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Unlimited Memory: How to Use Advanced Learning Strategies to Learn Faster, Remember More and be More Productive
TCK Publishing
Kevin Horsley Broke a World Memory Record in 2013...And You're About to Learn How to Use His Memory Strategies to Learn Faster, Be More Productive and Achieve More SuccessWith over 200,000 copies sold, Unlimited Memory is a Wall Street Journal Best Seller and has been the #1 memory book on Amazon for more than two years. It has been translated into more than a dozen languages including French, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Ukrainian, and Lithuanian.Most people never tap into 10% of their potential for memory.In this book, you're about to learn:How the World's Top Memory Experts Concentrate and Remember Any Information at Will, and How You Can TooDo you ever feel like you're too busy, too stressed or just too distracted to concentrate and get work done?In Unlimited Memory, you'll learn how the world's best memory masters get themselves to concentrate at will, anytime they want. When you can easily focus and concentrate on the task at hand, and store and recall useful information, you can easily double your productivity and eliminate wasted time, stress and mistakes at work.In this book, you'll find all the tools, strategies and techniques you need to improve your memory.Here’s just a taste of the memory methods you'll learn in this book: The 3 bad habits that keep you from easily remembering important information How a simple pattern of thinking can stop you from imprinting and remembering key facts, figures and ideas, and how to break this old pattern so you’ll never again be known as someone with a “bad memory” How to master your attention so you can focus and concentrate longer, even during challenging or stressful situations How to use your car to remember anything you want (like long lists or information you need to remember for your studies or personal life) without writing anything down Simple methods that allow you to nail down tough information or complex concepts quickly and easily How to combine your long-term memory (things you already know and will never forget) and short-term memory (information you want to remember right now) to create instant recall for tests, presentations and important projects The simple, invisible mental technique for remembering names without social awkwardness or anxiety How using your imagination to bring boring information to life can help you dramatically improve your attention span and recall An incredible strategy for remembering numbers (the same system Kevin used to remember Pi to 10,000 digits and beat the world memory record by 14 minutes) How to use a mental map to lock in and connect hundreds or even thousands of ideas in your long-term memory (this method will allow you to become a leading expert in your field faster than you ever dreamed possible)If you're ready to harness the incredible power of your mind to remember more in less time, this book is for you.About the AuthorFor over 25 years, Kevin Horsley has been analyzing the mind and memory and its capacity for brilliance. He is one of only a few people in the world to have received the title of International Grandmaster of Memory. He is a World Memory Championship medalist, and a two-time World Record holder for The Everest of memory tests. Kevin is also an author of four books, and the designer of a mathematics game with the Serious Games Institute at North-West University Vaal Campus.His work has been featured in The Oprah Magazine, Time, Forbes, Inc., The Huffington Post, ELLE, Longevity and on numerous TV and radio shows. Kevin is an International professional speaker and has spoken in many different countries. He assists organizations in improving their learning, motivation, creativity and thinking.
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Complex 50ml
Estee Lauder
So effective, this powerful recovery complex supports the natural synchronization of skin's night time repair process. Take advantage of the restorative power of night and see your skin look smoother, younger and more radiant. To use: Apply to the cleansed face and neck before moisturiser.
Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game Expansion: Tie Advanced , FFGSWX05
Star Wars X-Wing: Tie Advanced Expansion Pack
The legendary and merciless Darth Vader blasts into furious combat, along with three additional Imperial pilots, in the TIE Advanced Expansion Pack for the X-Wing Miniatures Game. A noted improvement on the widely used TIE fighter, this fighter features shielding and improved weapon systems. Upgrade the fierce TIE Advanced with powerful cluster or concussion missiles, and demolish even the toughest enemies. This pack includes one detailed painted miniature, its necessary cards and tokens, and one dial.
