PFERD 82522 Single Row Power Knot Cup Wire Brush with External Nut and Standard Twist, Threaded Hole, Carbon Steel Bristles, 4 Diameter, 0.014 Wire Size, 5/8-11 Thread, 9000 Maximum RPM by Advance Brush
For use on large surfaces where a great deal of roughing is required; Good for corners and angles, and removal of contaminants such as scale, concrete, slag, and marine growth; Suitable for use on stationary machines and angle grinders; Carbon steel wire filaments filament material; 1-1/4-inches length trim
Advanced Techniques Black Flexible Shower Hair Brush with hanging hook by Avon
Plastic, flexible brush with handy hook. Nylon bristles. Approx. 23cm x 7cm. Vented design for no water build-up. Bends to the shape of your scalp for comfortable grooming. Wide surface area - perfect for thicker hair with handy hook. Comb through to evenly distribute your conditioner through the lengths of hair.
The Art of Choosing Brush: An Ultimate Guide For Brush Users (Artist Essential, Foundation of Art, Drawing Everyday, Brush Palette)

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The Art of Choosing Brush: An Ultimate Guide For Brush UsersFor artist, the tools we use are very important to us. It doesn't matter what type of art you're involve in; our tools of use affect us greatly in delivering the final pieces.This book is designed with information that help artist, especially painters, getting the best brushes that they can possibly get. It will walk you through how many type of brushes out there and what brushes are the best for their respected mediums. The book will also show you how to maintain your brushes correctly so they'll last longer without reducing their performance. This short read is full of useful information and obviously an essential for artists. Take action now to become a better artist!
Nintendo Triwing Screwdriver, Keten Professional Full Triwing Screwdriver Repair Kit for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo SNES / Wii / DS / DS Lite / GBA and more, Security Screw Driver Game Bit Set
Do you have a Nintendo system that needs repair? Then we will recommend you a professional screwdriver repair tool set. With this nine-piece, professional-grade tool kit, you'll never need to put your game console's future in the hands of a stranger. Five different screwdrivers fit the most screw heads commonly used in modern electronics manufacture, and the additional tools help to safely and easily remove the cover from the cartridge that you're repairing. Experience true freedom and save money at the same time with your own nine-piece tool kit. Function of 2.0MM Screwdriver: This screwdriver will help triwing driver open including Nintendo Switch, NS, Wii, NDS, NDSL, DS Lite, GBA, GameBoy Original. Upgraded durable b hardened steel, heat treated for maximum strength. Function of 3.8MM Screwdriver: This screwdriver will help open game cartridges for Original Nintendo (NES), Super Nintendo (SNES), Nintendo 64 (N64), Virtual Boy, Original Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Sega Game Gear. Function of 4.5MM Screwdriver: This screwdriver will help version driver open game cartridge for Sega Master System, Sega Genesis System, Sega 32x System; system for Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Game Cube, Virtual Boy, Game Gear, TurboGrafx 16, TurboDuo. Package Included: 1* Phillips Screwdriver (PH00#) 1* 2.0 Tri-wing Screwdriver 1* 3.8mm Screw Driver 1* 4.5mm Screw Driver 1* Pry Opening Repair Tool 1* Short L Wrench ( T6 &T8 ) 1* Triangle Paddle 1* Suction Cup 1* Cleaning Brush Warranty: 45 days 100% money back and Lift-time guarantee. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We will help you to solve any questions within 24 hours.
DesignedByIndependentArtists Case for Samsung Galaxy S Advance (i9070) - The Elite Artists by Adamzworld
This product is a rigid case made of PVC that ideally protects your smartphone against bumps, scratches and dust. The visual is affixed to the case, there is no texture effect or embossed on this product. The hue of the visual product may differ with the product informative sheet. The case allows free access to various control buttons of your smartphone. Our shop is based nearby Bordeaux, France. We ship orders within 24 working hours. We are at your disposal before, during and after your purchase. 100% Money Back Guarantee if not satisfied: We make customer satisfaction our top priority and we will refund your order within 14 days without having any reason to provide. This design is protected by intellectual property rights. Any reproduction, total or partial copy is strictly prohibited under penalty of prosecution. By purchasing a product from our store, you contribute to the work of independent artists who are paid for each sale. This case is compatible with: Case for Samsung Galaxy S Advance (i9070)This design belongs to the artist:Adamzworld.
