Wind fan static for septic tank or micro station (Color: Grey,Brand: ADEQUA URALITA)
Installation of the static wind The DTU 64.1 require a specific extraction of product in the works of pre-treatment with a pipe system of extraction of gazs equipped with a static extractor. The extraction device must be positioned to at least 40 cm above the faîtage and 1 m of all primary ventilation. The static extractor can, with the strength of the wind, to create a depression leading the extraction of gases in the tube, but such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S) to the unpleasant smell of a venturi effect. Qucik to install - snap on directly the vent or on the Odorsorb Filter if mounted on the top
An??lise da adequa????o do Gesp??blica em um setor de uma IFES by Ribeiro Andrade Marcia Maria (2015-03-17)

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Hat for Septic System Pit A VENT., micro-station, gray, 100 mm
Montage Insert the Hat directly onto the vent or the filter if it is fitted at the top of the vent. Do not stick for the refill of the filter.