PhD Nutrition Advanced Mass Flapjack, Double Chocolate, Pack of 12 x 120g
PhD Nutrition
Advanced Mass Flapjack Choc 120 g Produced by:PhD NutritionBulk Case of:12
Advanced GQ EMF-390 Multi-Field Electromagnetic Radiation Detector 3-in-1 EMF ELF Meter & RF Spectrum Analyzer, Cell Tower Smartmeter Signal Detector RF up to 10G with Data Logger
GQ Electronics LLC
The GQ EMF-390 advanced multi-function digital EMF ELF meter is designed and developed by GQ Electronics, Seattle, USA. It is a portable and convenient device. It can be used in general purpose test, detection and other scientific applications. Such as Power Line, WiFi, Cell phone, Cell tower, Microwave, Smart Meter, etc. The device integrated features include three axis Electromagnetic Fields, Electric Field, Radio Frequency and Radio Spectrum Power Analyzer. The meter is able to identify/recognize the common source from EMF/RF measured, such as Power Line, WiFi/Cell phone, Cell tower, Microwave etc. It also comes with built-in audible and visual alarm. It can be used for EMF, ELF, EF, RF detection and monitoring both indoor and outdoor, as well as in other similar environments. It can continually monitor the radiation while it is connected with a USB port as power supply. When the device is connected to a PC, PC software can download the radiation data to the computer and the user is able to analyze those data later. The device also has a high contrast black/white LCD module and one front LED indicator. The unique GQ RF Browser feature visualizes the RF radiation precisely on screen. With RF Browser, user is able to see estimated Digital RF transmission data in bytes and RF power spectral histogram. EMF-390 has built-in flash memory and it is able to log the real-time data EMF,EF and RF power every second. User is able download the data later from a free software EMF-PRO.
Organic Turmeric Capsules High Strength Supplement with Black Pepper Extract (Bioperine) for 20 Times Improved Absorption! High Levels Curcumin. 120 Veg Capsules. Made in UK. Advanced Turmeric.
Autoimmune Institute
Advanced Turmeric, which gives you 120 capsules (500mg curcuma longa) of high strength ORGANIC turmeric powder with added Bioperine (a natural black pepper extract), is one of the most absorbable, high quality, pure turmeric supplements on the market today. This is the smarter way to get the powers of one of natures' greatest foods, turmeric, into your body. There are a huge number of turmeric supplements on the market these days (because of the wide range of benefits that turmeric offers) but this can make finding the right product for you very difficult... With that said, the factors that matter most are that it is organic (so you won't be exposed to any toxins, pesticides, etc), it's strength, it is well absorbed in the body (commonly a problem with turmeric), it is made from completely pure, high-quality ingredients, and doesn't contain any nasty fillers. With Advanced Turmeric we use Bioperine (a natural black pepper also known as Piperine) to help improve the absorption of the turmeric capsules. This is much more effective than just using normal black pepper which many cheaper supplements will do to save costs but it VASTLY reduces the effectiveness. It is made in the UK, uses a vegetarian capsule, is made up of very high quality, completely pure ingredients and is a formula designed by health experts and nutritionists. Don't accept cheap imitations that may contain fillers, pesticides and other toxins that can be harmful to health. It is produced in accordance with IS0:9001 certification (the highest possible quality standards). We care deeply about their health, vitality and wellness of our customers and so only offer products that we believe that can be truly effective. We consider Advanced Turmeric capsules to be some of the best, highest quality, most effective on the market, and what makes it the leading turmeric supplement in the UK and Ireland. For ultimate health and vitality, this is the turmeric supplement you need.
Advanced Joint Support Supplement For Dogs, With Powerful Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Green Lipped Mussel, MSM, Curcumin & Hyaluronic Acid, Human Grade Ingredients, 300 Tablets, UK Manufactured
The Petcare Factory
There are many products on the market today, which are aimed at helping with canine joint issues. These, however, tend to deal with the joint in isolation rather than as a whole and often prove to be ineffective. Our natural holistic formula works on all of the parts of the joint, including the cartilage, synovial fluid, connective tissue and the articular cavity which encloses the joint, to help improve the overall general health and minimise future damage. Using knowledge of ingredients which are known to alleviate symptoms of joint pain as well as using the latest findings in joint care, this powerhouse product from The Petcare Factory, is crammed full of active natural ingredients, and fights the symptoms, helping to increase mobility and improve the quality of life of your beloved pet. With several active components, such as Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Green Lipped Mussel, MSM, Curcumin, Hyaluronic Acid and Manganese, this advanced joint support supplement acts in a number of different ways: * Delays the breakdown of cartilage and contain components which act as signalling molecules helping to stimulate the regeneration of previously damaged areas.* Decreases the swelling of the joint and surrounding tissue.* Increases the viscosity of the synovial fluid, found in joints, which promotes improved lubrication and protects against low-level impact.* Improves the exchange of nutrients, through the synovial fluid, which feeds the articular cartilage.* Protects the cartilage and connective tissue, playing an important role in neutralising enzymes and free radicals that break down the collagen in joints.* Reduces joint pain, through naturally occurring ingredients, acting in a similar way to an effective mainstream commercial painkiller.* Acts as a preventative measure, reducing the risk of future problems which have a negative effect on the hip and joints.
