Designing and Building a Miniature Aero-Engine (Crowood Metalworking Guides)
The Crowood Press Ltd
Designing and building a miniature aero-engine is an exciting and rewarding task. Whether a professional engineer or an amateur looking to build an engine to fly your model aeroplane, this book will safely guide you through all the stages of designing and constructing an aero-engine in your workshop at home. With practical advice and details diagrams throughout, the book includes: machine tools, materials and accessories required; designing the engine, including a focus on proportion, valve timing and engine balancing; the manufacture of carburettors, assembly and setting up and, finally, choosing an aircraft for a home-designed miniature engine.
Aircraft Structures (Dover Books on Aeronautical Engineering)
Dover Publications Inc.
Paperback. Pub Date :2011-12-14 Pages: 566 Language: English Publisher: Dover Publications Still relevant decades after its 1950 publication. this legendary reference text on aircraft stress analysis is considered the best book on the subject It emphasizes basic structural theory. . which remains unchanged with the development of new materials and construction methods. and the application of the elementary principles of mechanics to the analysis of aircraft structures.Suitable for undergraduate students. this volume covers equilibrium of forces. space structures. inertia forces and load factors . shear and bending stresses. and beams with unsymmetrical cross sections. Additional topics include spanwise air-load distribution. external loads on the airplane. joints and fittings. deflections of structures. and special methods of analysis. Topics involving a knowledge of aerodyn...
Title: Aero( Beginning to Now) Binding: Hardcover Author: ThomasO'Brien Publisher: ABRAMS
Profile Designs Aero HC System, Clear
Profile Design
Features: This aerodynamic front mount bottle system conveniently positions essential hydration between the riders arms for a sleek aerodynamic profile Easy to operate flip cap means simple, no splash, refills Aerodynamic straw mount Removable nose section improves aerodynamics and makes cleaning the bottle easy Integrated bracket attaches to the aerobar extensions and offers width adjustment as well as length adjustment to suit many bar setups Cage is length adjustable on the bracket Computer mount integrates with the bracket and hides the computer behind the bottle reducing frontal area Construction: BPA-free, foodsafe HDPE bottle, injected nylon / GF bracket and computer mount Capacity: 828 ml System comprises Bottle, Bracket and Computer Mount
Process Centrifugal Compressors: Basics, Function, Operation, Design, Application
This book provides a comprehensive look at industrial compressors. Readers can find a great deal of information based on long industrial experience, on a clear and well-founded approach to real-gas handling, and on solutions to many practical problems. "Process Centrifugal Compressors" supplies engineering contractors and users of industrial compressors with a better insight into the "how" and "why" of different design features, thus providing a solid basis for dealing with manufacturers. It also reveals the limitations and requirements of practical applications and economics by casting light on the day-by-day design practice. By combining a mathematical approach with practical experience and many examples, it fills in the gap between academic textbooks and volumes, offering encyclopaedic descriptions of fluid flow machines.
UniBond Aero 360° Moisture Absorber Neutral Refill tabs pack of 1 / 4 x 450g
New design: wave shaped with a hollowed out centre. 2 in1 technology: anti-moisture and anti-odour.. Supplier reference: 2106199 Our code: 137057.
Aerocool Aero-800 Gaming Case with Window - White
Aero Cool Aerocool Aero 800 Midi Tower Gaming Case White EN55545 Components Computer Cases
Theory of Wing Sections (Dover Books on Aeronautical Engineering)
Dover Publications Inc.
Paperback. Pub Date :1959-06-01 Pages: 693 Language: English Publisher: Dover Publications A reference for engineers and students. this volume devotes more than 300 pages to theoretical and experimental considerations It progresses from elementary materials to methods used in the. design of NACA low-drag airfoils. and it presents techniques for using wing-section data to predict wing characteristics. Requires differential and integral calculus and elementary mechanics. 1949 edition.