Advanced water Company Ltd.

Surfing: The Manual: Advanced
Hedonist Surf Company Pty Ltd
Wavefinder Guide Books - USA & HAWAII WF03 Wavefinder Limited is the world’s leading publisher of guide books and online media for adrenalin adventure sports like surfing skiing snowboarding kitesurfing and mountain biking. Wavefinder surf guides are the only surf guides that will fit in your back pocket making them truly unique. Just a little bigger than your mobile phone or iPod they are an essential tool for anyone passionate about surfing. Wavefinder surf guides manage to condense down an enormous amount of detailed information from locals experts and pro surfers by making use of our brilliant “Surfers Eye” mapping tool. These show you details like optimal swell directions and tide heights so you can quickly identify the best conditions for each break. These fabulous surf guides are enhanced by stunning photography from some of the world’s finest surf lens men. The Surfing Manual: THE biggest names in surfing divulge their trade secrets for the first time
Uni-Ball UB-157 Eye Fine Rollerball Pens, Black Uni Super Ink, .7mm Nib, Box of 12
Uni Mitsubishi Pencil Company Ltd
The Uni-Ball Eye rollerball pen features a medium 0.5mm line width, which is ideal for detailed work. The pen contains liquid Super Ink, which is fade resistant, water resistant and tamper proof. The unique system provides a continuous flow of ink down to the last drop for smooth, consistent writing. This pack contains 12 black pens.
LIERAS Kitchen Taps Swivel & Spring Spout Pull Out Chrome Polished Kitchen Sink Mixer,Single Handle Bar Taps
Kitchen Taps Polished Chrome Hot and Cold Mixer Single Handle Single Hole Swivel Spout Spring Pre Rinse Pull Out Kitchen Faucet1, refined copper main body: 62 leading subject selection of quality pure copper ingot, USES the international most advanced gravity casting process, the precision machinery processing and manufacturing, likes nature itself, strong and durable. 2, lead standard:In line with the national GB/T176 lead standard, no harm to human body health, protect you and your family use no harmful products of metal elements. 3, plating: Using advanced plating processing, after acid copper, nickel, chromium multiple coating, plating layer with good adhesion, fine, uniform color, excellent corrosion resistance to ensure the product surface gloss bright and long lasting. 4, valve core: 1), the use of precision imported ceramic valve core, with a diamond like hardness, high quality ceramic spool, feel comfortable and light, more than 500 thousand times the switch can operate smoothly, durable. 2), no maintenance, no wear and tear, aging resistance. 3), suitable for hard water, not affected by the impact of gravel or sand. 5, product inspection: the introduction of Germany spectrometer, the Japanese film thickness tester and other advanced laboratory equipment, from raw material inspection to the auxiliary parts of the test, the service life of the product, the product of the sealing to product the thickness of the coating on the surface of the test, the product of saving water flow test, through strict inspection, every working procedure of the whole experiment operating standards are by CAS Canadian standards, ASM America standard, EN817 European standards and national standards. Products 100% to inspection before they go out, to ensure that the leading way too tight
Francis Pegler 351910 Mercia QT Sink Mixer - Chrome
Pegler Yorkshire Group Ltd
Mercia Monobloc Sink Mixer
Francis Pegler 4M3917 Monobloc Sink Mixer
Pegler Yorkshire Group Ltd
High quality chrome finish Wras approved tap 10 Year pegler warranty Ideal for low pressure systems and poor flow. Minimum bar pressure 0.1 bar Tap height 198mm Reach 170mm Mount hole 35mm 360 swivel spout Compression full turn valves All fittings and tails included
Francis Pegler 351907 Mercia QT Mounted Tap - Chrome (2-Piece)
Pegler Yorkshire Group Ltd
Mercia Quarter Turn Sink Tap
Francis Pegler 351903 Bath Shower Mixer
Pegler Yorkshire Group Ltd
ILIFE V5s Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Water Tank, Automatically Sweeping Mopping Floor Cleaning Robot
ILIFE limited
ILIFE V5s Pro cleaning robot, Tangle-free, Slim Design ILIFE V5s Pro cleaning robot is specially designed for families who keep pets. Its slim body design and pet hair care technology help thoroughly clean every corner in your house. One robot. Two cleaning choice Dry vacuuming by dust bin/damp mopping by water tank, easily shifts and perfectly complements for a thorough cleaning. Damp Mopping ILIFE V5s Pro robotic vacuum is specially designed for hard floors (wood/tile/mable/laminate). When robot stop, water is prevented from flowing out by water tank. Intelligent control water tank make your damp mopping safe, stable and efficient. 