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Aeotec Multisensor 6, Z-Wave Plus 6-in-1 motion, temperature, humidity, light, UV, vibration sensor ,No battery, White
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Aeon Labs AEOEZW100 Technical details -Colour of product: White -Placement supported: Indoor
Aeotec WallMote Quad, Z-Wave Plus wireless wall switch, 4 button, 16 scene remote control
Wireless Z-Wave control. Perfected. Lighting control. Appliance control. Scene control. Z-Wave control. There are thousands of Z-Wave devices that you can have in your home, but controlling them is never natural. Typically, you have to pull out your mobile phone or boot up your computer. WallMote brings natural, intrinsic control to the connected home. WallMote is the perfect Z-Wave controller. Wireless. Battery powered. Designed like a wall switch, but capable of controlling hundreds of devices of over a dozen Z-Wave scenes. Ports & interfaces -Connectivity technology: Wireless -Z-Wave: Y Design -Colour of product: White -LED indicators: Status Performance -Operating frequency: 868.42
Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor Gen5, Invisible Z-Wave Plus security and open/close sensor, Battery powered
Invisible home automation is perfect home automation. The Z-Wave door sensor is finally invisible. Looks perfect A around 10 millimetres in width, some might call it small and compact. We prefer to call it invisible. Its the Z-Wave door sensor thats been designed as the door sensor should have always been. For a start it doesnt change your homes aesthetic. Its not plastic stuck on a door. Instead its a clever piece of technology that installs simply within your doors frame. Aeotecs Recessed Door Sensor is as beautiful as the rest of your home. You never see it, you just feel its benefits. Simple to install The beauty of an invisible installation is complemented by the beauty of a simple installation. Installing Recessed Door Sensor is easy. Adding it to your homes network takes no more than activating its battery and syncing it with your Z-Wave system. Making the whole thing invisible means little more than a slight drill hole hidden away on the top of your door. Its the sort of installation that takes no more than 10 minutes but provides years worth of benefits. Simple idea. Powerful applications Recessed Door Sensor is a simple idea. It tells you and your Z-Wave network if a door is open or closed. Simple but powerful, Recessed Door Sensor enables you to create a whole new level of control through Z-Wave. Alarms. Safety. Intelligence. Automated decisions. All enabled by one simple, powerful and invisible device. Z-Wave compatible Despite its small size, Recessed Door Sensors wireless communication is powered by the same powerful technology that underpins much of Aeotecs home automation range: Z-Wave. Crafted into each unit, the small Z-Wave chip offers low-power communication over a distance of as much as 300 feet / 91 metres. Ports & interfaces -Connectivity
Aeotec DSE010 Multisensor 6 Recessor, White
Aeon Labs LLC
Recessor for Multi Sensor Elegantly hide sensors on any surface. Multi Sensor Recessor is used in conjuction with the Multi Sensor 6-in-1 and Motion Sensor 3-in-1 as a mounting accessory. Secure your sensor to a ceiling or flat wall. Product highlights: * 1.2cm protrusion * Easily installed and removed * Ceiling and Wall * 30° adjustable angle Specifications: Hole size needed for mounting: 70 - 75mm IMPORTANT: Our products are manufactured by AEOTEC. Devices manufactured under DOMUX brand uses the same materials than AEOTEC devices and enjoy a 2 years warranty and Europeen After Selling Service based in France. Devices ares certified Z-Wave Plus EU 868.42MHz and work perfectly with the most of Z-Wave hubs and smart solutions
Aeotec Door  /  Window Sensor 6 with Rechargeable Battery, Z-Wave Plus ON/OFF Magnetic Detector for Home Security Protection  & Automation , Burglar Alert, Paintable Design
Door/Window Sensor 6 Power -Battery technology: Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) Features -Connectivity technology: Wireless -Interface: Z-Wave -Colour of product: White -Maximum indoor range: 150 m -Housing material: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
Aeotec Dual Nano Switch on/off controller with power metering, 2 switches, Z-Wave Plus, In-wall, Compatible with Alexa
With this Nano Switch, all switchable electrical equipment such as power outlets and lights can be domoticated into a Z-Wave network! Interactions with devices will be done wirelessly via the Z-Wave protocol or via a wall switch. It also allows you to measure the power and power consumption of connected equipment. Its small size allows it to fit very easily into a wall behind a switch. The latter is no longer connected directly to the charge but it acts as an input device for the AEOTEC module which controls the load. It is compatible with all switch models, so you can use a rocker or momentary switch as well. For optimal installation, it is recommended to use recessed boxes with a depth of at least 65 mm. 45 mm boxes can also be used if space behind the switch is restricted.
