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Teslong Mini Otoscope, USB Ear Otoscope Inspection Camera with 6 LED Lights for Samsung LG Sony Android Mac and PC
When you find large earwax, foreign matter, or serious inflammation with this otoscope, we strongly recommended go to your doctor for help, don't try to deal privately. NOT support iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone! If you did not see this notice at the time of purchase and find it unworkable after receiving this product, don't worry, you can apply for returning the product at any time. Or you can contact us and we will help you as possible as we can. Best observation distance: 2~3cm The fixed focal length is about 1inch. Please choose a suitable tip and adjust brightness and position of otoscope to get a clearer image For Android devices(Android 4.5+): Please confirm your Android Device has the function of OTG and UVC. How to Check OTG? You can install a free app "USB OTG Checker"which provides a simple method to check. You can download these APPs from Google Play Store: [Teslong camera]-Developed by Teslong, the image is more clearly [CameraFi]-Third party general software, the compatibility is more stronger For MacBook(Mac OSX 10.6+): Please run the Mac's own software:[Photo Booth] or [Quick TimePlayer] Attention: Please choose the device-[Teslong Camera] in the settings, otherwise it will open the computer camera. For Windows PC(Windows 7/8/10): Three softwares are avaiable: [Teslong camera]-Developed by Teslong, the image is more clearly [Windows Camera]-The built-in Camera software of Windows10, only for Win10. Search [Camera] in Windows to find it. [Amcap]-Third party general software, can be downloaded online Specifications: Sensor: 0.3 Megapixel Resolution: 640x480 Pixels Focal Length: 20-30mm Light: 6 Brightness Adjustable LEDs Interface: USB2.0 UVC
Multi-Function Aluminium Walking Stick with Chair Blue Color
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Walking stick with seat
ADS Medicare Mini Otoscope ENT Optical Fibre LED Illumination Medical Diagnostic Examination CE Approved (Purple) with Complimentary Ear Wax Cleaner and 1 Extra Bulb
ADS Medicare
Description This otoscope is made of chromium-plated brass and plastic to give a long-lasting, lightweight, and portable instrument, with a comfortable, non-slip handle and a sturdy adjustment ring to turn the instrument head to the ideal position to suit every examination. With the halogen bulb as light, you will be able to give a diagnose close to daylight and make the examination most comfortable for patient and user of the otoscope. Product Features With 20 Spear Mini Disposable Specula Otoscope (Size of Specula: 10x 2.5mm and 10x 4.0mm) Size: 6.25 inches and 17cm Long Lasting, Lightweight and Portable 2.5V Halogen White Bulb Gives Bright Cool Light - Reduces Excessive Amount of Heat Material: Chromium Plated Brass and Plastic Runs With 2 x AA Batteries (Included) Direct Illumination Removable 3 x magnification and optimized casing surface enabling razor-sharp images and minimal reflection Sturdy replacement of lamp at the base of otoscope head Sturdy adjustment ring to turn the instrument head to the ideal position on the handle Compaitable with Heine Consumables Product Performance Fibre Optic ring-shaped light delivery for continous view of the canal Fully shielded fibre optic casing for longevity and quality Pneumatic testing with integral insufflation port Correct and constant levels of illumination Bulb life greater than 10,000 hours Longer battery life in excess of 100hours Superior quality slimline handles - comfortable and non slip Double ended design aids battery removal Long life switch tested for thousands of cycles Convenient integral pocket clip Heat management system guarantees instruments remain cool and maintains performance Packaging Details 1 x otoscope, 1 x ear wax cleaning kit, 2 x specula tubes (10 specula each), 2 x AA batteries, 1 x storage pouch
YNR England ® F.O Mini Otoscope Auriscope Fiber Optic ENT Medical Diagnostic Examination NHS GP CE Mark Approved New (Red)
YNR Instruments Ltd
YNR ENT DIAGNOSTIC SETis suitable for both physicians and students alike. Their lightness and handy design make them not only useful companions during rounds and house calls, but also in daily use.Otoscope :The handy YNR Mini F.O. Otoscope CE with direct illumination are used to illuminate and examine the external auditory canal. Innovative fibre-optics provides an optimal light beam. The direct illumination offers an upgraded, reflexion-minimized illumination. Difficult to reach locations can be illuminated with a source which is similar to daylight. High-class materials and first-class workmanship guarantees above average reliability in every examination Diagnostic ENT ToolWith HL 3.0 V LED lamp. Screw fitting for fast and secure attachment to the handle.Sturdy adjustment ring to turn the instrument head to the ideal position on the handle.Extremely impact resistant casing made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic.Simple exchange of the lamp at the base of the instrument head.Physician's sideFocusing wheel with corrective lenses from 0 to +20 and 0 to -20 dioptres.Illuminated dioptre display.Built-in eyeglass protector.Package Includes:1 x Otoscope 1 x ENT Diagnostic Tool1 x Specula Tube (Contains 10 Specula)1 x LED Bulb2 x AA Batteries1 x Pouch Holster
