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AEG Automotive 97253 On-board bar BK 6, thermoelectric cooler and heat box, 6 liters, 12 V and 230 V
AEG Automotive
Thermo-electric cool/warm box - no ice packs required.Compact design - uses minimal space.With a practical carrying strap.CFC-free.Voltage: 12 + 230 V.Power rating 46 W (cooling), 38 W (warming).Minimum/maximum temperature: cooling: 15-20 ˚C below the ambient temperature, warming: 50-65 ˚C.
AEG Automotive Cartec 005040 Reinforced Wheel Brace
Cross 'key Compact PKW wheel. With 3 square sockets: 17, 19, 21 mm and 1/2. A non-slip foam coating covers the area of support. It provides true comfort. High grade stainless steel.
AEG Automotive 97139 connection cable set AS 25 for voltage transformers of up to 1500 W
AEG Automotive
AEG AS 253. Cable length: 3 m. Input current: 150. Cable colour: Black/Red Power -Input current: 150 -Maximum current: 150 A Technical details -Maximum power: 2000 W Features -Cable colour: Black/Red -Cable length: 3 m -Compatibility: voltage transformer Logistics data -Quantity per pallet: 2 pc(s)
AEG Automotive 97012 microprocessor charger LW 60.0 A for 12 V and 24 V batteries, 8 settings
AEG Automotive
AEG 97012. International Protection (IP) code: IP20, Colour of product: Black Features -Built-in display: N -LED indicators: Y -Handle(s): Y -International Protection (IP) code: IP20 -Colour of product: Black
AEG 97136 Compressor KD 7.0 - with digital pressure pre-selection and switch-off function, LED lighting, 12 V, max. 7 bar / 100 psi, incl. accessories
AEG Automotive
- With pressure preselection and automatic switch off function - Strong 7 bar maximum power - Digital display with integrated LED illumination - For simple pumping up of balls, car and bicycle tyres and so on, three connector nozzles are included - Compact, space-saving design - With LED light for use in dawn and night - Intelligent storage system for hose, attachments and cable Display -Built-in display: Y Weight & dimensions -Width: 215 mm -Depth: 70 mm -Height: 165 mm -Weight: 1 kg -Cord length: 2.8 m Power -Power source: Cigar lighter -Operating voltage: 12 V Performance -Maximum operating pressure: 7 bar -Noise level: 85 dB Features -Suitable for: Universal -Built-in spotlight: Y -On/off switch: Y -Air compressor valve adapters included: Ball
AEG Automotive AEG 005022 Drain Plug Wrench 8-12 mm Hexagonal
AEG Automotive
Drain plug wrench with France of 8 mm and 12 mm. Ergonomic handle with non-slip rubber.
AEG Automotive 97175 microprocessor battery pulser MB 1.0, 12 V battery trainer 4 settings, trickle charger with safety functions
AEG Automotive
Let your starter battery do the endurance training to extend the battery life of vehicles that sit for a long time or even save your deeply discharged batteries!Especially useful for seasonal vehicles stored away in winter but also vehicles not often driven or left sitting for long periods, such as at a holiday destination. The battery pulser helps to keep your car battery fit. It keeps the chemical mechanisms reliable by using alternating charging and discharging cycles so that the battery is always ready for action. In addition, the battery pulser is also just as suitable for the regular charging of small vehicle batteries as for the conservation charging of batteries up to 100 Ah. Finally, it can unintentionally save deeply discharged batteries, as it works immediately from 1.5 V voltage  – many batteries can be regenerated with this.Microprocessor-controlled battery pulser with 4 functions: charging, charging/discharging (pulser), conservation charging, refresh (rescue function).Suitable for 12 V lead acid, Gel and AGM batteries.Conservation charging for batteries up to 100 Ah.Max. charging current 1A.Comes with overcharging, short circuit and reverse polarity protection.Can be left connected permanently. Easy to connect with battery terminals or eyelets and pluggable charger connections.
AEG BS 12CI Drill Cordless Electric 12 V/1.5 self-holding spindle
Tensione V 12 Ah 1,5 - kg 1,1 - 2 batterie litio Reversibile - Ricarica h 0,30 Velocita' giri/min 0/1200 Mandrino autoserrante mm 10 Frizione 17 regolazioni - Caricabatterie
AEG temperature sensor
APS/AEG Power Solutions GmbH
AEG temperature sensor
AEG 005120 Compressor Pump, Rechargeable
Compresseur-gonfleur autonomous, with 2 circuits different circuit compressor flow rate 420L/min (at 0.04 bar Maxi) circuit compressor: pressure 11 bars Maxi (adjustable 14.5l/min under 2.75bars) can be used on a car with the car charger cable (included) or at home thanks to the power supply 220 V (included). Autonomy: up to 50 minutes 3 Piece Set