4 cleaning modes: Auto clean - automatically cleaning randomly Spot clean-deep cleaning on a special dirty area. Edge clean- clean along the wall sides. Scheduling clean-preset the time you want V5s Pro to run, which allows it to clean when you are asleep or go out Smart features: A suit of cliff sensors keep the robot from falling off stairs. Automatically docks and recharges, and is always ready to clean Front obstacle sensors with Tpu bumper let V5s Pro avoid barrier and protect your furniture. Larger roadrover wheels with self-rescue technology freedomly goes over uneven flooring Important tips and maintenance: Please take water tank out while charging. Do not use scheduling in mopping mode. Empty dust box and clean filter after each use. Replace a new filter every month. Running the robot without mop holder will decrease the possibility of stuck. Please remove the electronic cords, bar chair, fan with a stand base before cleaning.
Creative Deco Acrylic Paint Set Large | 12 Jumbo 100ml Tubes | Perfect for Beginners, Children, Students & Professional Artists | Perfect for Wood, Canvas, Fabric and Paper LTD
Creative Deco presents you our newly designed acrylic paint set giving you jumbo extra large tubes that allow for a near limitless amount of experimentation that producs crisp, shiny, vibrant and vivid colours bringing value into your life and those around you - all at a super affordable price! Adaptability: When you are a beginner, you try out many different surfaces and painting techniques trying to discover the best feel & technique while painting. Creative Deco paint is the ideal selection for you thanks to providing you fantastic results on all surfaces which is why more advanced artists turn to Creative Deco when they want to carry out various experiments as well. Equilibrium: If it's too thick and you'll lose your rhythm when the paint doesn't go on smoothly; too thin and it'll be dry before you're ready. We've found the ideal level of consistency that works for artists at all levels. Simplicity & Variety: Our 12 piece set contains the following 12 colours: White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Light Green, Green, Light Blue, Blue, Purple, Brown, Grey & Black. Looking for the perfect shade? Blending isn't a problem - the paint mixes perfectly well with each other to arrive at the desired colour whatever it may be EU Safety standards: Worried that your paint is coming from China & not sure if it comes from a reliable source? Choose Creative Deco - all our product components are sourced within the EU guaranteeing they meet all regulatory standards both locally & nationally - the paint is non-toxic & water based. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee We believe we have the highest quality product on the market. Therefore, Creative Deco paint sets come backed by a 30-day money back guarantee demonstrating that we are certain that you will be 100% satisfied with our acrylic paint set. Order today!
glugglug PREMIUM Reusable Silicone Smoothie Straws BPA Free Complete Bundle: 6 Straws + 2 Brushes + 2 Sleeves + FREE SMOOTHIE eBook! Drink Safely Cold Hot Thick Drinks - Fit Yeti Rtic Any Size Tumbler
What if you could protect yours & your children health, the environment & save?More than 500 Million plastic drinking straws are collected on the world beaches every year! Excluding those which stay in the sea killing marine life. When you buy glugglug reusable silicone straws flexible & not reusable hard plastic straws, reusable straws metal or stainless steel straws you protect the sea, your health & save. With lovely glugglug Fish make natural low sugar drinks appealing to your kids to reach the age of Turtle Crush in Finding Nemo!✿ FREE Smoothies eBook!WHY glugglug straws?√ NO kids squabbling over different colours but want lovely Fish glugglug √ EU & USA Food Grade Certification√ Jumbo 1 piece firm straws to sip hot drinks safely: no air through the straw to affect safe, reliable, easy suction. No removable pieces for kids to lose, swallow√ Save teeth from acids-sugar erosion√ Tumbler & Tervis straws fit 16oz 20oz & 30oz Rtic, Yeti & all tumblers. Replacement straws for acrylic tumbler√ Festive safe straws no glass or metal straws, 20oz stainless steel straws or straws plastic reusable straws can cut/hurt when drinking√ Reusable straws for kids glugglug Brand bright TWO colours smoothie straws flexible BPA-free. Loved by kids more than smoothie straws clear, metal, single colour straws √ Drink easily thick drinks. Bendable straws reusable for long√ glugglug reusable flexible silicone straws great replacement plastic straws hot & cold drinks√ 100% Eco friendly straws & packaging√ Smoothie Straws Green & Purple: drinking straws reusable wide, soft, bendy straws re usable, resistant to bites-chewingWhy our straws are more expensive? British Ltd, we use highest quality materials & most advanced manufacturing methods, this makes us more expensive than inferior Brands, the choice is yours ;)Our Wide Straws, Brushes, Sleeves & eBook Are Still in Stock - Add to Cart now!
