AEG EWA7800-U 7 Series Digital Kettle - Stainless Steel
AEG Stainless Steel Kettle, 2400w
AEG CX7-2-45AN Animal Cordless Lightweight 2-in-1 Pet Stick Vacuum Cleaner, 18 W, Chilli Red
The cordless handheld vacuum cleaner from AEG promises absolute mobility and efficiently removes dirt despite its compact size. The electronic floor nozzle not only has a functional double joint but also a patented self-cleaning function, which can be triggered by pedal pressure. The special AnimalCare electrical suction brush is included in delivery as an additional accessory. It eliminates even stubborn animal hairs and allergens without leaving residues - so the handheld vacuum cleaner is ideal for households with allergy sufferers. High-performance everyday helper Thanks to the bagless Powerflow-Cyclone Technology, the handheld vacuum cleaner is particularly compact and simple to use. The functional design is rounded off by front LED lights on the nozzle - they light up the floor and make it easier to vacuum in corners and under furniture. The practical everyday helper is a true power pack: the high-performance lithium-HD power battery lasts for up to 45 minutes, which corresponds to approximately 135m2 (eco level) or 48m2 (power level). After only four hours of charging, the vacuum cleaner is ready to help you again with your housework.
AEG SB9300U Gourmet Pro Blender, 1200 W Stainless Steel
Make delicious healthy soups, smoothies and sauces with this multifunctional Gourmet Pro blender by AEG. Featuring tornado style pull technology to drag ingredients to the powerful titanium blades, the blender makes light work of a variety of ingredients. The ergonomic design ensures the blender remains at the optimum temperature to keep your ingredients tasting fresh. It has easy to understand controls and an LED countdown display which looks great and prevents you over blending.
AEG 7 Series Digital 2-Slice Toaster  AT7800-U - Stainless Steel
The 2 slice AEG Stainless Steel Toaster is designed to be modern and stylish and features a clear countdown indicator so you can time your toast perfectly.The settings on this multi function Toaster include defrost and the darkness level setting. Bagels and bread rolls can also be heated on the rack that sits above the Toaster.The Stainless Steel AEG Toaster has a removeable crumb tray for easily tipping away crumbs after use.
AEG BSB 18G2 18 V hammerdrill/driver. Features: ◾ Compact & powerful for completion of all jobsite applications ◾ 50 Nm maximum torque delivers complete power ◾ 2 speeds - 0-400 / 0-1500 rpm ◾ 24 stage torque adjustment for complete control ◾ FIXTEC 13 mm single sleeve full metal chuck ◾ 3 mode selector - ease of use between functions ◾ Built in fuel gauge ◾ LED - for work place illumination ◾ Features AEG Pro Lithium-Ion battery technology with overload protection for maximum durability of both battery and tool BSS 18C 18 V ultra compact impact driver. Features: ◾ Ultra compact, well balanced impact driver ◾ Only 145 mm overall length ◾ 158 Nm maximum torque ◾ Delivers up to 3100 impacts per minute for increased productivity ◾ Industrial metal gearbox and gears for extended life ◾ ¼˝ Hex bit reception ◾ Built in LED illuminates work surface ◾ Features AEG Pro Lithium-Ion battery technology with overload protection for maximum durability of battery and tool ◾ Supplied with a single PZ2 bit
AEG 7 Series Digital Filter Coffee Machine, 1100 W - Stainless Steel
This AEG 7 Series Digital Filter Coffee Machine features an attractive brushed stainless steel finish with a LCD display. This drip filter coffee machine has an Aromastrength selector to select the strength of coffee being made. The PureAdvantage water filter system features a gold tone washable water filter for great tasting coffee. A handy 24hr timer can be programmed via the LCD display allowing you to have freshly brewed coffee at any time of the day or night! The water tank is detachable for easy filling and the coffee jug has a 12 cup capacity. Other features include auto shut-off and a keep warm setting.
