Reverence Aromatique Hand Wash 500ml/16.9oz
Reverence Aromatique Hand Wash
Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Cleansing Gel  500ml
An aromatic body cleansing gel Features a mild, low-foaming formula Contains Geranium Leaf extract Helps cleanse & deodorise without dehydrating skin Delivers an aromatic fragrance of Wild Geranium to invigorate senses Leaves body skin nourished & refreshed Ideal for all skin types To use: Apply a small amount on a sponge in shower, or add into bath. Great also as a hand wash
Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash - 500ml/17.99oz
A potent cleansing gel for busy hands Formulated with skin-suppling ingredients Excellent for hands that suffer from dryness & undergo frequent washing Leaves hands smooth & nourished
Aesop Post Poo Drops - 100ml - Toilet Freshener :: Tangerine & Mandarin Peel
APC by Aesop
After vigorous activity has occurred in the bathroom, Post-Poo Drop's crisp citrus peel notes- fortified with rich floral elements - effectively neutralise disagreeable smells. This product is Aesop's second collaborative project with A.P.C., after Fine Fabric Care. How to use: Dispense three drops into the toilet bowl post-flush. Additional drops in the hand basin will intensify the aroma, to the benefit of subsequent visitors.
Aesop Coriander Seed Body Cleanser - 500ml/17.99oz
An energizing low-lather body cleansing gel Formulated with essential oils of crushed Coriander Seeds & Black Peppercorns Delivers a stimulating fragrance to invigorate spirit when cleansing Ideal for all skin types To use: Massage a generous amount onto wet skin, rinse well. Or add to a warm bath
Aesop A Rose By Any Other Name Body Cleanser 500ml
A rosy botanical body cleansing gel Features a low-lathering formula Formulated with the finest Rose Oil Infused with Cardamom & Black Pepper extracts Helps mildly & deeply cleanse & deodorize without drying out skin Perfect for all skin types To use: Apply daily for shower or add to bath
Aesop Jet Set Kit
Jet Set: 1x Classic Shampoo 50ml/1.7oz 1x Classic Conditioner 50ml/1.7oz 1x Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser 50ml/1.7oz 1x Rind Concentrate Body Balm 50ml/1.7ozIdeal both for personal use & as a gift
Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm 75ml
A hydrating balm for hands & cuticles Formulated with oil-free hydrating botanicals Remarkably improves skin texture of abused hands Restores soft, smooth & refined hands Great for rough skin, cuticles & nails To use: Apply a small amount on clean hands & massage in. Can also smooth all over body, particularly excellent for massage into dry, fatigued feet at night before bed
Aesop Classic Shampoo 500ml
A botanical daily shampoo With an invisible gel texture Helps gently cleanse hair & scalp while shielding hair against breakage Contains botanicals & Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein Stimulates the growth of strong, healthy hair Infused with refreshing mint & herbaceous aromas Leaves hair supple, sleek & lustrous
Aesop Mouthwash - 500ml. Beautiful Glass Bottle. Clove :: Aniseed :: Spearmint Leaf (Bain de Bouche)
Features an alcohol-free formulation Provides a solution to the sensitive problem of oral malodour Does not disturb saliva production of the natural pH of mouth Protects olfactory contentment of those in close proximity To use: Swig generously & gargle prior to all public appearances
This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, 75 ml
This Works
This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, 75ml Enjoy a peaceful night's sleep with This Works best-selling deep sleep pillow spray. Proven to help you fall asleep faster and feel more refreshed come morning. 89% of users fell asleep faster than normal 98% of users felt more refreshed in the morning* WHEN: spritz onto pillows just as you are going to bed to help reduce sleep associated anxiety and improve sleep quality. HOW: This Works natural award-winning signature blend of Lavender, Vetivert and Camomile calm both mind and body. WHY: when we sleep skin cells repair damage and remove toxins, making sleep the ultimate beauty secret. Suitable during pregnancy.
Aesop Post-Poo Drops
Forget the choking fumes (and instant indication) of traditional air fresheners, Aesop's not-very-discreetly named Post-Poo Drops are the ultimate bathroom deodoriser - eliminating bad smells without any tell-tale synthetic haze.
AESOP SAO PAULO 9-piece Travel Kit
Aesop Sao Paulo is a must-have travel kit for men and women. Combining hair, body and oral care staples, the travel essential allows you to stay groomed, refreshed and polished wherever you are. Housed in a travel box. Suitable for all skin types. Directions: Toothpaste: Apply a pea sized amount to toothbrush and brush in a gentle, circular motion. Mouthwash: Morning and evening after brushing, or as required, gargle 10 to 20 mL Mouthwash for up to 30 seconds, then expel. Shampoo: Three to five times weekly, prior to shampooing, brush dry hair to loosen dirt and disentangle. Wet hair thoroughly, pour product into hands, then gently massage onto scalp. Rinse thoroughly. Conditioner: Expel excess water from hair after shampooing. Dispense product into hands and apply to mid-lengths and ends of hair. Use a wide-toothed comb to ensure even distribution. Leave for two to three minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Body Cleanser: Dispense Body Cleanser directly into your hands or sea sponge. Lather and massage over soaked skin, then rinse thoroughly. Body Balm: Morning and evening, massage into freshly cleansed skin from neck to toe, concentrating on dry areas such as elbows, knees and feet. Face Cleanser: Morning and evening, pour into clean hands and lather. Massage over face and neck and leave for one to two minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Toner: Morning and evening, splash half a teaspoon onto a cotton pad or directly into hands, and pat onto freshly cleansed face and neck. Serum: Morning and evening, dispense half a teaspoon into the hands, and massage into freshly cleansed and toned skin.
Aesop Amazing Face Cleanser 200ml
A lightly lathering cleansing gel Formulated with botanical actives of Tangerine, Ylang Ylang & Lavender Helps invigorate & balance skin Thoroughly eliminates grease & environmental dirt Leaves skin purified & refreshed Ideal for greasy or open pored skin types To use: Morning & evening, apply a small amount on face & neck. Rinse off with cool water
Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm 500ml/16.67oz
A hydrating balm for hands & cuticles Formulated with oil-free hydrating botanicals Remarkably improves skin texture of abused hands Restores soft smooth & refined hands Great for rough skin cuticles & nails To use: Apply a small amount on clean hands & massage in. Can also smooth all over body particularly excellent for massage into dry fatigued feet at night before bed
Aesop Sage & Zinc Facial Hydrating Cream SPF15 40 ml
A rich, mineral-based protective facial moisturiser Contains a superior blend of botanicals to moisturize skin Blended with micronised Zinc Oxide to combat UV rays without causing whitening or clogging pores Skin appears supple, smooth & healthy looking Perfect for all skin types
Aesops Illustrated Fables (Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classic Collection)
Barnes & Noble
A leather bound edition from the popular series. It features a satin-ribbon bookmark, decorative stained edging and marbled endpapers.
Brand new fragrance from Aesop - Unisex - Suitable for men and women; Aroma: crisp, elusive, green
Aesop Deodorant 50 ml
A delicately scented spray deodorant for men & women With an aluminium-free formula Contains eleven essential oils that neutralize underarm odour Infused with a captivating Vetiver scent Leaves skin fresh & comfortable To use: After cleansing, apply a single spray under each arm & let dry. Re-apply throughout the day when needed