glugglug PREMIUM Reusable Silicone Straws BPA Free Standard Width Complete Bundle: 6 Straws + 2 Brushes + 2 Sleeves +FREE JUICING eBook! Durable Safe for Kids Soft Strong Flexible for Cold Hot Drinks
Quality Addicts Limited
What if you could protect yours & your children health, the environment & save?More than 500 Million plastic drinking straws are collected on the world beaches every year! Excluding those which stay in the sea killing marine life. When you buy glugglug reusable silicone straws flexible & not reusable hard plastic straws, reusable straws metal or stainless steel straws you protect the sea, your health & save. With lovely glugglug Fish make natural low sugar drinks appealing to your kids to reach the age of Turtle Crush in Finding Nemo!Save teeth from acids & sugar erosion✿ FREE Exclusive 'Ultimate Juicing' eBook!WHY glugglug?√ 1 piece straws to sip hot drink safely: no air through the straw affecting safe, reliable & easy suction - No Removable pieces for kids to lose or swallow√ Festive firm straws: no hard/cold metal straws, 20 oz stainless steel straws or straws plastic reusable straws can cut/ hurt when drinking√ No kids squabbling over different colours√ Resistant to Bite & Chewing with thick silicone walls√ Reusable straws for kids glugglug UK Brand bright 2 colours standard size straws flexible. Lovely fish loved by kids√ Food Grade Certifications glugglug reusable flexible silicone straws - great as replacement plastic straws√ Drink easily cold and hot drinks with our bendable straws reusable√ 100% Eco-Friendly straws & packaging√ Fit hole of your tumbler lid: drinking straws reusable you need: strong, soft, bendy straws reusable for long Why our products are more expensive? At QA we use the highest quality materials, most advanced manufacturing methods & offer unrivalled customer service, this naturally makes our straws more expensive than inferior brands. The choice is yours ;)Family Owned BRITISH Company providing high quality products beautifully designed fairly priced.Our Skinny Straws, Brushes, Sleeves & eBook are still in Stock, Click Add to Cart Now!
glugglug PREMIUM Unbreakable Wine Glasses Set of 2 - BPA - Free Silicone - Solid, Seamless, Reusable Higball Glasses | Use Safely For Hot Cold Drinks & Desserts | For Travel Camping, BBQs, Parties, Picnic, Festivals, Kids - BRITISH Company - FREE 'Wine for Beginners' eBook with every order!