proPHONE Oral-B Compatible Toothbrush Replacement Heads, Pack of 2, 8-Piece
8 PCS. Compatible Tooth-brush Heads, spare brushes, Replacement Brush Head for --- ALL --- Braun ORAL-B electric toothbrushes with rotating brush head --- by proPHONE ---, compatible with Oral B Triumph, Vitality, ProWhite, Sensitive + Clean, White + Clean, Professional Care, Precision Clean, SmartSeries, Black, Center, Oxyjet, Center, TriZone, Advance Power, Advance Power Kids, Stages Power, Precision Clean, Dual Clean, Pro Health, Plak Control, 3D Excel, Interclean IC2522, ID2021, ID2025, ID2025T, OralB Typ 3711, 3725, 3728, 3731, 3738, 3744, 3745, 3756, 3757, 3709, 4729, 4730, 4731, 4733, 4736, 4739, 4740, 4712, 4713, 4716, 4721, 4725, 4726, 4727, 4728, D2010, D4010, D4510, D5000S, D5011, D5011S, D5015T, D5021S, D5025, D5025S, D5025T, D5045S, D5500, D5500S, D5525, D5525S, D5525T, D5545, D5545S, D6011, D6013, D6021, D6511, D7000, D7011, D7022, D7025, D7500, D7511, D7521, D7522, D7525, D7545, D8011, D8013, D8511, D8513, D8525, D9000, D9011, D9013, D9022, D9025, D9500, D9511, D9513, D9521, D9522, D9525, D9542, D9545, D10.511, D12.000, D12.500, D12.513, D12.513P, D12.523, D12.523P, D12.523W, D15.500, D15.511, D15.513, D15.525, D15.535, D16.500, D17.511, D17.525, D17.535, D18.500, D19.500, D20.500, D24.500, D25.500, D26.500, D27.500, D30.500, D32.565, D79.013, DB4.010, DB4.510, IC2522, ID202, ID2025, RS950, ID2025T, 400,450,450TX,500,550, 600,650, 700,800,850,900, 950,950TX, 1000,2000,3000,3250, 4000,4750,5000,5500, 6000,6500, 7000,7400,7500,7550,7850,7875, 8000,8300,8500,8850,8860, 8875,8900,8950, 9000,9100,9400,9425,9450, 9475,9500,9900,9910, 9930,9950, Electric Toothbrush Heads Replacement OralB / TESTINE RICAMBIO COMPATIBILI ORAL B SPAZZOLINO ELETTRICO TESTINA COMPATIBILE / TETES BROSSETTES COMPATIBLES Braun OralB brosse à dents electrique / RECAMBIOS COMPATIBLES CON EL CEPILLO DE DIENTES ELECTRICO ORAL-B, proPHONE
ProDec ABPT056 Advance X-Zero Synthetic Brush Set (3pc: 1x 1, 1x 1.5, 1x 2), White
In tests the X Zero synthetic paint brush is rated no1 for pick up and release. This set contains 1 x 1", 1 x 1.5" and 1 x 2" brushes.
Aeg Advance Precision Extreme Brush
Aeg AeroPro Extreme zuigm.36 mmDiameter: 36 mm (ovaal).Ontworpen voor een maximale stofopname op alle soorten vloeren.Voor Een voorzichtige behandeling van uw vloeren met zachte wieltjes en intrekbare borstels.duurzaam ontwerp met Metalen Platen voor de bescherming US with vloeren.Passend voor: UltraActive, UltraCaptic, UltraOne, ultraonemini, ultraperformer Oval, UltraSilencer in UltraFlex does aansluiting.uitvoering: Origineel KenmerkenKleur Van Het product: zwart, zilver Inhoud Van De verpakkingAantal mondstukken: 1 Gewicht in omvangDiameter: 3.6 cm
Parlux Advance Light Ionic and Ceramic Hair Dryer - Mint Green + Free Brush
Introducing the all new Parlux Advance. Innovative, technologically advanced and "futuristic". Equipped with the newest and latest K-ADVANCE motor for superior performance. Now with 2200 watts of drying power and a longer lifespan of 2500 hours of "guaranteed" operation. The new Parlux Advance reflects extensive technological research aimed at meeting the requirements of hairdressers while also increasing the saving of energy and the safeguarding of the environment. NEW MOTOR K-ADVANCE The new technology K-ADVANCE guarantee 2.500 hours of operation for a superior performance. MORE POWER Equipped with 2200 watt motor, reducing the drying time and preserving the natural beauty of the hair. MORE AIR FLOW Air Flow: 83 cubic meters/hours for a very fast drying and energy saving. LIGHT WEIGHT & SILENT Reducing the weight of all the components an exceptionally light hairdryer was created and at the same time it result more silent. ANTI-HEATING FRONT BODY It has the "anti-heating" front body to keep a low temperature in the front body of hair dryer. "SOFT TOUCH" SWITCHES Thanks to the several tests carried out at the best hair-salons, the Parlux designers have pointed out two "soft" switches, more comfortable for hairdresser. IONIC & CERAMIC It has the IONIC & CERAMIC technological device, which is essential for healthy, static-free hair. ECO FRIENDLY Use of highly recyclable materials - built-in silencer which greatly reduces of the "noise" - very fast drying to energy saving. CONCENTRATOR NOZZLES Equipped with 2 new nozzles enabling a quick, precise and secure adhesion. One for a perfect setting of the hair and the other for fast drying.
