Aftercut 3 Day Green Lawn Feed and Conditioner, 200 m2, 7 kg
Westland Horticulture
Quantity: 7kgCoverage Area: 200m² (20 Parking Spaces)Stimulates Root Development for Improved Growth and HealthNon-Scorch Formula Greener Lawns within 3 Days 
EverGreen 200sqm Complete 4-in-1 Lawn Care
Evergreen Garden Care Ltd
EverGreen Complete 4-in-1 will help you produce a more beautiful lawn after just one simple application. Its unique 4-in-1 formula feeds and greens the grass kills weeds and moss plus it helps your lawn make the most of every drop of water that falls. It is quick and easy to apply. Just walk up and down the lawn to spread the granules in an even pattern. If you have a larger lawn apply quickly and evenly through a wheeled spreader.In just 7 days you will see greener grass and the moss turning brown before dying off. In the next few weeks broad-leaved weeds such as white clover daisies and dandelions will twist and turn until they fade away. At the same time the long-lasting nutrients in EverGreen Complete continue to feed the grass so that it becomes thicker and greener over the next 6 weeks.All these improvements will help your lawn to become thicker and greener so that it will trap rain and prevent water loss. The unique Water Smart formula of EverGreen Complete builds strong roots to help protect your lawn against heat drought and other stresses. Contains MCPA mecoprop-P and ferrous sulphateGreen in 7 daysKills weedsKills mossImproves water absorptionFor use on lawns onlyCan be used in a spreader for large lawnsQuantity: 7kgCoverage: 200m²
Aftercut Patch Fix, 64 Patches, 4.8 kg
lawn patching mix that contains a unique blend of ingredients designed to make your lawn look beautiful again. The specially selected and prepared grass seed, ready-mixed into an ideal growing media including organic feed, ensures that all patches are quickly and evenly repaired. Patch Fix contains a special ingredient which absorbs the harmful salts and ammonia produced when pets urine breaks down, helping grass re-establish where it would otherwise fail. Even better, Patch Fix contain salt tolerant grass varieties which are resistant to future pet urine damage.
Aftercut All in One Autumn Lawn Feed and Moss Killer 400m2 by Westland
Westland Autumn Lawn Feed & Moss Killer is specifically formulated as a granule to keep your lawn strong and healthy over the winter months. This 400sqm bag is ideal for use with Westland wheeled lawn spreader for a quicker, more even application.
EverGreen 360 m sq Autumn Lawn Care Feed
Evergreen Garden Care Ltd
EverGreen Easy Spreader Plus
Evergreen Garden Care Ltd
Scotts Miracle-Gro EverGreen Complete 100 sq m Lawn Food, Weed and Moss Killer Spreader
Evergreen Garden Care Ltd
Keep your lawn looking tidy.Triple action, feeds lawns, kills weeds, kills mossVisibly greener lawns in 7 daysWith seaweed extractsFor use on lawns only, use from April to SeptemberContains MCPA, mecoprop-P and ferrous sulphate.
EverGreen 200sqm Extreme Green Value Pack
Evergreen Garden Care Ltd
The easy way to a fabulous lawn! Evergreen Extreme Green Lawn Food contains fast-acting nitrogen that packs a real punch and quickly starts to make grass green thick lush and beautiful after just three days. It also contains 20% more potassium essential to help build a thicker stronger lawn and to protect against drought wear and tear and other stresses.That is not all! It goes on feeding for up to six weeks - continuing to keep the grass green strong and healthy. It can be applied to an established lawn any time between March and September.6x greening powerChildren and pet friendly NPK ratio is 14-0-5Coverage: 200m²
Aftercut All-in-One Lawn Feed, Weed and Moss Killer, 150 sq m, 5.25 kg
Quantity: 5.25kgCoverage Area: Up to 150m² totalBest Results: April to SeptemberFeeds and Conditions Your Lawn Whilst Killing Weeds and MossGives You Richer, Healthier and Greener GrassCan Be Applied Via Even-Flo Spreader, by Hand or Wheeled SpreaderVisible Results in as Little as 7 Days
Vitax 1L Green Up Liquid Lawn Feed and Weed
Vitax Ltd
This Vitax Green Up Liquid Feed & Weed is both a fertiliser and weedkiller in one. The weedkiller works to see off unwanted weeds while the high nitrogen fertiliser promotes rapid green-up of the lawn and encourages fast growth to cover any bare patches left by dead weeds. The formula is diluted in a watering can and applied via the rose attachment or dribble bar. It can also be applied using a knapsack or other sprayer. For best results you just avoid mowing the lawn approximately three days prior and one day after treatment. Vitax who work closely with The National Forest are a synonymous name when it comes to quality lawn care products and this Feed & Weed will help brighten up your outdoor area and iron out those blemishes on your lawn. The 1 litre bottle treats 200m2.Click here for Information sheet.
Aftercut All-in-One Lawn Treatment with Even Flo Spreader 80m2
Convenient one-stop product for spring and summer lawncare. Kills weeds and moss and nourishes the lawn in just 7 days. Features unique spreader for easy and even application.
Miracle-Gro 1.015kg Patch Magic Grass Seed with Feed and Coir 13 Patches Shaker Jug
Evergreen Garden Care Ltd
Miracle-Gro Patch Magic Grass Seed Feed & Coir grows grass seed anywhere - guaranteed. Getting the results you want when seeding your lawn can be a challenge especially in tough areas such as harsh sun dense shade and trampled lawns. With a combination of triple action coir superior quality seed and plant food that actually expands to surround and protect the seed Miracle-Gro Patch Magic produces 50% thicker grass with half the watering. To repair a patch in your lawn remove the dead grass and loosen the soil with a garden rake. Apply 3mm of Patch Magic over bare patches or 1.5mm over thin areas of grass. Water in until it turns dark brown and begins to expand. The unique compressed coir material absorbs water like a sponge expanding instantly and changing colour to show it is surrounding each seed in a dark moist protective layer. Coir is a unique super-absorbent growing material which acts like top soil - only better! It continues to care for the seeds providing them with nutrients and holding water right next to the seed. This improves establishment offering a patching mix that really works. Best of all the protective coir layer changes colour to light brown when it dries out so you know exactly when the Patch Magic grass seedlings needs more water. Miracle-Gro Patch Magic is developed to survive in virtually every condition from harsh sun to dense shade. The result - thicker beautiful long lasting grass! This unique combination of coir grass seed and Miracle-Gro plant food provides the optimum environment to grow grass anywhere - even on concrete! Use from Mar-SepQuantity: 1015g shaker jarCoverage: 13 patches
EverGreen 100sqm Spray/Feed Lawn Food
Evergreen Garden Care Ltd
3.5KG Aftercut ALL IN ONE Garden LAWN FEED, WEED & MOSS KILLER Treatment
When to use For use on lawns. Use on established lawns (more than 1 year old) when grass, moss and weeds are actively growing. Apply in spring and again in Jun-Jul. Re-treat in autumn for heavy moss infestation or if moss returns. Allow weeds to grow for 3-4 days before and after use. Best conditions: Apply on a calm (not windy) day when the soil is moist and the grass is dry. Do not use during drought, freezing conditions or when rain is imminent.