Quality Addicts Limited
What if you could protect yourself & your children from glass cuts, the environment & save?When you buy glugglug reusable silicone drinking glasses flexible & not disposable plastic, acrylic drinking glasses, you protect the sea, yourself & save. With lovely glugglug Fish make natural low sugar drinks appealing to your kids to reach the age of Turtle Crush in 'Finding Nemo'!WHY glugglug unbreakable glasses?√ Say no to disposable plastic glasses√ Drink hot drinks without burning your hands: hot drinks cups, coffee, tea mugs√ Reusable, Non breakable, Collapsible glasses loved by children√ For travel, caravans, picnic, campers, sailing, outdoors, pools, beach, spa parties, camping, backpacking travels √ Double Certification-FDA & SGS-to be food grade & odourless no stick silicone √ Drink red, white wine, beer, cocktails, gin, sherry, hot drinks. Use as whiskey & half pint glass, mulled wine tumbler, highball glasses, ice cube maker, snifter√ UK Design-great packaging-novelty present & gift√ Large Glasses-330ml, up to 400ml when filled to the brim√ Unlike other Brands our beakers are thick & sturdy: 3 mm thick silicone, 5.5 Cm top diameter, 11 Cm high, 9 Cm wide 4 Cm flat base ensures that if knocked slightly they settle back upright quickly√ Do not overspill even if hardly squeezed up to their limit if filled up to where the fish tail starts√ Eco-Friendly: Silicone is made of AKA quartz-sandWhy our goblets are more expensive? At QA we use the highest quality materials, most advanced manufacturing methods & offer unrivalled customer service, this naturally makes our glasses more expensive than inferior brands. The choice is yours ;) We are a family owned British Ltd striving to provide high quality products, beautifully designed at a fair priceYour glugglug silicone wine glasses are still in Stock, click on 'Add to Basket' Now!
Gilda | Teen Highback - Outland Teenager Gaming Lounger Recliner Giant Beanbag Dual Zip System Teflon Coated Polyester Virgin Beans Indoor/Outdoor (Water And Stain Resistant) (LIME)
Gilda Ltd
Another Great British Beanbag designed with todays youth very much in mind. This is the smaller version of our hugely popular adult size - so same style and comfort but with a versatile 76cm base seat and a 75cm back support leaving you to float on the virgin polystyrene beads that mould around you. This makes it a perfect addition to the kids bedroom as it provides that versatile accessory whether chilling out on social media, gaming with friends or just chilling out and optimises space whilst providing extra seating when required. Our Teflon coated polyester fabric is water & stain resistant and available in a wide range of 16 vibrant colours to suit most decors. It is fully compliant to all British Safety Standards (BS5852) allowing for use indoors or outdoors - rain or shine. We are a registered UK trademark and have over 30 years experience in the soft furnishings industry - our skilled machinists are all located at our premises in the South West of the UK and we make every beanbag to order to ensure the very best attention to detail. This means you can buy with confidence as we want you to love our beanbags as much as we do. Please Note Due to the size of this Product we have No POSTAGE Service To the following: Northern Ireland, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Scilly Isles, Channel Isles, Scottish Highlands & Islands Postcodes:- IV all, HS all, KA 27-28, KW all, PA 20-49, PA 60-78, PH 17-26, PH 30-44,ze all,
Columbia Women's Lay D Down Ski Jacket - Red Camellia, Large
Columbia Sportswear Company Ltd
Dynamic, women and very functional. This elegant women's lay 'D' with you in the wild and mountain landscapes as well as in the city. The Eagle to 550 g/m² and our latest technology thermo-réfléchissante create a real barrier against the coldMaterial: Outer: 100% Made from 100% polyester Act II Satin, 34% Acrylic/51% modacrylic/15% polyester Rocky Raccoon faux fur trim. Lining: 100% thermo-réfléchissant, 100% fleece polyester Lushious. Insulation: 80% duck uvet 20% feathersOmni-Heat technologyOmni-Shield advanced water-repellentDown insulation 550 g/m²Removable and adjustable storm hoodRemovable faux furUnderarm ventilation systemDrawcord at hemWaterproof zipped pocketsInferno pocketsRemovable powder skirt with pressureMedia pocket and maskComfortable cuffs with thumb holeAt its centre back length: 67 cm
LED Grow Lights Skyline 600w mk2
LED Hydroponic LTD
SKYLINE 600 MK2 INTRODUCING THE ALL-NEW SKYLINESERIES LED GROW LIGHTS SILENT & POWERFUL. WATERPROOF & MODULAR. BUILT TO LAST THE WARS. The Skyline MK2 Full spectrum LED grow lights are the latest development from Bringing together the best in high-tech materials with passive cooling and LED chips to deliver a new range of modular LED grow light systems. These units are a step change when it comes to build quality and real world performance. The series is based around a single 100W modular LED unit which is fitted with CREE's powerful Cree J Series 3030 LEDs series This unit is fan-less, and IP65 rated. Each module has a blend of LED types (CREE ) to create a powerful spectrum that at the bottom-line does wonders in the grow room.. Each version of the Skyline led grow lights uses a different arrangement of the 100W modules. The design uses high quality LED driver units, and all wiring and connectors are sealed and even water-tight. Key Features 1. Advanced Alumimum-Fin heatsink, providing cooling without needing noisy fault prone fans. 2. Red & White - Light . Our blend appears visually primarily white due to the balance of the output spectrum, which both the plants and growers both LOVE. 3. The modular structure is industrial grade and highly servicable and upgradable. 4. Heavy-duty KIT. 5. Unique design using removable power supply and light source 6. Supplied with a generous 5M cable and mains plug. 7. Weight 9.5KG 8. Only using 300w power Performance Very quickly rising to the top of our hot list, the Skyline is a masive performer. The combination of stealth-bomber looks and large surface area of powerful LED point sources set the scene and follow up with explosive results in the growing phase, huge flowering and unbelievable yields of rock solid sticky buds. With the high yielding varieties, or anything for that matter, this lamp can really drive them beyond expectation.