United Medicals Philips Sonicare E Series Toothbrush Head Replacement (Pack of 6)
best clean
United Medicals Screw-on replacement brush heads remove up to 2x more plaque vs. a manual toothbrush. E-Series also features an angled neck and contoured bristles to help you easily maneuver the brush and focus on hard-to-reach areas where plaque can hide. A fresh brush head every 3 months maximizes the effectiveness of electric toothbrushes technology. Therefore, the blue reminder bristles fade to let you know when it's time for replacement. Maintain good oral health with United Medicals sonicare e series replacement heads compatible brush head
Vax ECJ1PAV1 Rapid Power Advance Carpet Cleaner, 6.2 liters, Grey/Purple
The RapidPower Advanced out cleans the leading rental, ensuring you have spotless carpets, upholstery and even car interiors. Not only that, but with a drying time of less than 1 hour. And with a 6 year guarantee, you'll be able to tackle old stains, spills, and refresh tired, dull carpets without a worry. Not only powerful, the rapidpower advanced has been designed to be easy to manoeuvre, even when filled with water, making washing your carpets quick and easy. Short on time? not a problem as the rapidpower advanced dries in less than 1 hour, leaving your carpets clean, dry and smelling fresh. Suitable for carpets, stairs and upholstery. 3.6 litre clean water tank capacity. 2.6 litre dirty water tank capacity. Built-in heater. 8m power cord. 2.5m hose. 2 rotating brush bars. Safety cut out indicator when tank is full. Edge to edge cleaning. Sucks up spills. Carry handle. Includes wash tool, plus 1 x 250ml ultra+ carpet cleaning solution. Weight 8.7kg. Manufacturer's 6 year guarantee.
4 pcs. E-Cron Replacement Brush Heads With Hygienic Travel Caps. Philips Sonicare E-Series Replacement. Fully Compatible with Philips Sonicare Essence, Xtreme, Elite/Cleancare Advance Models.
E-Cron Products Are Sold In More Than 60+ Countries And Are Praised With Rave Reviews. Our Toothbrush Heads Are Designed With The Finest Materials And Built With A Unique Laser Measurement Technology.Here Are Specific Details About The Different Parts Of The E-Cron Toothbrush Heads.The E-Cron Brush Head Bristles Perfectly Cut Thanks To Unique E-Cron Laser Measurement Technology Balanced Hardness For Optimal Experience (Not Too Hard / Not Too Soft) Bristles Will Last At Least 3 Months Of Daily Usage (1 Brush Head For 1 Adult)The E-Cron Plastic (Shaft) & Brush Head Base Perfect Design With Exact Matching Color Of Your Toothbrush Handle Single Effortless Screw-On Installation Durable Build Composed Of High Grade Certified MaterialsWhat You Get Brand New Product Quality Tested & Certified 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Reliable Supplier Who Cares About Your OpinionNB! We Do Not Authorize Any Third Parties To Sell or Re-Sell E-Cron Products, And Any Such Or Similar Activity Is Considered As a Trademark Violation.Compatible with the following Handles: Philips Sonicare Elite Series (7000 and 9000) | HX5910, HX7351, HX7361 Philips Sonicare Essence Series | HX5610, HX5310, HX5610, HX5612, HX5621, HX5630, HX5251, HX5351, HX5352, HX5551, HX5581, HX5751, HX5752 Philips Sonicare CleanCare Series | HX5350 Philips Sonicare Xtreme Series | HX3300, HX3351 Philips Sonicare Advance Series | HX4101, HX4321, HX4572
Stanley Tools STASTPPSS0L STPPSS0L Max Finish Advance Synthetic Paint Brush 100mm (4in), 100 mm
Stanley Tools
Stanley Max Finish Advance Synthetic Paint Brushes have DuPont™ synthetic bristles to provide longer life and easier cleaning. They feature brilliant paint loading, provide gradual paint release and give a fine finish with no bristle loss. The brushes have a stainless steel ferrule and wooden Beavertail handles. They are compatible with vapour boxes to ensure easy brush care and storage for re-use.Size: 100mm (4in).