Salomon Advanced Skin 12 Set Lightweight Hydration Pack, 12 Litre, Red/Graphite, X-Large
Salomon ADV Skin 12 Set Running Backpack Don't forget the gear, just forget you're carrying it. That's where freedom begins. The Advanced Skin 12, breathes, stretches and wraps around you without cramping your style. You don't carry this bag, you wear it. A streamlined design that keeps all your essential kit tight and close, right where you need it. No frills, just thrills. Stability and Stretch The Sensifit construction is based on the concept of comfortably wrapping your body without hindrance or chafing. It hugs in the right places and keeps your gear tight and close, thanks to the Sensi load lifter. You're free to fly. Versatile comfort You'll want its company in all your light outdoor sports. The right fabric in the right places - it dries quickly and keeps your body breathing. All potential chafing zones have been revisited and made smooth. Your ideal game partner. Practical minimalism It's not a bag, it's a carrying solution. Designed so you can reach everything you need on the go, without stopping to think or search. Essential hydration is easily accessible at the front. Distribute the weight, choose your own perfect formula, the right place for each item. Just stuff, stow, grab and keep moving. Your security A safety whistle and blanket furnish the pack in case of emergencies, plus the reflective logo increases your visibility to passing vehicles; keeping you invulnerable on those late night adventures. Pockets and compartments - 1 chest mobile zipped pocket; - 2 front soft hydration elastic pockets; - 2 side zipped pockets; - 1 back kangaroo pocket; - 1 internal pocket; - 1 back main zipped compartment; - 1 chest stretch pocket; - 2 front stretch pockets.
Advanced Nutrients B52 1 Litre 1L B Vitamins Booster Fertilizer Hydroponics
Advanced Nutrients
Better Survival Rate For Seedlings, Transplants and Clones  Plants More Resistant To Stress And DiseaseIncreased Growth And Yield Stronger Roots For More Nutrient Uptake+ GROWER EXPERIENCE LEVEL: Hobbyist, Expert, Professional and Grand Master+ WHEN TO USE B-52: Any time plants are under stress, especially during early growth, cloning, transplanting and flowering.+ GARDEN TYPES: Rockwool, Coir, Soil, Sphagnum, Ebb & Flow, NFT, aeroponics, aquaponics, vertical stacker, rotary, indoor, outdoor, synthorganic, synthetic.
Eyes by RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner 2ml
Advanced Conditioner from RevitaLash utilises the power of peptides and botanicals; for strengthening and conditioning. It helps eyelashes look thicker and fuller and gives your lashes a boost. Clinical tests have shown that it works.....and fast! When used daily it provides immediate conditioning benefits; resulting in healthier-looking, more luxurious lashes. 2ml will last you upto 3 months.
