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Pacer Technology (Zap) Zap CA Adhesives, 1/2 oz
Nor Pac Pet Products
Zap - ca Super thin 1oz Bottle (PT08) Super-thin penetrating formula. Works great on most materials, especially Balsa and other soft woods. Excellent "wicking" action. Strengthens fiberglass cloth. Some uses besides hobbies and crafts include; jewelry manufacturing and repair, taxidermy, mold and pattern making, furniture refinishing and antique repair, auto detailing, archery, darts, and ceramic repair. Bonds in 1 to 5 seconds.
Adhesive Technologies Ad-Tech 5655 Glue Runner Eraser
Adhesive Technologies-Glue Runner Eraser. It's easy to undo that glue with this eraser! Great for office, school projects, scrapbooking, card making and more. This package contains one 2x2 inch eraser for removing adhesive. Non-toxic and acid free. Imported.
Adhesive Technologies Glow in The Dark Mini Glue Sticks, 5/16 by 4-Inch
Adhesive Technologies
AD TECH-MultiTemp Mini Glow-in-the-Dark Gluesticks. These glow-in- the-dark gluesticks are perfect for Halloween costumes and kids crafts. Use it to add a little mystique or cool effects! Hot melt glues bond better to craft materials than most liquid glues. MultiTemp is designed to provide a variable flow from low to high temperature. This package contains fifteen 4x1/4in gluesticks. Conforms to ASTM D 4236. Non Toxic. Imported.
Pacer Technology (Zap) Slo-Zap (Thick) Adhesives, 2 oz
Nor Pac Pet Products
The Only Total Adhesive System for All your Needs. Multiple Sizes and Applications for all your hobby building needs.
Pacer Technology (Zap) Z-Poxy Finishing Resin Adhesives, 12 oz
Nor Pac Pet Products
Zap Glue is the world leading manufacturer of high grade bonding agents. Our range of Zap's adhesive products are  design for use in any craft and hobby project. Zap's Z-Poxy is a 2 part finishing epoxy that is workable for 20 -30 minutes. Will harden in 3 - 4 hours and completely cured in 6 - 8 hours. Can be sanded down easily to a smooth surface. Just mix with equal parts of resin and hardener. Works best on, aluminium, ceramic, glass, china, crafts, pottery, wood and most plastics. Always read the instructions before use. 
Liberation Technologies
Adhesive Technologies Glitter Glue Sticks
Adhesive Technologies
Multi temp glue sticks with glitter coloring;Add colors to your project anytime of the year;Works best with Adtech mini stick glue guns
Pacer Technology (Zap) Zap Gel Tube Adhesives, 3g
Nor Pac Pet Products
The Only Total Adhesive System for All your Needs. Multiple Sizes and Applications for all your hobby building needs.
Multi Fix Gentle - Catheter/Medical Adhesive Tubing Securement, Gentle and Re-Adhesive with Silicone Technology (Pack of 10) (Large)
Optimum Medical
Additional Key FeaturesCan be worn with a combination of other Optimum Medical productsTranslucent, so you can easily see your skinSmall Size: 110mm x 25mmLarge Size: 140mm x 40mm Independence with ConfidenceGentle and secure, Multi Fix Gentle is a soft siliconere-adhesive fixation device that effectively secures a range of medical tubing and urinary catheters. It comes in two sizes and can be used for up to seven days.
K-Active Kinesiology Tape Elite BEIGE with STRATAGEL®PLUS adhesive technology , water repellent and hypoallergenic, 50 mm x 5 m , 1 box set
K-Active Kinesiology Tape Elite - "The Gentle Performance Tape" with STRATAGEL® PLUS adhesive technology Who says that strong and gentle are mutually exclusive? At K-Active this combination results in the smartest tape ever: the K-Active Tape Elite. Due to the optimized STRATAGEL® adhesive technology, the adhesion could be reinforced and thus also the average application duration could be improved in addition to the proven skin compatibilty. latex free and gentle tape removal without additional skin irritations. Especially athletes and patients with sensitive skin will be surprised by the K-Active Tape Elite: this exceptional talent among tapes is sensitive to the skin however outstanding in its influence on the body structure and therefore on the therapeutic results. best adhesion and long-term application as well as gentle application at once. reliability, even at extreme challenges such as swimming in salt water or heavy sweating This long-term production experience means also more than 30 years of therapeutic experience with the original Nitto Denko tapes. These ensure highest safety for the users in the whole world, together with bachelor thesis and studies, that no other Kinesiology Tape product can offer at the worldwide market!
