well the manufacturer's instructions before use.
Walking Aid Foot with Large Surface Area, Great for Crutches Walking Sticks Walking Aid Fit Diameter = 18.5 mm – 20.5 mm
FERRULE and Gehstütz Enfuß Big Foot than anti-slip buffer - Large surface area 56 mm - Shape and joint features - Rubber sole is Haftungsoptimiert Non-slip - and has good abrasion resistance , Colour: Black - Suitable for diameter 18.5 - 20.5 mm Box Contents: 2 items
ACTi Vera 1L – Biobizz
ACTi Vera BioBizz Activator - 1L acti-vera was formerly known as the name of product x.ACTi · Vera is the latest product from the BioBizz range and its main ingredient is the plant Aloe Vera.ACTi · Vera is an organic Activator That Helps Maintain The Immune System, increases metabolism and increases the absorption of nutrients. Why use acti-vera with your plants.- Protects/Active Immune System.- Increased power of germination- Can be used to increase the metabolism of the plant and improves the absorption of nutrients- Damage/elimination of sugars- 100% Vegan- 100% organic Application:ACTi & # x2022; Vera is totally versatile. You can use it both indoors as well as outdoors on food crops, plants, perennials and ornamental during vegetative and flowering phases to stimulate growth and the production of flowers. Watering Can:Normal wateringHydroponicsWatering SystemSpray Dosage:2 to 5 ml per liter of water in water Normal1 to 2 ml per liter of water water Foliar
Flipstick Foldable Walking Stick with Seat Extra Short with Storage Bag Blue Combined Walking Stick and Portable Seat
A lightweight yet robust seat stick, which can be used as a walking stick can also be used as a seat. Thanks to an easy to use mechanism folds the handle in a horizontal position, transforming the pole so in a comfortable seat. The flip stick will be packed securely by our professional team in the length: 82 cm Delivered with a seat height of 70 cm and is therefore suitable for a body weight of 160 - 170 cm) and the seat is made from plastic, the stick made of the same colour aluminium. At the end there is a non-slip rubber buffers. In contrast with the Flipstick Standard The Flipstick Fold Easy Cleaned And Comfortable fits in the included carry case. Pole head diameter 19 mm Weight: 660 g. Colour: Blue. Suitable for people up to 130 kg. EU made traditional quality product from manufacturer.
Pack of 2 Universal Tool Holders for Diameter 20 to 30 mm Black with Wall Plugs and Screws
The Toolflex tool holder only requires a simple, one-handed action to hang up or take down the tool and the ingenious design of the holder also ensures that heavy tools are kept firmly in place. Strong, recyclable materials (ABS, PP and TPE) Numerous uses, both indoors and outdoors Ideal for handles/tools 20-30 mm in diameter A complete product range Use it for - Indoors and Outdoors - Garden - Hobbies - Home Cleaning Equipment - garage, workshop, storeroom
BioBizz Acti-Vera Botanic Activator Organic Aloe Vera Plant Health Growht Enhancer 500ml
ActiVera is the newest Biobizz product and its main ingredient is aloe vera. ActiVera is an organic botanical activator that protects the immune system, increases metabolism and enhances nutrient absorption. It helps with the breakdown of sugars and is 100% vegan. Out of a plant, for a plant and pretty from the inside & outside. ActiVera works from the inside. It makes the inside stronger and works magic on the outside at the same time. And a pretty plant, in this case, also means a healthy plant. Using the recommended doses at the right time, this product will begin to work for the plant, resulting in greater influx of nutrients, boosting the immune system and ensuring better growth, flowering and fruit production! Acti · Vera simplifies the passage of nutrients thanks to the enzymes it contains (so far, 18 enzymes have been scientifically proven to be present in the product!). How it works: o Use 5ml per litre of water, use with every watering o Use on food crops, plantations, perennials, ornamental plants o Use in vegetative and flowering phase to stimulate growing and blooming o Use indoors and outdoors o Use as a foliar spray
REEKO Keyboard Buddy Cleaning on Smart Way With Fun Desk Figure orange
Finally something that removes the crumbs in the keyboard. “Buddy”, die keyboard brush is a real pal in the office. Original and colourful, not only does “Buddy” bring life to your desk, but it also cleans your keyboard. Size: 15.5x4.5x3 cm. Material: Plastic ABS. Colour: orange. Design: Kirsten Warnsholz. One package per piece.
activera Folding Walking Stick with Seat Black Seat Red with Shoulder Bag
A lightweight yet robust seat stick, which can be used as a walking stick and can also be used as a seat. Thanks to an easy to use mechanism the handle folds in a horizontal position, transforming the pole into a comfortable seat. The Flipstick is delivered at 87.5 cm with a seat height of Approx. length of 75 cm and is therefore suitable for a body size of 170–180 cm. The seat is made from plastic, the stick is made from black aluminium. At the end there are non-slip rubber buffers. In contrast with the Flipstick Standard, the Flipstick Fold can easily be folded and comfortably fits in the included carry case. Pole head diameter 19 mm. Weight: 660 g. Colour: Red. Suitable for people up to 130 kg in weight. EU quality product made from traditional manufacturer.