Advanced Acoustics Soundproofing Mat 3m by 1.25m by 2mm thin
Advanced Acoustics
Dimensions - 1.25m by 3m by 2mm thick per sheet (nominal) - 5kg per square meter. A 2mm thin soundproofing mat designed to block and reduce airborne noise through stud walls and timber joisted floors and ceilings. Please note: Soundproofing Mat is a very heavy product and larger orders may require help with offloading! SoundProofing Mat is a heavy layer mineral loaded soundproofing mat nominally 2mm thick with excellent sound blocking qualities and will give significant sound reduction through lightweight structures when used as a sound barrier. It is equal to lead of the same mass in effectiveness and acts as a thin de-coupling sound blocker in stud walls and timber floors. Biggest sound insulation improvements can be achieved when it is used as one layer sandwiched between two sheets of plasterboard on lightweight structures. One layer of Soundproofing Mat has an insulation value of 24dB. Two layers has an insulation value of 29dB. Three layers has an insulation value of 32dB. Normally, a 3dB improvement is equal to a 50% loss in the volume of noise depending on where you are standing!! Because Soundproofing Mat is produced from recycled manufacturing materials, there may sometimes be a 'rubbery' smell when the product is first unpacked. Usually any smell will dissipate within a few days but as a precaution, we advise applying a thin layer of polythene over the insulation on walls and floors before the final covering is installed to seal in any possible smells. For use on floors first ensure the floorboards are securely screwed to the floor so as not to squeak when walked over. Then use our Acoustic Sealant and fill in the joints between the floorboards and around the edge of the room making the floor is as airtight as possible. Then using our Contact Adhesive glue the layers of soundproofing mat to the timber floor.
HP Q8698A A4/210 x 297 mm Advanced Glossy Photo Paper 250 gsm, 50 Sheets,White
Hewlett Packard
HP Advanced Glossy Photo Paper Glossy photo paper A4 210 x 297 mm 50 sheets Q8698A Photo Paper
PhD Nutrition Advanced Mass Powder, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, 5.4kg
PhD's new Advanced Mass is their most extreme mass gaining formula ever, designed for serious hard gainers or any athlete undertaking the bulk phase of their nutritional plan. Delivering an incredible 1140 calories per serving, as well as up to 193g of carbohydrates obtained mainly from healthy oats, PhD Nutrition Advanced Mass utilises a four-stage protein blend that includes whey protein isolate and whole egg sources, delivering an impressive 50g of protein per serving.
Manfrotto MKBFRLA4BK-BH Befree Advanced Travel Tripod, Lever Lock with Ball Head for Canon, Nikon, Sony, DSLR, CSC, Mirrorless, Up to 8 kg with Tripod Bag, Lightweight Aluminium, Black
- Kit Trépied de Voyage Advanced - Système de leviers assurant un verouillage rapide et sécurisé - Rotule Ball centrée avec réglage de la friction, du verouillage et du panoramique indépendant - Contrôle précis de la friction assurant un positionnement rapide du boîtier photo à deux mains - Design unique, Fabriqué en Italie Le kit trépied Befree Advanced en aluminium avec verrouillage levier, est la solution idéale pour les photographes amateurs avertis à la recherche de la performance dans toutes les situations et plus particulièrement lorsqu'ils sont en voyage. Son design ultracompact permet au Manfrotto Befree Advanced d'être très pratique et facile à utiliser ce qui autorise le photographe exigeant à installer son trépied en quelques secondes seulement pour ne manquer aucune image. Le Befree Advanced est composé d'un nouveau châssis supérieur plus rigide pour assurer une stabilité parfaite peu importe le type de terrains. Ce modèle est présenté avec un verrouillage levier. Son sélecteur d'angle de jambe est conçu pour pouvoir être utilisé aussi bien par des photographes droitiers que gauchers, permettant à tous de pouvoir choisir rapidement entre deux inclinaisons intermédiaires différentes pour positionner leur support avec précision et de pouvoir régler la taille du trépied sans avoir à perdre leur prise de vue. Les jambes du trépied Befree Advanced peuvent être facilement dépliées à trois positions d'angles différentes, garantissant ainsi une variété de prise
Forte Advanced Formula Diesel Treatment - Pack of 2
Forté Advanced Formula Diesel Treatment has been specifically formulated to combat driveability concerns caused by the by-products of combustion and the adverse effects of fuel degradation. Forté Advanced Formula Diesel Treatment cleans and lubricates the whole of the fuel system both pre and post-combustion. It improves overall engine power and efficiency, as well as considerably reducing costly downtime and component replacement in direct and indirect injection engines. Forté Advanced Formula Diesel Treatment is compatible with common rail direct injection and Pumpe Duse diesel engines. Forté Advanced Formula Diesel Treatment does not affect the cetane rating of diesel fuel.