Ex-Pro® Professional Lens & Camera Advanced Cleaning Kit for DSLR Cameras (Lens Brush,Air Blower,Cloths,Tissues,Pen,Fluid,CMOS CCD Swabs).
Ex-Pro Professional Lens & Camera Advanced Cleaning Kit. The ultimate camera cleaning kit from Ex-Pro providing a comprehensive array of cleaning tools to ensure your equipment is perfectly clean purchased seperately would cost over £35 Retail. The Ultimate Ex-Pro kit DSLR / Camera / Camcorder cleaning kit.What's in the box ? 1 x Ex-Pro Air Blower to blow away dust and dirt. [£3.95 Retail] 1 x Retractable goat hair brush for removing stubborn dirt. [£3.95 Retail] 1 x A retractable 2 sided Lens cleaner to remove grime and prints from your lens. [£4.95 Retail]50 x Lens cleaning tissues. [£4.95]2 x Ex-Pro EXF1 15x15cm Advance microfiber cloths. [£3.95 Retail] 2 x Ex-Pro EXF1 30x30cm Advance microfiber cloths. [£4.95 Retail] 10 x Sensor CCD CMOS Cleaner Cleaning Swabs .[£6.95 Retail] 1 x Ex-Pro 100ml Lens/Screen fluid. [£3.95 Retail]1 x Zip reseal storage case. Product Specifications.Air blower manufactured from none rubber [no smell] to provide an air blast to clean stubborn dust. Goat hair brush provides the best possible cleaning to electronic equipment generating no static (unlike nylon brushes).Lens/Screen cleaning fluid suitable for use on lenses and LCD Screens, provides a shine finish when used with the EXF1 Cloths included [Deionised water & ispropanol alcohol mix].EXF1 - Orange - designed to lift of marks, grease, oil and dirt with ease.Superfine microfiber swab head, safe a reliable to clean CCD/CMO - Clean room vacuum packed to avoid any pollution prior to use.
TAOtTAO 21PCS Make Up Foundation Eyebrow Eyeliner Blush Cosmetic Concealer Brushes (A)
▲▲We offer attentive service for every customer , if you have questions ,please kindly let us know and we will try our best to help you . ▲▲Please do not doubt our low prices. We just a new store in Amazon ,so that we want to take some promotional activities for our customers to improve our reputation  Specification: ★★Color:multicolor ★★Gender:Women ★★Size:About 1.3*19.2 cm ★★Hair Material:Nylon Hair ★★Handle material:Plating,Plastic ★★Used with:Powder ★★Basic makeup brush. ★★Suitable for professional use or home use. ★★Easy to use and portable. ★★For controlled eye shadow application and also can be used to blend eye shadow make up. ★★Package:21PCS/Set  Makeup Brush headbands highlight hairband multipack wipe sensitive skin simple waterproof neutrogena johnsons lipstick lamp loose powder lighting lip plumper ring stand eyebrow pencil dark brown blonde grey angled spoolie thin disposable razors men twinkle tinkle kit tint medium julienne mylee strictly developer grooming sleek barry m stencil gel tweezers stencils template beginners shapers shapeing kits templates shaper of ruler stickers tipped straight tweezerman trimmer mens tattoo trimmers ladies veet jml phillips scissors taupe transparent eyelash growth serum lash ash tinting nose tool scissor shaver stamp stamper remover henna flawless hoop eyeliner soft blue green winged shapes by vogue effects heart cat star catcher rimmel sticker stick on uk avon silicone brushe fine intenza colours tape twist tube turquoise transfers mascara automatic applicator liner different helper help high end halloween hypoallergenic how wing pencils
Clean & Out
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