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PVA Bags Small 50mmX100mm
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Carp Fishing Hooks Incision Super Wide Gape Size 6 Advanced Angling Solutions
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The INCISION Hook within the Advanced Angling Solutions Predator Carp Hook Range has all the key features of the leading Super Large Gape hooks on the market with a few subtle improvements. The hooks themselves have all the characteristic key features such as a 30 degree down turned eye and a Straight point which is Parallel with the shank. These features help with both hook turning and holding. The INCISION Hook is designed from the latest cutting edge, low friction coating technology. They are unrivalled for strength, sharpness and durability. . The extra wide gape, elongated shank, 30 degree down turned eye and Straight parallel point nails them every time. The eye is in-turned 30-degrees to flip the hook over quickly and is considered the ultimate turning pattern when faced with rig wary carp . As with the rest of the Predator carp hook range, the INCISION Hooks have been packaged in a tough durable containment that protects the needle point on the hooks during transit and storage. Perhaps we've just created the ultimate hook range? We think so!!! ASSESS ADAPT SUCCEED WITH Advanced Angling Solutions AAS3303#2 - 2 Barbed AAS3303#4 - 64Barbed AAS3303#6 - 6 Barbed AAS3303#8 - 8 Barbed AAS3303#10 - 10 Barbed 10 pcs per box
Advanced Angling Solutions Sinking Anti Tangle Rig Tube (Clay Brown)
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Advanced Angling Solutions have listened to the demand of the public and fisheries alike regarding carp care and it is now apparent there is an ever increasing demand for rig tubing, with leaders dropping in popularity with fisheries. Advanced Angling Solutions Sinking Anti Tangle Rig tubing is set to be a best seller due to its exceptional low memory. It is simple to straighten between your fingers. To thread the tube is also easy, due to a larger than average internal bore size. This product also offers a higher density make up, resulting in a tubing that sinks incredibly well. The Rig tubing is available in two transparent colours, weed green and clay brown which allows them to become absorbed into the carp's natural environment, whatever the nature of the swim being fished. Available in a 1.0mm bore and a 2 meter length per pack