Afriso Mechanical Fuel Tank Capacity Indicator
Afriso MT-profile R tank fill displayThread G1 1/2 For continuous measurement of the fill level in tanks filled with EL heating oil, diesel, biodiesel and water. For tank heights of 0 to 250 cm.Product description:Universal, mechanical contents measuring device with thread floater for direct tank fitting. Oil-resistant, shockproof Novodur housing. Thread G1 1/2. Floater made from oil-resistant material. Odour-tight. Proofed barrier. Plastic planetary gears roller. Display: ABS, shatterproof. Floater: PE-HD. Stepless adjustment to tank heights up to 250 cm. Reversible scale: 0–150 cm/0–250 cm. Manufacturer number: 16500.Item number: 81206300.
AFRISO - 1/2
Top quality Boiler Safety Pressure Relief Valve. Fitted On Many Different Types Of Boilers. Specification: - Pressure: 2 bar; Thread Size: 1/2" x 3/4" - Temperature range: from -20°C to +160°C; - Max. working pressure: 10 bar; - Max. concentration of glycol: 50%; - Compliance with CE Directive 97/23/EC.
Afriso Rear Threaded Pressure Gauge with Connection, 1/4 inch, Pack of 1, 600450
Manometer loop at the rear Black ABS housing, high impact and corrosion resistant Accuracy class 2.5 Connector G 1/4" PTFE Pipe Thread with self-sealing - Sealing Ring Viewing Area 0 - 10 bar Measuring element consisting of bourdon tube, copper alloy
Afriso FloCo TOP 2 Heating Oil Bleeder
The Afriso FloCo-Top-2KM Si is suitable for single-line systems with return feed in oil combustion systems for continuous ventilation. The air vent is suitable for the media fuel oil EL (DIN 51603-1) and diesel fuel (EN 590) as well as organic heating oil EN14213) and biodiesel (EN 14214) with max. 20% FAME. Also suitable for use in flood hazardous areas. For burners with an oil consumption of < 20 l/h, it is recommended that the multiple filtering, for larger systems, the fuel oil fan should be set to single filtration. The automatic fuel oil fan in safety design with integrated filter, shut-off valve and pressure gauge. Housing with diverter valve for multiple filtration and backflow preventer with integrated pressure relief towards the tank. Ventilation hood with 3-float safety system to prevent the oil foam from escaping through the ventilation hole. The return oil is passed through the float chamber for ventilation and can be mixed directly into the flow or re-filtered by switching a valve. In the case of multiple filtering, the return oil ensures an increased flow speed, the filter cup is permanently filled with ventilated oil. In service use, the pressure gauge shows the pump vacuum. With closed shut-off valve, the suction power of the burner pump can be checked. An increased negative pressure gives information about the filter pollution. The drain device makes every filter change a clean job: attach hose, open the drain valve, loosen the filter cup union nut and drain oil controlly. During the maintenance burner hose change an additional bypass valve must be opened, which drains the oil from the floating chamber into the filter cup and through the emptying device. Pressure-resistant up to 10 m water column. Technical data: connections: burner side: G 3/8 inch male thread with 60° cone for burner hoses, tank side: G 3/8 inch female thread.
Afriso Uni Measuring Indicator Ötank Contents Indicator
Afriso Unimess Level Oetank Capacity Indicator - Level Oetank - Capacity Indicator - Measuring Range Infinitely Adjustable from 90 Bis 200 CM - Unimess Level Oetank Capacity Indicator - Connection Thread R 1 1/2 " and R 2 "
Safety Pressure Reducing Valve Specification: - Pressure: 3.0 bar; Thread Size: 3/4" x 1" - Temperature range: from -20°C to +160°C; Max. concentration of glycol: 50%; - Compliance with CE Directive 97/23/EC
Manometer Glycerine 1/8 Inch 50 mm 0-25 Bar
Oil pressure gauge with glycerine attenuation 0-25 bar, 50 mm 1/8 inch lower stable design for particularly accurate measurement and robust in use. Class: 1.6
Afriso Vent Cap G2 20462, Plastic - Male Thread

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To close the pipes of the rod of immersion and fill the containers. Suitable for areas of risk of flooding. Immersion pipe cap/lid for filling made of zamak alloy. Waterproof up to 10 m of water column. Lockable with standard lock.
Leak Detector lag-14 ER
"Application: For tanks of double wall with liquid in the interstitial space. For Monitor polluting liquids deposited in the soil of the tank. The container lag can be installed in areas of pollutants Class I and II (e.g. in the output of a tank of oil). Approved for its application in all tanks under atmospheric conditions. Description: Leak Detector of class II (in 13160 - 1), with safety probe included. The system consists in a control unit, a container for the detection of the loss of fluid (lag container black) and a probe. The control unit has test button with alarm, visual/audible indicators, and an increase in the protection against interference. The audible alarm can be silent with the button "acknowledge. The contact potential-free relay This provided for the connection of an external additional alarm, or the alarm unit zag01. With system faults: the alarm is activated if the probe to test fails. Adapted for the mounting in panel with a table of Remote Control, a sealing kit available for cases in which the surface this very rugged. The container lag has the function of container and detector expansion at the same time. For tanks under useable land, the relationship between the content and the total volume of leak detection fluid should not be superior to 1.35. If the space interstitical has a larger volume, should use additional containers. More technical information on request
Afriso fuel oil de-aerator FloCo-TOP-1K with filter
The Afriso FloCo-TOP K is an automatic fuel oil de-aerator in safety version with integrated filter and shut-off valve. The metal housing consists of a 3/8" connection thread at the tank end and 3/8" ET on the burner side with inner cone for connection of the burner hoses. The de-aerator hood is made of transparent plastic, making it possible to detect malfunctions easily. It is also equipped with a safety float that prevents oil foam from escaping via the de-aerator opening. FloCo-Top is water pressure-tight up to 10 m water column and suitable for single-line systems with return flow feed in oil-fired systems. Suitable for continuous de-aeration of fuel oil EL (DIN 51603-1) and diesel fuel (EN 590) as well as bio fuel oil (EN 114213) and bio diesel (EN 14214) with max. 20% FAME. The de-aerator is also suitable for areas liable to flooding and equipped with a short Siku sieve 50 µm. Delivery without pressure gauge.