AEG 9441893196 Maxisense Plancha Grill, Suitable for Induction Hobs
Grill plate for Maxisense® induction hobs. Ideal for meat, seafood and vegetables. Scratch-resistant non-stick coating. Grease-free grilling pleasure. Easy to clean with water and soft cloth. -
AEG WX7-90A3 Window Vac and Hard Surface Cleaner, 0.11 Litre, Aqua Spray
The ultimate clean leaves nothing behind. With the revolutionary new AEG WX7 Window Cleaner, you'll experience the satisfaction of nothing: no streaks, no leaks, just the ultimate level of clean. Includes: 29cm wide nozzle 29cm wide hygiene nozzle Spray bottle Micro fibre cloth 20ml concentrated detergent Natural professional rubber blades provide streak-free cleaning in any direction, for exceptional results. Product Information: Window Cleaner Rubber blades Run time: 90mins 60db Measures: 25cm approx.
AEG Power Tools L1815RP 1.5 Ah Battery Pro Li-Ion, 18 V
A.E.G. Power Tools
The A.E.G. Power Tools PRO Li-Ion Battery Pack feature AEG PRO Li- Ion technology protects both battery and machine in 3 ways: 1) Thermal Overload Protection, constantly monitors the temperature of the battery and automatically safeguards against overheating, therefore increasing the life of the battery pack. 2) Current Overload Protection, pevents damage to the cells of the battery. The Pro Lithium Ion current overload protection automatically shuts the battery down if the current levels get too high,but automatically resets its self so there is no loss of productivity. 3) Individual Cell Monitoring, ensures every cell in the battery is performing to its maximum capability to ensure optimum productivity. The cell monitoring also runs throughout the charge process to make sure no cells are damaged at this time.A.E.G. Power Tools L1815RP PRO Battery Pack Battery Capacity: 1.5Ah.Battery Chemistry: Li-Ion.Voltage: 18 Volt.
AEG EZS 5663 Ultrasonic Toothbrush
- Sonic, extremely fast vibrations of the brush head provide effective plaque removal and stimulate the gums; incl. 2 brush heads for optimal dental care and oral hygiene; - Brush with rounded Tynex DuPont quality fibers, gentle to teeth and gums; - Ergonomic handle - 3 level control (Clean/Sensitive/OFF) - One-button operation Power -Power source: Battery -Battery type: AA -Number of batteries supported: 2 -Battery voltage: 1.5 V Technical details -Toothbrush type: Sonic toothbrush -Adjustable speed: Y -Integrated timer: Y -Number of teeth brushing modes: 3 -Teeth brushing modes: Deep clean,Sensitive -Product colour: White -Two minute timer: Y -Number of speeds: 2
AEG Rapido Handheld Cleaner, 12 V
The new generation of AEG Rapido handheld cleaners is now better than ever. Rechargeable and cordless, the AEG Rapido AG5112 cordless cleaner gives you superb flexibility. With its outstanding design, high performance and low noise levels, the Rapido is perfect for quick cleans and spills in the home or car Lightweight handheld cordless rechargeable cleaner Soft Surface wheels for great manoeuvrability Easy to clean filter Intergrated telescopic crevice Nozzle 12 minutes running time
AEG AEG SB2500-U Perfect Mix Mini Sports Blender, 300 W, Stainless Steel