Touch Sport Kids Wrist Watches Digital LED Technology for Boys Girls Mens Womens Blue, for 10+ Years Old Children Teens
Features: • High Quality Stainless Steel Band,durable and practice, gives you a new classic definition • Advanced manufacturing technology, wear well and wear comfortable • Easy & Casual Style, very comfortable to wear Material: • Case Material: Stainless Steel • Band Material: Stainless Steel • Mirror Surface: High Hardness Mineral Glass Specification: • Dial Color: Black • Dial Case Diameter: 1.65 inch / 4.2 cm • Dial Case Thickness: 0.47 inch / 1.2 cm • Band Color: Black • Band Width: 0.87 inch / 2.2 cm • Band Length: 9.84 inch / 25.0 cm • Watch Weight: 3.25 oz / 96 g Package Include: • Men Quartz Watch x 1 • Original brand watch box x 1
Tile Mate - Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything Finder - 1-pack
Apparently we spend on average 10 minutes every day looking for misplaced items. Keys, wallets or purses, luggage and even pets to name but a few! With the help of tileMate you can ensure you don’t permanently lose anything again. What is tileMate? tileMate phone and item finder is a tiny Bluetooth tracker that can help you find any lost items in seconds with the help of the easy to use app: - Ring me and find me...Listen for my melody to find me quickly! - See where you left me...Check the map for the latest place you had me! - Let me find your phone - Double tap me to make your phone ring! How do I use tile Mate? Simply attach, stick or place the tileMate onto your keys, purse, or other item and keep track of them. Each tileMate is punched with a small hole so it’s super easy to add to your keyring or pets collar. • tileMate – Tiny Bluetooth Tracker • Simple App • Finds anything in seconds
OMERIL Motion Sensor Light, [2 Pack] Cupboard Night Light, USB Rechargeable Battery Powered Light with 24 LED, Removable Magnetic Strip Stick-On Wardrobe, Closet, Cabinet, Kitchen, Stairs, etc
OMERIL Motion Sensor LED Night Light the motion sensing night light provide you soft warm and bright light, make sure you never stumble in dark. No more stubbed toes or banged elbows when navigating a room in the dark. 3 Lighting Modes: AUTO/ON/OFF 1-AUTO: Switching to AUTO mode, the light turns on automatically in the dark when a motion is detected and auto turn off for hands-free convenience. 2-ON: Switching to ON mode to keep the LED lighting as long time as you want. 3-OFF: Switching to OFF mode to deactivate the LED light, no movement can be detected in this mode. Easy Installation No need for screws or tools, no electric wire required, simply attach 3M adhesive tape with a magnetic strip to anywhere you want. Installation Tips: 1. please put the light horizontally if the light installed on the place you need walk up and down like stair. 2.If the light installed on the place you always pass left and right like hallway, bedroom, wardrobe, etc, please place it vertically. Since the the PIR induction's principle is if the lamp placed horizontally, the vertical sensing range is bigger than horizontal sensing range, separately is 120° and 50°, then the sensing angle will be opposite when the lamp put vertically. Specifications 1. Detection range: 10ft 2. Motion angle: 120° 3. Brightness: 160lm 4. Sensor Type: Dual Motion & Light Sensor 5. LED life: Above 80000h Package Included 2 x Motion Sensor LED Lights 3 x Magnetic Strips (with 3M Adhesive) 3 x 3M Double sided Tapes 3 x Ultra-thin Metal sheets 2 x USB Charge Cables 1 x Warranty Card 1 x User Manual NOTE: - In AUTO mode, light may not turn on in daylight or bright surroundings. -Try not to mount 2 auto sensor lights so near. They may interact each other in AUTO mode.
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