Omron NE-C28P Compressor Nebuliser - White
Omron Healthcare
Reliable compressor nebuliser- mains operated - ideal for home use High quality and durable design Easy to use operation Virtual Valve Technology (VVT)
Omron NE-C801/KD CompAir Nebuliser Children's Edition
Omron Healthcare
Omron C801 Child Compressor Nebuliser, Omron C801 Child CompA-I-R Compressor with Virtual Valve Technology (V.V.T.) Nebuliser Kit ensures efficient delivery of medication,Features:, Unique combination of Omron CompA-I-R Compressor with the V.V.T means more of the aerosol is a respirable size and available to the patient to inhale, Jet Nebuliser- no patient coordination is required other than normal breathing, Child friendly design- yellow in colour and 2 puppets which can be attached to the device, Low noise - 46 decibel , High Nebulisation rate (0.3ml per minute)- ensures optimised treatment duration, Water resistant case and switch, Easy to attach and detach tube connectors,Benefits:, Convenient inhalation for children, Leaves minimal residual medication, Hygienic - Easy to clean, Compact and lightweight design,Omron C801 Child Nebuliser Kit Includes:, Handy carrying case for portability, (1) Air Tube, (1) Mouthpiece, (2) Masks (One child and one infant), (5) Spare Filter, Nebuliser kit holder, 3 Year Warranty Pack Size :1
Chicco 03846 piston aerosol
Aerosol ultrapiatto. 03846
Gilbert Physiodose Sterile Physiological Serum 40 Single Doses
physiological serum single dose
Hangsun Compressor System Mist Inhaler Kit for Home Use
Description: Easy to set up and operate. Lightweight and quiet operation. Ideal for use at home or within a care setting. Built in carry handle for added convenience. Suitable for use on adults and children. One year guarantee is included (This does not include accidental damage) Specifications: Voltage: AC220-240V 50HZ Power: 60W Nebulizing Flow: 4-7L/min Extreme Pressure: >205kpa Max.Capacity of Medication Tank: 10ml Particle Size: ≤5 μm Nebulizing Rate: ≥0.2ml/min Noise Level: ≤55db Operating Temperature: 10℃-40℃,85% and below Storage Temperature and humidity: -10℃ to + 40℃,95% and below Size: 140mm x 90mm x 190mm Weight: 1.25 kg  
Beurer IH21 Nebuliser
Inalatore con tecnologia ad aria compressa mediante compressore. Pressione di esercizio ca. 1,2 bar. Disinfettabile. Alimentazione dalla rete elettrica. Include: Boccaglio, Mascherina adult, Mascherina per bambini, Erogatore nasale.
Ch Aerosol Rana
Chicco Frog - 9067 aerosol a Pistone
piston aerosol for children mr carrot
MR Carrot Piston unit designed in the shape of rabbit, this apparatus for Aerosole suitable for children: entertains and distracts the child during laterapia. Format Aerosol kit containing a soft mask for adults and children, nasal prong, mouthpiece and tube. Cod. 0003910810000
strong health Air compressor System S600-B for adult and kids 2 year warranty
strong health
Specification Power:AC 230V,50Hz Noise Level:Around 65 dBA Compressor Pressure Range:30 to 50 Psi Compressor Flow:6-10L/Min Cup Capacity:6 ml Operating Temperature Range:10℃ to 40℃ Particle Size: 0.5~5μm
Mini Nebulizer Inhaler, PChero Handheld Personal Steam Vaporizer Humidifier Nebuliser Machine with USB Charger for Kids & Adults [Black]
Please Charge the inhaler for 2 hours before the first using! This inhaler comes with One Mouthpiece, One Large Mask for Adults and One Small Mask for Kids that it is suitable for Both Kids and Adults. Specifications: Voltage: 5V Frequency: 108Hz Container capacity: 15ml max. Full charge time: 2 hours Working time: 4 hours for continous working (fully charged) Power-Sourced: Built-in lithium battery & Micro-USB Charge Timing: After 15 minutes working, this inhaler will turn off automatically. If you want to make it continuous work, You need to press the ON/Off button manually. How to Use: Preparation: Clean and Disinfect the container cup, mouthpiece and other accessories before using them for the first time after purchase. Turn on: Press the key button for 2-3 seconds, then Blue-green led light Flickering, press it again, the device will enter into the working condition. Fast & Slow Working modes: After turning on this inhaler, press the button shortly for slow and fast working by turns. Q: How to judge whether if the inhaler in battery low or without battery? A: 1) the LED light will not turn on when you hold down the button for more than 3 seconds, ie, there is no battery power. 2) the Green-Blue light in Low light when working, ie, the battery is low. Q: How to judge whether if the inhaler is charging or fully charged? A: 1) the Green light is flickering when it is charging, ie, it is charging. 2) the Green light stop flashing when it is charging, ie, it is fully charged. Tip: Please make sure the spout dry and clean the water tank with some hot water after every using for better performance!