Aeotec Nano Switch with Energiemessfunktion - Z-Wave Plus
AEON Labs Aeotec Nano Switch with Power Metering (AEOEZW116)
NEO Coolcam Z-Wave Plus PIR Motion Security Light Sensor Works with Fibaro
NEO Coolcam
Our store "aixi-smart-home-security" focus on providing high quality smart home security products in China to customers worldwide at a very competitive price, and we dedicate ourselves to provide the best customer services because Your Satisfaction is Our Great Motivation! Introduction: We proudly present our brand new PIR motion and light sensor for the widely growing Z-wave market. This PIR sensor sends messages via Z-wave network. It detects motion and precence with the PIR technic and also measures the light brightness and send this information to your Z-wave controller for you to use in your smart home automation. Specifications: * RF Frequency: 868.4Mhz (EU type) * Power supply: CR123A x 1 (not included) * Standby current: 16uA * Detection range: about 7m * Viewing angle: 90 degree * Operation temperature: 0 ℃~40 ℃ * Storage temperature: 0 ℃~60 ℃ * Size: 45mm*45mm*48mm, weight: 56g Package includes: 1* Z-wave Motion Sensor 1* Holder 1* Drill Mounting Kits (2x screws + 2x anchors) 1* Sticker 1* User Manual 1* Bookmark NOTE: An existing Z-Wave controller operating on the 868.4Mhz range is required (not included). Battery is not included.
Aeotec by Aeon Labs ZW112 ZW112-A Door/Window Sensor 6, Small, White
Aeon Labs LLC
Simple to use. Just as simple to install. To use it, all you have to do is open the door or the window its attached to. Installing Door / Window Sensor 6 is just as easy. Door / Window Sensor 6 has been engineered with 3 parts; a sensor, an invisible mounting bracket and a slim magnetic shard. Each part isn't only responsible for making Door / Window Sensor 6 so powerful, but also for making it so easy to install. Both the mounting bracket and the magnetic shard can be installed in moments with options including double sided tape, tiny screws and even a dab of glue. Once that's done, the main sensor simply needs to be connected to a Z-Wave network and attached to its mounting plate. In minutes, you're done. Wireless range The better the wireless range, the more reliable the product, and Door / Window Sensor 6 offers a class-leading antenna. Optimised for reliability, this tiny sensor can wireless communicate over 150 metres / 492 feet. Gen5 The best antenna. The best Z-Wave. Door / Window Sensor 6 is built upon Z-Wave Plus and Aeotec's leading Gen5 technology to offer you the fastest response times and optimal battery life between recharges. Secure security If you're using a sensor for security you want its communication to be secure. That's why Door / Window Sensor 6 utilises AES-128 wireless data encryption to keep it secure from prying eyes and hackers. Wireless updates. Whether used for home intelligence or security, you want your sensor to always stay up to date. Whenever firmware updates are made for it, you'll be able to upgrade Door / Window Sensor 6 via Microsoft Windows or select Z-Wave gateways.
Aeotec Home Energy Meter Gen5, Z-Wave Plus Smart Electricity Usage Monitor, Report Real Time Power Consumption, 3 Clamps, Each detects up to 60 amps for 3 Phase System
This power consumption meter the Aeon Labs works according to the Z-Wave technology more. It allows you to measure the energy of your home with the clips ampère-métriques. It transmits wirelessly a report containing, instant W and consumption Total consumption in kWh. Simply plug in the home energy meter to a power source (by connecting plugs or cable connection), intégrez-là Z-Wave home automation system to your Z-Wave compatible and more, and you are ready to measure the energy consumed. The tongs ampèremétriques very easy to install, you just need to clip on the power wire (wire with phase control your system. No electrical connection required with the cables which you want to measure the use. This module allows you to perform 3 Power Lines, typical for the installation phase. It is the year of the three phrases that is sent to the Z-Wave controller (module not each individual phase). The firmware can be updated through a USB port. Use the information to help reduce the use of electricity at peak hours, understand better what are the items that use the more, and then save a lot of energy. Measurements are highly accurate with a maximum of plus or minus 1% in relation to the actual values. The Home Energy Meter Gen5 of Aeon Labs has an IP44 protection rating, the worlds most stringent standard Suitable for use indoors and outdoors. What's in the box: 1x Power Consumption Meter Zwave - 3x clips ampèremétriques 1x Manual
Aeotec Key Fob Gen5, Z-Wave Plus Scene Controller, 4 Buttons 8 Scenes, Replaceable Battery Powered
The Key Fob Remote Control can be set up as the primary controller of a Z-Wave network. Key Fob Remote Control has two modes: a setup mode and a use mode. Aeotec Key Fob allows full scene control. It can operate a distance up to 100 feet / 30 metres indoors and 300 feet / 91 meters outdoors.
NEO Coolcam Wireless Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor - Gen 5- White
NEO Coolcam
Our store "aixi-smart-home-security" focus on providing high quality smart home security products in China to customers worldwide at a very competitive price, and we dedicate ourselves to provide the best customer services because Your Satisfaction is Our Great Motivation! Z-Wave Door Sensor Specifications: * Frequency: 868.4Mhz (EU type) * Working voltage: 3V, CR2 x 1 (not included) * Standby current: 1uA * Compatible with 300 series and 500 series * Working environment: 0 ℃~40 ℃ * Dimensions of this product:71x 20x 22mm(main body), 40 x 11 x 11mm (deputy body) Package includes: 1* Z-Wave Window/Door Sensor 1* 3M Double Stick Tape 1* Drill Mounting Kit 1* User Manual 1* Aixi Bookmark 1* Alarm Door Sensor NOTE: An existing Z-Wave controller operating on the 868.4MHZ range is required (not included). Battery is not included.