Napalm Records
Techromancy Scrolls: Adept
Erik Schubach
Almost three thousand years after an extinction level event on Earth, mankind seeks to regain its former glory, in a new world where magic and technology collide.Laney Herder, a commoner in the realm of Wexbury, finds herself thrust into the world of nobles and knights. At the side of her Lady Celeste, Knight of the Realm, she goes on an epic journey from being a simple chicken farmer to one of the greatest heroes of the realm, while helping the Lands of Sparo avoid a second Great Mage War.Can kindness and innocence, defeat the oncoming storm?
Death Dealers
Panic & Action
Adept (Adept Series)
David Braun's troubles begin when he's called to investiage an unusually violent break-in, which leaves two criminals dead and a crime scene that raises more questions than it answers. A meeting with the building's sinister owner only adds to the mystery. Braun turns to American academic Susan Milton, from the London School of Antiquities, to help him make sense of the situation. Risking their lives, they expose a horrifying secret that's centuries old - but the discovery makes them the target of a ruthless killer the police just can't catch. With time running out, David and Susan race to uncover the killer's true objective even as he closes in on them...
Silence The World
Panic And Action
Reishi Adept (Sovereign of the Seven Isles Book 7)
Alexander Publishing
The seventh and final book of the epic fantasy series, The Sovereign of the Seven Isles begins in the mountains of Andalia with Alexander—wounded, surrounded and fleeing for his life. Isabel learns that Phane can use her link with the darkness for his own, terrible ends. And Abigail rallies the Coven to face the Sin’Rath, a threat now magnified a hundred fold.Battle rages across the Seven Isles, and Alexander Reishi stands at the center of it all. As forces converge on the Nether Gate, he departs on a desperate quest to free Isabel, kill Phane and banish the Shades for all time.
The Adept
Britton & Knowles--Event Horizon EBooks
Warrior . . . Doctor . . . Knight . . . DetectiveDefender of the LightHe is Sir Adam Sinclair: nobleman, physician, scholar–and an Adept. A man of great learning and power, he practices arcane ancient arts unknown to the modern world.He has had many names and has lived many lives, but his mission remains the same: to protect the Light of the world from those metaphysical criminals who prowl the Dark Road.Now his beloved Scotland is defiled by a ruthless cult of black magicians who will commit any atrocity, from murder both physicical and spiritual to enslaving the dead, to achieve their evil ends.Only one man can stand against them . . .The ADEPTPORTRAIT OF AN ADEPTA face began to take shape on the blank page—a lean bearded face, with deep eyes and a patrician nose above a stern, passionate mouth. The face was surmounted by a conical helmet of steel over a chain mail coif, in the style of the late thirteenth century. Adam’s own eyes widened as he realized that Peregrine was seeing him not as he was now, but as the Knight Templar he had been nearly seven hundred years ago . . .
Cannibalism, Blood Drinking & High-Adept Satanism
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
This book was written as a response to reader feedback from my first book Angelic Defenders and Demonic Abusers. Some of this book is a memoir, but it also consists of my own research as well as insider information. It talks about Satanism as a powerful worldwide movement. It talks about the minority of Satanists who practice cannibalism and blood drinking. And it talks about the High Adept Satanists who are masters of the occult. This book also suggests a connection between Global Satanism and Alien intelligence. Although I am a Christian, I think that persons who believe in other philosophies would also find this book to be of interest. And some Satanists would find my insights to be of interest. Below is a quote from this book. In it I tell the story of a visit I had as a child with two aristocratic cannibals known as the two sisters. For this story I gave them the names of Nancy and Bernie. I made this visit to their mansion with a man who had the nick name of the Baron because he behaved like a robber baron. "After the meal thankfully ended, they took us to see their Satanic temple which they had constructed in their basement. The two sisters took their religion very seriously. So showing us this temple was a big deal for them. And as bizarre as it may sound, in a sense, both the Baron and I felt flattered that they had offered to show it to us. To them, their belief in Satan was very sincere, and to show us their altar was an act of extreme emotional intimacy. Or at least we had thought so when had they invited us. I had seen a number of Luciferian altars by then, and sometimes it had been a pleasant experience. Some Luciferians reveal their inner feelings through their altars, and in some cases they are quite beautiful. On the first floor of the home there was a sturdy wooden door which lead down into the basement. It had a special lock on it. Bernie unlocked it with a key which was hung around her neck. After the door was unlocked, there seemed to be some te
Adept Camper Messenger Bag, 21 cm, 2.5 liters, Multicolour (Multicolor)
Shoulder bag adept Camper bag adept department with front and inside pocket with zipper Adjustable strap for shoulder carry comfortably Product adept Dimensions: 16.00 x 21.00 x 7.00
Adept Camper  Carry all
Adept Camper Double Pencil Case Adept with a lined main compartment and a front pocket with elastic pen loops Product Adept Dimensions: 23.00 x 9.00 x 9.00
Mira Showers 1.1736.415 Adept Built-In Rigid with Diverter (BRD+) Mixer Shower - Chrome
Mira Showers
Mira Adept BRD+ Concealed Thermostatic Mixer Shower With 4 Spray Combination Showerhead 1.1736.415 Carefully considered to combine stylish integrated look with great performance to deliver a perfect showering experience from two large showerheads- ideal for your new bathroom. The Adept BRD + 1.1736.415 features Magni-flo which gives up to three times more flow than similar mixer showers, even at a low pressure. Features and Benefits: Thermostatic temperature stability keeps showering safe for all the family Separate temperature and flow controls to fine tune your perfect shower Magni-flo gives up to 3 times more flow than similar mixer showers even at low pressure Divert between the overhead and hand held shower or have both heads on at once, even at low pressure Multi mode 110mm showerhead with a 250mm deluge head for an unbeatable showering experience - both with rub clean nozzles for easy limescale removal 1.5m easy clean smooth hose Compatible with patented Mira Adept plug-in accessories for ultimate flexibility - a world first! Works on all systems and pressures 5 year guarantee
Adept Camper  Adaptable Backpack With Trolley
Trolley Of 4 reudas adept Camper Backpack Trolley adept with base and back rigid and very resistant four multi-directional wheels with swivel for easy movement Two large capacity compartments, one of them with straps inside to avoid that the content stays department Double Front Pockets With Zips And Interior organizers for small objects of network for bottles or for the umbrella the braces can be removed or collected according to needs of each time Product adept Dimensions: 32.00 x 44.00 x 21.00
Adept Home Office Mini Stand, MDF/Wood, multicoloured, 50 x 95 x 80 cm
Size: Main Material = MDF side & # x2022; Material = Wood & # x2022; Overall size (approx): Height (cm) = 95 & # x2022; Width (cm) = 50 & # x2022; Length (cm) = 80 & # x2022; Other Features: Net Weight (in kg): 20.20 & x2022; Theme: Villa Medici & # x2022; office mini Celestine
Adept Camper  15,6

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