piston aerosol for children mr carrot
MR Carrot Piston unit designed in the shape of rabbit, this apparatus for Aerosole suitable for children: entertains and distracts the child during laterapia. Format Aerosol kit containing a soft mask for adults and children, nasal prong, mouthpiece and tube. Cod. 0003910810000
Portable Handheld Personal Cool Mist Nebulizer Inhaler Aromatherapy Essential Oil Ultrasonic Humidifier
Bio-Lec Health Systems
Usage: Please sterilize the cup, mask and mouthpiece with 10%-20% saline water before using. Add water in water vessel before turning the switch ON, and should add purified water (preferably Pure Distilled Water) or the water-soluble liquid in the  cup. Take away the Baffle-type cover, and together take out the soft glue gasket. Add water in water Vessel, which parallels the latex ring is available. Add the atomized liquid into cup, and put into the water vessel. (cup midline is 10ml) Cover with the baffle-type cover. (Note: The best atomized temperature in the water vessel is 30 degrees) Plug in the power lead and turn the power on. When the machine stops working automatically and if there i.e. residual atomized liquid in the cup , you can repeat the third step. Machine maintenance: Pour the water, wipe the container, put it in a dry and ventilated place after use. Put the machine back to the box after it is all dry. Specifications: Ultrasonic frequency: 2.4MHZ Size of Atomized particle: 0.5-5 micron Capacity of Cup: 10ml Vessel Capacity: 25ml Atomization volume 0.375ml/min: 20 mins Timing Automatically Atomization volume 0.5ml/min: 10 mins Timing Automatically Operating voltage: DC12V Input voltage: 100-240V can works in all countries Package Weight: 440g approx. Package includes: 1 x Ultrasonic Vaporiser (in original retail packaging) 2 x Mask (1 adult size, 1 children size) 5 x Medical grage Cups 2 x Mouth pieces 1 x UK AC adapter 1 x English Manual
FULL CASE of 12 MIXED aerosol Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser Refills auto fresh spray cans
12 Refill Fragrance Cans for Auto Air Freshener Dispenser. Twelve Refills Included. Standard Size Cans 270ml - 65mm diameter base. Can use in dispenser or manually by hand. For automaic air freshener dispensers or manual use
Aerosol Grey Machine
Hammerite 400ml BBQ Paint Aerosol - Matt Black
Hammerite BBQ Paint Aerosol Black Matt 400ml HMMBBQBLAERO Hammerite Barbecue Paint is specially formulated for use on the exterior of metal barbecues to bring them back to life. It provides protection and preserves the life of metal. The paint is abrasion resistant and resists cracking and flaking. It has a high tolerance to heat, resisting up to 600 degrees celcius.This barbecue spray paint offers a beautiful matt coat that is exceptionally durable, and provides resistance against fading due to wind, sun and rain.Quick drying and with no primer required, this paint saves valuable time. Supplied in an aerosol container for easy, quick application. HMMBBQBLAERO
Philips SideStream Reusable Nebuliser
Philips Respironics
SideStream reusable nebulizers can be used with most commonly prescribed breathing medications. The nebulizer top, combined with an InnoSpire compressor, SideStream delivers fast aerosol drug delivery and short treatment times, so you can get back to your daily life. This pack comes with a nebulizer piece, mouthpiece and tubing.