Autol Top 2000 Lubricant Spray 500ml
Autol 2000Super longtime lubricant spray500 ml capacity Autol lubricant spray.Autol top 2000 lubricant sprayAutol top 2000 lubricant spray is a specialist Grease fabric on the base of the tried and tested Autol top 2000 Super longtime - Rich. It's a jungle out there, but applying using the spray can is the fat targeted areas, economical and safe also on zugängige lubrication to all. The Air Bubble Proof provides a uniform a greasy film and good penetration characteristics.Note: The pressure container no more than 50 °C for heating up and it should not be left out in open flames and lit parts spray. Risk of accident.Can be used in various ways:Autol top 2000 lubricant spray is for use on hard to Zugängigen places, as Bowden band, ropes and chains, can also be used for grating sites that are subjected to high levels of impact loads, vibration and or harsh weather conditions.Autol top 2000 lubricant spray offers long time according to lubrication as well as a good corrosion protection, also it has been proven a industrial use as well as for Crafts.
ENI I Sint 5 W-30 Motor Oil - 1 Litre
eni Schmiertechnik GmbH
Eni finishing touch Sint 5 W-30 is a synthetic high-tech engine oil of the newest generation. In addition to the general requirements of ACEA meets the requirements for vehicles with exhaust Nachbehandlungs facilities and Turboaufl Adung. In addition meets the current requirements of Mercedes Benz, BMW, Renault and the Groep. A backward compatibility is according to the manufacturer recommendations gegeben. ENI finishing touch Sint 5 W-30 is distinguished by its: Excellent wear protection Universal Einsetzbarkeit optimum cold start properties proven Fuel Economy Low Ölverbrauch protects the catalysts thanks to its small phosphorus content meets the requirements in terms of DPF (Mid Saps) can be used in various ways: ENI finishing touch Sint 5 W-30 is a versatile usable oil. Thanks to its broad performance including inserts in the following regulations are possible: ACEA C2 (performance level); ACEA C3; ACEA A3/B4; MB approval 229.51; BMW Longlife oil (01, 01 Fe, 04) and for VW Longlife II (503 00/506 00/506 01 with Ausnahmen), longlife III (504 00, 507 00) and VW/Audi 503 01 & 505 01, Renault C3 04 This product is in accordance with the manufacturer regulations also backwards compatible. Exception: Diesel Engines R5 and V10 TDI pump injector from year 2006 With and without the need for DPF, 3 or 4 cylinder pump and nozzle engines without WIV still ENI I Sint Tech 0 W-30 and/or ENI I/Sint MS Bulb 5 W 40th ENI I Sint 5 W-30 meets the following specifications and approvals: ACEA A3/B4 ACEA C3 (performance) BMW Longlife 04 (MB approval 229.51 VW 504 00 and 507 00 PORSCHE C30