ENT Professional Medical Diagnostic OTOSCOPE KIT set Specula Case LED Bulb
Westfield Traders
1. With 2.5 V halogen lamp,similar to daylight,adjustable luminance. 2. Swivelling viewing window with 1X-2x magnification 3. Contain 3 reusable aural specula of 2.4, 3.2 and 4mm. 4. 2 x "Type C" Batteries (due to the Air Shipping policy, battery cannot be delivered)
Whitest Light Optics Diagnostic instruments deliver quality, design, and advanced LED technology. LED Illumination: Provides 5500K pure white light for true tissue colour Fibre Optics: Producing a ring of even light for an unobstructed, glare-free view PROFESSIONAL POCKET OTOSCOPE FIBRE OPTIC LIGHTING THIS IS A PRECISION ENGINEERED INSTRUMENT SUITABLE FOR PROFESSIONAL USE. BEWARE !!! THIS ITEM IS A GENUINE DURAMED PRODUCT AND THERE ARE CURRENTLY SEVERAL IMITATION PRODUCTS WHICH ARE INFERIOR AND NOT NECESSARILY LOWER PRICED. BE SAFE - BUY ENDURING QUALITY AND REPUTATION HIGH CLASS MATERIALS USED THROUGHOUT. WE GUARANTEE THE HIGHEST RELIABILITY. FEATURES 2.5 V GERMAN MADE LED BULB, SWING-ASIDE REMOVABLE 3x MAGNIFIER, STURDY ON/OFF SWITCH TOUGH AND PROTECTIVE CANVAS POUCH2.5mm and 5mm SPECULAE (TUBE OF 10 SUPPLIED) CE APPROVED ONE YEAR WARRANTY. IDEAL AS A PORTABLE 2nd INSTRUMENT SCREW FITTING HEAD FOR SECURE FIXING STRONG METAL POCKET CLIP, LED FIBRE OPTIC LIGHTING The light is transferred to the distal tip of the instrument by German manufactured glass fibres which provide a bright white halogen light similar to daylight for true tissue colour and long lasting illumination. Direct illumination offers an upgraded, reflexion-minimised illumination ......................................................................................... STOCKED AND SHIPPED IN UK WE POST GOODS ROYAL MAIL 2ND CLASS AND WILL SEND SAME DAY AS ORDERED WHENEVER POSSIBLE (MOST DAYS!) Check out my other items! PLEASE NOTE - WE ARE NO LONGER ABLE TO SUPPLY BATTERIES WITH THIS ITEM AS IT IS NOW ILLEGAL TO SEND BATTERIES THROUGH THE POSTAL SYSTEM ..............................................................................................
ADS Medicare Red Single-head Stethoscope CE Approved for GPs, Medical Students, Nurses, Doctors, Occupational Health
ADS Medicare
Description The stethoscope compromises of a single head, lightweight, robust aluminium chest piece, PVC Y-tube and ear tips. Suitable for use in general practice, education or occupational health.
Compact Fibre Optic Professional Pocket Otoscope Blue ~ Bright light for easy ear examination
Fibre optic pocket otoscope with carry pouch and 10 specula
ADS Medi Care ENT Diagnostic Set Otoscope Opthalmoscope Set + 2 Free Bulbs
ADS Medi Care
Veterinary Otoscope Ophthalmoscope Nasal Larynx ENT Diagnostic Set 2 Extra Bulbs Included White LED Light 3V 20 Mini Disposable Specula 1 Specula Connector with 3 reusable Specula Size 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4.5mm Otoscope: 3x Magnification Lens Opthalmoscope: Ophthalmoscope head with lens wheel featuring corrective lenses from 0 to -25 and 0 to +40 diopters Holder for disposable tongue depressors Metal handle accommodates 2C Batteries
ADS Medi Care Multi-Functioning Veterinary Stethoscope Black Tubing
ADS Medi Care
Head: Aluminium Alloy, Diameter: 3.7 cm Ear Hook: Aluminium Alloy, Diameter: 17 cm Tube: PVC, Length: 60 cm Total Length: 75 cm
ADS Medi Care Single Use Dispoable Wartenburg Pin Wheel Sensory Testing Pinwheel Stimulator (Pack of 10)
ADS Medi Care
Pinwheels are tools used to test the patient's ability to feel sharp contact to evaluate the nerves' sensory response on the skin's surface. This information is invaluable in diagnosing nerve damage and disorders or for tracking therapy progress. Ideal for orthopaedists, neurologists, neurosurgeons in hospitals or private practices, this simple, disposable tool consists of a rotating pinwheel attached to a handle.
ADS Medicare Mini Otoscope ENT Disposable Specula (Pack of 10)
ADS Medi Care
Description It is made of stainless steel and is designed to help you maintain a healthy ear canal. This Ear Wax Removal Kit perfect for both professional and personal use. It comes with a storage box, making it portable. Note Ear Cleaner needs to be cleaned after use. It can be washable for stainless steel material, but needs to dry after clean. The ear picks should be used gently to prevent the scratching of the ear canal. Do not form a habit of picking your ears frequently. Generally just once a week; but in dusty places or people with "oil ear", you can appropriately shorten use time interval.
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PRODUCT FEATURES 1Pcs Large nail clipper 1Pcs Medium nail clipper 1Pcs Obliquely toe nail clipper 1Pcs Multi-purpose scissor 1Pcs Cuticle clipper 1Pcs Earpick 1Pcs Eyebrow tweezer 1Pcs Double side nail file 1Pcs Cuticle clipper 1Pcs Cuticle pusher 1Pcs Acne needle 1Pcs Super thin nail clipper 1Pcs Box