JLL® IC300 Indoor Exercise Bike 2019, Cardio Workout, 18kg Flywheel Smooth Cycling, Adjustable Handlebars & Seat, Heart Rate Sensors & 6-Function Monitor + Pulse (Black).
JLL Fitness Ltd
The JLL IC300 Exercise Bike is an advanced piece of exercise equipment ideal for those looking to challenge themselves harder. Our indoor exercise bike ticks all the boxes with its durable build quality, smooth and quiet riding experience and precise on board LCD computer. With its chain driven drive system, users can be assured that the JLL IC300 will provide a constant and precise workout that can help build your cardio fitness levels whilst it tones and sculpts your muscles. Whether you are a beginner or a serious athlete this exercise bike can be adjusted to suit your needs. So start toning your muscles, burning calories and improving the health of your heart today within the comfort of your own home. JLL IC300 Indoor Cycling Bike features: Max User Weight: 130KG Maximum Occupying Area: 110cm (H) x 131cm (L) x 51cm (W) 108cm x 83cm x 19.5cm. 18kg flywheel - designed to replicate the smooth momentum of a regular bike. Direct Chain - comfortable pedalling in both a forward or backward direction. Fully adjustable seat which can be moved horizontally and vertically. Streamlined steel frame with stabiliser bars and leveller. Ergonomic adjustable handle bar can be moved vertically. Armrest for added comfort and security. Heart rate sensor built into handlebars. Compact and easily transported with built in wheels. Free plastic bottle and bottle holder on frame. Available in two styles: Red and black or white and black. Delivery: This item will be dispatched on 1st class delivery service from the date of dispatch. This does not include certain postal codes in Scotland, Isles off the Coast, Ireland and Northern Ireland. Delivery is to a ground floor location ONLY. Warranty: 12 months
Francis Pegler 4K6050 Basin Tap Pair
Pegler Yorkshire Group Ltd
Cocochoco Professional Gold Premium Keratin Hair Treatment, 250 ml
G.R Global Cosmetics Ltd
Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment is an advanced process that transforms the hair in its entirety. The treatment is Keratin based (the primary protein of the skin, hair and nails). This natural substance gives hair the ability to return to its original healthy, shiny, smooth and conditioned state. This Keratin straightens the hair without damaging or changing its texture. The treatment can be applied on all types of hair, virgin, including chemically treated hair (coloured, permed, relaxed, highlighted and bleached) . The application process lasts anywhere from 1. 5 to 3 hours depending on the length and thickness of the hair. After the product is applied, it is sealed with a flat iron which must be able to reach and maintain a temperature of 230c, this traps moisture, hydrates the hair and creates a glossy finish. Results are immediately visible after the Keratin Treatment is completed, hair looks healthy and youthful. Clients are amazed to say the least. Maintaining the hair after Keratin Hair Treatment is applied is effortless. The amount of time required to style hair will decrease substantially, in most cases is wash-and-go. Others may require some blow drying and minimum styling time