UNIVERSAL FLOAT GUAGE FOR FUEL / OIL / WATER TANKS. UP TO 2.5 Metres (8 feet approx) These float gauges are for oil or water storage tanks. The gauges give readings from 0 to 250 centimetres in 10 centimetre increments. Can be used on any tank up to a maximum depth of 2.5 Metres (8 Feet approx) The gauges are mechanical so there is very little to go wrong and no batteries are required. This gauge is suitable for any storage tanks with a 1 1/2 inch BSP female thread. If there is no suitable thread insert on your tank, you can still fit as follows; Drill a 1.1/2" diameter hole in the top of the tank (make sure that it is near to an access point where you can get your hand inside). Insert the male thread of the gauge and secure with the 1.1/2" back-nut which is provided. Adjusting the gauge to suit your tank is simple. Firstly measure the depth of your tank. Then remove the cover from the gauge using a small flat head screwdriver or a small coin. Once removed the callibrated disc inside will come loose. It is double sided....If your tank is 150 cms deep or less use the side showing "0 to 150". If your tank is deeper than 150 cms, use the side showing "0 to 250". On the gauge body you will see a red MAX line, align this with the callibrated disc so that it pointing to your tank depth. Push the cover back on and you're ready to go.
Afriso Quality Adjustable Water Thermostatic Mixing Valve 35-60C Mixer 3/4
Thermostatic mixing valve is designed primarily for single outlet use. It delivers safe, blended hot water to taps, showers, bidets and other water outlets, making it ideal for use in hospitals, schools and leisure centres. The element that controls the temperature of the mixed water discharging from the valve works proportionally on both hot and cold water supplies in order to maintain the temperature of the mixed water discharged.
Afriso Smart Home Wireless Plug Adaptor Apr 234
Afrisohome - Remote-control plug adaptor Apr 234Between the power outlet switch to the remote control's electrical devices. Used to measure performance of connected devices with repeater function. Technical details:General DataDimensions (W x H x D): 51x 51x 77 mmWeight: 70g (approxColour: White, similar to RAL 9003Temperature range: -10 to + 40 °CRelative humidity: 32º F to 140º F (0º C to 85% R.H (non-condensing)Supply Voltage: AC 207 up to 253 V 43 67 HzMaximum powerSwitching Capacity: 3680 W, Max. 16 A (resistive load)Continuous Output: 2500 WEinschaltstromfestigkeitt: 80 A, TV 5Überspannungsfestigkeit: 2.5 KV, Zerstörungsfrei, 6 kV, no risk of fireLoss of Power in standby: < 0.5 WRELAY CONTACTS service life: > 50 x 10³ cyclesProtective functionsOvercurrent protection: is turned off loadOver voltage: is turned off loadA child safety lock: N/APerformance/Energy MeasurementPower: Effective power in wattsAccuracy of 5%, minimum 0.5 WStandardsCommunication Protocol:- EnOcean® version to dolphin platform(ISO/IEC 14543/3/10)- IEC 60884 1/2 - 5, en 60730 -1EnOcean® radioFrequency: 868.3 MHzTransmitting power: Max. 10 mWEnOcean® equipment sections (EEP): D2 01-09/, A5 38, 08, A5 - 12 '01
Afriso Smart Home Surface Switch FT4 °F RW
Afrisohome Wireless surface for switching from radio actuators Radio Area Push Button for flexible use with 1 magnification surface Rocker or double rocker switch.When used with a rocker switch you can take two Auswertbare signals are sent: Rocker press top or rocker downward pressure.Remote switch with double rocker switch can use four Auswertbare signals: Two Rocker Switches Each at the top and bottom.The retaining plate can be screwed onto a flat surface on or with the adhesive on the wall, glass or furniture glued into place. May be surface of flush mounted on an existing 55 mm switch box can be used the, in a tin, existing sleeves, for screw attachment. The wireless switch can be used directly for use with many EnOcean® actuators, such as the between the power outlet Apr 234 or water valve watercolour ClimateControl 01 Be Programmed. The button can also be used as a component W. Afrisohome Gateway. Technical details:General DataDimensions (W x H):80 x 80 mm - on the outside- 63 x 63 mm, InnerInstallation height: 15 mmWeight: 260gHousing Material: Polycarbonate/ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)Supply Voltage: Energy Harvesting (with button)EnOcean® radioFrequency: 868.3 MHzTransmitting power: Max. 10 mWRange: 10 up to 30 m (depending on room/Situation and building).Box Contents:Frame1 x surface Rocker Switch1 x Panel Double Rocker Switch1 x Mounting plate1 x Wireless Module1 x Adhesive
Afriso Air vent DN 15 (1/2
Afriso Air Vent Dn 15 (1/2 ") - Series Comfort - Dn 15 (1/2 ") - Brass - Item No. :77013 - Air Vent with Mounting Valve
'Afriso Thermal Drain Protection DN 15(1/2Inch With Ferrule
'Afriso Thermal Drain Protection DN 15(1/2Inch With Ferrule - 'Thermal drain fuse DN 15(1/2inch), TAs 03, Made from brass - Sleeve: 160mm fitting Length: to go diving in the boiler Length: 146mm - 'With diving casing 1/2External Thread - Serie: comfort - Max. 10bar