Aedes 1413 English House Model Kit, 31 x 26 x 5 cm, Multi-Color
Made from real ceramic pieces which stimulate stone;Includes all the necessary materials to build a high quality model;Difficulty degree:5.5/10;Measures 31 cm length by 26 cm width by 5 cm height
Aedes La Herradura Lighthouse Model Kit, 31 x 26 x 5 cm
La Herradura Lighthouse Reproduction Kit;Made from real ceramic pieces which stimulate stone.;Includes all the necessary materials to build a high quality model.;Approximate number of pieces: 1500. Assembled Size: 7.9 X 7.9 X 10.4. Scale: 1/75;Located in Almu-ecar - Spain. Built in the XVI century.
Aedes Loarre Castle Model Kit, 37 x 26 x 7 cm
Ref: AEDE-1007 manufacturer: Aedes ars family: construction in stone weight: 9.00 kg - 19.82 lb Description: Castle of Loarre Spain, century XI features model stone to build brand Aedes scale 1/200 and with a number of pieces of 8,600. and measures in mm 530 x 650 x 300 review Historica Loarre Castle is located near the town of the same name, in the province of Huesca, 30 kilometers east of the capital, already in the Western Pyrenees. It is the oldest and most important of Spain Romanesque fortified castle. Sancho III the Mayor, Navarra, between 1015 and 1023, commanded to build on the ruins of a Roman Castle, the actual building, the Chapel and the Queen's Tower, the courtyard of arms and the military stays, as well as the residence for the service; the Tower of homage, of 22 meters from where you can see the entire region, the "Hoya de Huesca" he added after his death of Ramiro I. Definitely conquered by the Muslims, it was recovered by Sancho Ramírez, who expanded and enriched the fortress. The walled enclosure covers one hectare of land, which gives an idea of the great dimensions that has.
Aedes Church of Son Model Kit, 33 x 28.5 x 5.5 cm
Ref: AEDE-1110 manufacturer: Aedes ars family: construction in stone weight: 4.00 kg - 8.81 lb Description: Son, Spain, S. XII features developed by Aedes riding scale: 1/75 and one measures mm 300 x 400 x 365, no. approx. pieces : 3.800. Main language: Italian
Aedes 1418 German House Model Kit, 31 x 26 x 5 cm, Multi-Color
Aedes Ars is a brand specialised in manufacturing mosaics and in producing pieces and assembly kits for the reproduction to scale of typical country buildings and historic monuments of high cultural value. The quality of the pieces is based on our manufacturing processes, using only first-class raw materials. The numbered cardboard figures making up the basic structure are stamped, so that they can be assembled accurately and easily. The figures are joined together by tabs, also of cardboard, so that assembly is simple. All our construction kits include instructions and graphic advice in the form of a photographic sequence. The prefabricated ceramic pieces that Aedes Ars includes in some of the new kits are a novelty in the sector. These pieces simulate various parts of the constructions which would otherwise be very difficult to achieve, as they include a great deal of details, in this way, they need only be fitted into the construction. They give the model a high degree of realism. Stone imitation ceramic model. Glue included. Piece count : 2100 pieces. Difficulty level : 2.5/6. Dimensions : 18.5 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm.
Aedes Rural Village Diorama, 37 x 26 x 7 cm
Ref: AEDE-1457 manufacturer: Aedes ars family: construction in stone weight: 6.50 kg - 14.32 lb Description: rural village features developed by Aedes to mount. REF. included: 1256, 1412 No. approx. pieces : 5.900 difficulty: 6.5/10 measures (Mm.): 575 x 250 x 220
Aede of the Ocean and Land: A Play in Seven Acts
Suluk Press, Omega Publicat.