Product description Schuko socket AEG PerfectMix SB 3501 Mini Mixer For smoothie lovers is indispensable! The stylish AEG Sport Mini Mixer is compact and practical. With its powerful 0.4 hp power motor and the high-quality stainless steel knives, it reaches up to 23,000 revolutions per minute. Thus even extra-pureed smoothies succeed at the push of a button. 0.4 HP power motor (equivalent to 300 watts) 2x 0.6 liter BPA-free Tritan water bottle Refrigeration and heat resistant from -40 ° C to + 80 ° C Lid included Four-blade stainless steel knife Suction feet for optimum stability Dimensions with bottle: WxDxH (cm): 13,0x13,5x40,0 Dimensions without bottle: WxDxH (cm): 13,0x13,5x17,5 Total weight: 1.4 kg (bottle with lid 0.13 kg) Scope of delivery: Scope of delivery: 1x AEG SB3501 stand mixer incl. 2x 0.6 liter BPA-free drinking bottles
AEG Lower Basket Wheel Kit for AEG Dishwasher, Grey, Pack of 8
Suitable for the following models - AEG AEG F.40010VI D, F35010ILW, F35090I-M, F40012IM, AEG F.60760 UK, F35010IM, F35090IW, F40012IW, ASI66011K, F35010IW, F35090VI, F40012UM, F30010IM, F35010VI, F35400IM0, F40360, F34030IM0, F35010VIL, F35400VI0, F40370, F34030VI0, F35020IM, F35410IM, F40370U, F34032VI0, F35020VI, F35410VI, F40375U, F35010IB, F35085VI, F40010IM, F40379U, F35010ILB, F35090I-B, F40010VI, F40561U, F35010ILM, F35090IM, F40012ID, F40742, F40760, F43410IM, F44011VI, F44080VIL, F40860, F43480I-D, F44060VI, F44086IA, F40860M, F43480I-M, F44080IA/1, F44086IM, F40860U, F43480I-W, F44080IB, F44090ID, F43011VI, F44010ID, F44080ID, F44090IL-M, F43070VI, F44010ILM, F44080IL-M, F44090IM, F43080IB, F44010IM, F44080IM, F44090IW, F43080IM, F44010IW, F44080IM/1, F44090VI, F43080IW, F44010VI, F44080IW, F44090VIL, F43080VI, F44010VIL, F44080VI, F44410IM, F44410VI, F44860M, F45002, F50002ID0, F44411VI, F44860U, F45002M, F50002IM0, F44420, F44860UM, F45003, F50002IW0, F44450, F44861, F45003M, F50010VI, F44460, F44861M, F45005, F50580VI, F44480I-M, F44880, F45005M, F50671, F44490I-M, F45000M0, F45010M0, F50671U, F44490VI, F45000W0, F45010W0, F50672, F44760, F45001, F45011M0, F50672M, F44860, F45001M, F45011W0, F50672U, F50672UM, F50777, F50870, F50871, F50673, F50777S, F50870B, F50871M, F50673M, F50860, F50870FUB, F50871U, F50673S, F50860U, F50870FUM, F50872, F50674, F50863, F50870FUS, F50872U, F50675, F50863U, F50870M, F50873, F50675M, F50863U-M, F50870S, F50873M, F50742, F50863U-S, F50870U, F50873S, F50760, F50865, F50870UM, F50874, F50765, F50866, F50870US, F50874FM, F50874M, F50879M, F54012UD, F54861, F50875, F50879U, F54012UM, F54861M, F50875M, F50879UM, F54012UW, F55000M0, F50875U, F51879, F54052VI0, F55000W0, F50875UM, F51879M, F54750, F55010IA, F50876U, F54000IM0, F54760, F55010IB, F50877, F54000VI0, F54850, F55010ID, F50878, F54012ID, F54850S, F55010IM, F50878M, F54012IM, F54860, F55010IW, F50879, F54012IW, F54860M, F55010M0, F55010VI, F55062VI0, F55097IM, F55490
'AEG bss18 °C12z – 0 Impact Wrench 18 V V0 1/2 
AEG boulonneuse bss18c12z Li - 40C2C technical parameters: /Voltage Battery capacity: 18 V/4.0 Ah No load 0-22000 rpm of processor tool for tightening of 1/4 inch number of strokes 0-3200 tr/min Max torque 360 nm weight with Battery 1.8 kg compact and lightweight Design with 2 Speeds: 0-2900 tr. 0-3200// min tr./min construction extra-Strong PROLITHIUM triple-ION (protection against over-current protection, thermal overload, INSPECTION of ARTICLES) Perfect ergonomics LED Light 3 branches illuminates, the work surface only Length 203 mm Belt Clip for easy transportation
AEG HSM/R 5638 hair and beard trimmer, black
¡Si quieres mejorar tu imagen y realzar la belleza de tu cabello, Cortapelos Aeg Negro te será de gran ayuda para lograr tus objetivos! Disfruta de los beneficios y las ventajas de los productos Aeg y otros productos de peluquería de marcas 100 % originales.Género: HombreIncluye: CargadorCepillo de LimpiezaPeine x 3Apto para todo tipo de cabellosAjustable: sí