Mapei Adesilex G19 2kg
Two-component epoxy polyurethane adhesive used for bonding rubber, PVC, semi-flexible vinyl sheet and tile, textile and linoleum floor coverings internally and externally on new or existing substrates. CONSUMPTION: approx. 20m2 per 10 kg; 10m2 per 5 kg; 4m2 per 2 kg. APPLICATION: notched trowel.
Adesilex PG4 Mapei Adhesive Epoxy Adhesive Kit A+B (4.5 kg + 1.5 kg)
MAPEBAND MAPEBAND TPE Epoxy Adhesive Double Component Tissotropic Reology Modified for Bonding PVC Hypalon and structural bonding Technical data: Dough Ratio: Comp A: comp. B=3: 1. Burning time: 70 min. (+23°C) Minimum application thickness: 1-2 mm Maximum application thickness: 1 cm per layer Classification: EN 1504-4 Storage: 24 months Application: Spatula Consumption: 1.60-1.65 kg/m² per mm thick. Packages: 2kg Kit: - 1.5kg dies (comp. A); - 0.5kg dies (comp. B). 6 kg kit: - 4.5 kg dies (comp. A); - 1.5kg dies (comp. B). 30kg Kit: - 22.5kg dies (comp. A); - 7.5 kg dies (comp. B).
Mapei Adesilex G19 Plans Sticker – 5 kg
Two-component, epoxy-polyurethane adhesive for resilient and textile flooring on internal and external absorbent and non-absorbent substrates. Specifically developed for the installation of rubber athletic tracks. TECHNICAL DATA: Consistency: comp. A: thick paste; comp. B: fluid liquid. Colour: comp. A: beige, red, green and black; comp. B: transparent. Mixing ratio: comp. A: comp. B = 94 : 6. Pot life of mix: 50-60 minutes. Setting time: 9 hours. Set to light foot traffic: 12-24 hours. Ready for use: 3 days.
Mapei Adesilex G19 5kg
Mapei Adesilex G19 5kg. Two-component epoxy-polyurethane adhesive for rubber or PVC flooring. For the bonding of tile or sheet rubber flooring to interiors and exteriors, subject to heavy and intense traffic. Open time: 1 hour. Set to light foot traffic after 12-24 hours. Ready for use after 3 days at 23'C. Storage: 24 months. Application: notched trowel.
Mapei Adesilex G20 5kg
Mapei Adesilex G20 5kg. 2-Part polyurethane adhesive for rubber, PVC, linoleum and textile floor coverings. Low viscosity two-component epoxy-polyurethane adhesive. Pot life: 40-50 minutes. Open time: 1 hour. Setting time: 10 hours. Set to light foot traffic after 12-24 hours. Storage: 24 months. Application: notched trowel.
White Sticker for Coatings 25 kg Adesilex P10 Mapei
The Conformity of Adesilex P10 is proven by the certificate ITT N ° 25080061/GI (Tum) output from the laboratory Technische Universität München (Germany) and certified by ITT N ° 2008-b-2749/13 and 2008-b-2749/16 emitted by the Institute MPa Dresden (Germany)Technical Data:Duration of the dough: over 8 hours.Open time: ≥ 30 minutes.Execution: - Joint to wall: 4 - 8 hours; - Floor: 24 hours.pedonabilità: ca. 24 hours.Start-up: ca. 14 days.Colour: White.Application: notched trowel 4 or 5 or 6.EMICODE: EC1 R Plus - Ultra Low Emission.Storage: 12 months.Consumption: 2 - 5 kg/m².Pack sizes: 25 kg bags.
Mapei Adesilex PA
Mapei Adesilex PA 16kg adhesive
Isolastic Pack LT1 (Latex elasticizzante for Kerabond, Kerabond T, kerafloor, Adesilex P10)
Isolastic is a latex elasticizzante For Mixing With The Adhesive cementizio kerabond, kerabond T, kerafloor or Adesilex P10 to improve the performance and the deformability, up to meet the requirements of class C2 (improved cementizio sticker for kerabond T) or C2E (sticker cementizio improved Extended open time for kerabond) according to EN 12004 and those of class S1 (adhesive crushable) or S2 (Highly adhesive deformable) according to EN 12002, depending on if it is pure or diluted with water. Isolastic + kerabond is applied for the gluing inside and outside of ceramic tile of each type, stoneware, clinker, cotto, mosaic tray, ECC; Material lapideo provided stable and large size. Isolastic + kerafloor solvent is used for the inside and outside of large format ceramic tile (over 30 x 30 cm), baked tiles of clinker Wiredrawing, Toscano, slabs of material lapideo, etc that require a thickness of sticker exceeding 5 mm; Ceramic Tile on media with irregularities up to 15 mm. Isolastic diluted 1: 1 with Adesilex P10 is recommended for the gluing inside and outside, both to floor, wall of ceramic mosaic of glass or, mounted on paper or on, even if very heavy.