The Aedes Aegypti, or Yellow Fever Mosquito

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The Aedes aegypti mosquito is one of the most lethal organisms in human history. It is the main vector of several tropical diseases, including yellow fever, dengue fever, chikungunya, and the zika virus. The zika virus, in particular, has attracted attention due to that infection being implicated in an epidemic of babies being born with microcephaly, or unusually small heads in northeastern Brazil. Microcephaly is related to a number of health problems, including developmental delays, intellectual disabilities, and various lifelong health problems.The A. aegypti mosquito isn’t the only species of mosquito that can spread the zika and other infections to humans. But the fact that this mosquito prefers to feed on people, and breeds near to where people live, has made it an extremely effective vector of human diseases. The A. aegypti often lays its eggs in man-made containers like open septic tanks, toilets, showers, and discarded urban trash that catches rainwater. Because these mosquitoes prefer to feed on people, and because they usually breed in man-made habitats in densely-populated areas, they are particularly effective at spreading diseases to people. The anopheles mosquitoes that spread malaria tend to live in less densely-populated rural areas, preferring to lay their eggs in swampy or marshy areas rather than in man-made containers. The A. aegypti, on the other hand, are often called an “urban mosquito” because their preference for breeding in artificial containers near to places where people live.The A. aegypti most likely originated in tropical Africa, and was spread to the Americas (and other parts of the world) due to the Atlantic slave trade and triangular trade in the 17th century. The 1st recorded outbreak of yellow fever in the Americas, which was undoubtedly spread by this mosquito, took place in Barbados in 1647. A year later another outbreak was recorded in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. In the centuries that followed, there were reoccurring outbreaks in ports and cities in the Americas and southern Europe, including one major epidemic in Philadelphia in 1793.By spreading yellow fever, the A. aegypti altered world history. For example, yellow fever could determine the outcome of wars by decimating armies. When the British tried to invade Cartagena in Spanish-ruled New Granada (Colombia) in 1741, yellow fever killed many of their men and helped to ensure that they were defeated. British and French Napoleonic invasion forces in Saint-Domingue (Haiti) suffered similar fates in the 1790s and early 1800s during the Haitian Revolution. The A. aegypti mosquito also influenced the building of the Panama Canal. Frenchman Ferdinand de Lesseps tried, and failed, to build an Atlantic-Pacific canal across the Panama Isthmus in the 1880s and 1890s. This failure was partly due to the high death rate from yellow fever and malaria. The US took over the project after scientists discovered that yellow fever and malaria were transmitted by mosquitoes. By taking successful anti-mosquito measures, the Americans were able to successfully complete the Panama Canal.This description of the A. aegypti mosquito was written by Leland Ossian Howard (1857-1950) for the US government in 1913. Howard was the head of the US Bureau of Entomology (a branch of the Department of Agriculture) in the early 20th century. Howard was involved in some of the early US government-sponsored research into the A. aegypti. Some of the information provided by Howard is outdated. For example, he calls that A. aegypti the “Aedes calopus”, assumes that it was native to the Americas (it is actually native to Africa), and that yellow fever was caused by protozoa like malaria (it is actually caused by a virus). But his observations on the life stages and behavior of the A. aegypti mosquito are still accurate today.
Aedes - Maquettes Ceramic Model - Castle of Almansa, Spain
Aedes - Maquettes
Almansa Castle Reproduction Kit;Made from real ceramic pieces which stimulate stone.;Includes all the necessary materials to build a high quality model.;Approximate number of pieces: 3600. Assembled Size: 9.8 X 20.1 X 12.4. Scale: 1/350;Located in Almansa - Spain. Built in the XIII century.
GIANTmicrobes Aedes Mosquito (Aedes aegypti) Plush Toy
The Aedes aegypti mosquito, infamous for transmitting yellow fever, also carries many other infectious viruses such as Dengue, Chikungunya, West Nile and Zika. The 2015-16 Zika epidemic was primarily caused by this nasty, little bug.
Ceramic Model - San Pedro de la Nave Church, Zamora, Spain
Reference: Aedes ars miniaturas-1102 Manufacturer: Aedes ars family: Building in stone approx weight: 3.00 kg - 6.61 lb Description: San Pedro nave-zamora - Spain - S. VII features developed by Aedes to mount. Scale: 1/80 No. approximately. Parts: 2,600 difficulty: 3.5/10 measures (mm.): 275 x 300 x 110
2Pcs 14g 14 gauge 1.6mm 1/2 12mm Steel nipple lip ear ring bcr captive bead bar Crystal Amethyst Pierced Body Jewellery AEDE
"You are buying 14g (1.6mm), 1/2 inch (12mm) 316L Surgical Stainless Steel Captive Bead Rings with 8mm Amethyst Swarovski Crystal Ball. All item is exactly same as the picture and will be delivered with beautiful jewelry box or pouch at no extra cost."
La Compil' N° 3 - Piano Voix Guitare - Aede Music
Book of Music for Piano Voice guitare (tablatures), La compil 'n ° 3 box ed sheeran Sing Florent Mothe Camille & Lou/Something Magical about Alex Hepburn/Under The Do/on my shoulders Granville/Jersey Birdy/Skinny Love hyphen hyphen/Just need your love Alex beaupain/coule Alain Bashung/The Night I Lie Hozier/Take Me To Church
SFSYDDY-The Catalyst Mosquito Lamps Household Mosquito Lamps Electronic Mosquito Aedes Mosquitoes Drug Mosquito Control Devices
Product categories:& Smog mosquito lamps applicable area :20-50 sqm color: blue Case size 47 ××63.9 :53.7 Qty: 27/ :14.8kg packing gross weight
Aedes 1408 Country Houses 8 Model Kit, 31 x 26 x 5 cm, Multi-Color
Country Houses 8 Reproduction Kit