Aduro Stoves

Aduro 13-1 Stove Glass (350mm x 340mm-Plain)
Aduro 13-1 replacement stove glass (350mm x 340mm-Plain)
Aduro 12 - Danish 5kW wood buring stove
The Aduro 12 is a contermporary cube shaped ultra modern wood burning stove, designed to fit into the corner of any room. As all Aduro products the stove is delivered with the Aduro glass cleaning system. Aduro 12 is developed with the same efficient combustion as the other stoves in the Aduro series (primary, secondary and tertiary air supply). The stove is easy to fire and operate - thanks to the unique automatic Aduro-tronic. The air blowing at the inner surface of the glass is optimized by means of an extra steering of the air supply and helps to keep the glass free from soot.
Aduro Proline 2 Fireplace Companion Set
Aduro A/S
Aduro Proline 2 is designed by Aduros own designers, Casper Storm and Torben Madsen. They describe their thoughts behind the product in the following way: From the initial sketch, the intention was to make a wood container/felt basket where the design was in line with the mode of expression that characterises Aduros wood-burning stoves - the minimalist and simple Scandinavian expression. As a reocurring design element, the products have a central vertical slit which splits the main shape and leaves an opening in the front. In doing so, a depth effect is achieved - the product appears to have several layers. For Aduro Proline 2 for example, you can sense the tools behind the shield.
Aduro 9-1 - Black DEFRA Danish 6kW wood burning stove
The curved glass and the soft organic lines catches your eyes. Further, the insulation boards are made with a relief which underlines the vertical lines in the design. The soft curves aditionally gives the wood burning stove an elegant timeless look. Aduro 9-1 is developed with the same, effective, burning chamber as the other wood burning stoves in the Aduro product line. The unique Aduro-tronic technology makes it possible to operate the stove with ease, and ensures you the ideal combustion. Aduro 9-1 comes equipped with a drawer for storage of ogs and accessorie
HOUER Legs leg machine leg trainer leg leg home stovepipe equipment exercise thigh fitness equipment,Purple
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Aduro 1 Stove - 1 Black 6 KW Wood Burning Stove
Aduro A/S
Aduro 1 Stove - 1 Black 6 KW Wood Burning Stove - Aduro 1 Stove - 1 Black - Heated by Volume: 180 M³ - Smoke Pipe Connector: 150 mm - Cylindrical Body - Total power: 6 kW
Aduro 8 Stove Glass (340mm x 335mm - Plain)
Aduro 8 replacement stove glass (340mm x 335mm- Plain)
Aduro 16 Wood Burning Stove 5 kW Black DEFRA, High Efficiency Stylish Danish Design & Technology
Aduro A/S
This wood burning stove is designed for the UK market. With Aduro 16 it is possible to transform an old fireplace into an environmentally friendly and efficient heat source. Specifications: Approvals: DEFRA, Ecolabel, DIN EN13240, CE & NS3058; Nominal Power: 5 kW; Operational Range: 2 - 7 kW; Heats Area: 30-120 m2; Energy Efficiency: 78%; Flue Outlet Top Ø: Ø 150mm (≈ 6"); Flue Outlet Rear Ø: Ø 150mm (≈ 6"); Dimensions HxWxD (cm): 56,4 x 46,2 x 41,9; Distance From Centre of Exhaust Branch to Rear Edge of Stove: 10,6 cm; Height Exhaust Branch Above Floor Level: 54,6 cm; Width of Wood Chamber: 37 cm; Maximum Log Length: 36 cm; Distance to Combustible Material, Rear: 30 cm; Distance to Combustible Material, Side: 27,5 cm; Distance to Combustible Material, Rear (With Insulated Flue Pipe): 25 cm; Distance to Combustible Material, Furniture: 115 cm; Distance to Combustible Material, Corner Arrangement: 13 cm; Convection Stove: Yes; Air-Wash System: Yes; Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Air Supply: Yes; Ashpan: Yes; Equipped With Aduro-tronic: Yes; Colour: Black
Aduro 7 Stove Glass (390mm x 365mm-Plain)
Aduro 7 replacement stove glass (390mm x 365mm- Plain)
Aduro 6 Stove Glass (440mm x 310mm-Plain)
Aduro 6 replacement stove glass (440mm x 310mm-Plain)
Aduro 5-1 Stove Glass (450mm x 445mm-Plain)
Aduro 5-1 replacement stove glass (450mm x 445mm-Plain)
Aduro 13 Stove Glass (350mm x 340mm-Plain)
Aduro 13 replacement stove glass (350mm x 340mm-Plain)
PUR Fireplace Wall Stone Front Right 287 x 133 x 25 mm 2 Pieces (Vermiculite)
PUR Schamotte
Wall Stone Front Right 287 x 133 x 25 mm 2-Piece (Vermiculite) Combustion Room Lining Suitable for Aduro Fireplaces Wall stone front right 287 x 133 x 25 mm 2 pieces made of high-quality vermiculite for your fireplace / fireplace. We will also be happy to advise you by phone so that you can find the right combustion chamber lining for your fireplace. We also manufacture individual replacement parts for your combustion chamber lining. Contact us! Wall Stone Front Right 287 x 133 x 25 mm 2-Piece (Vermiculite) Combustion Room Lining Suitable for Aduro Fireplaces Aduro Fireplace Model 1.1 **These are not original Aduro stove replacement parts, only the products are suitable for the manufacturers mentioned in the description. The combustion chamber lining can be used alternatively for the above mentioned fireplaces.