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Swedish Log Splitter by AGMA
Smart Splitter
Ease of use;Safety in mind;Ergonomic features;Low cost features;Effective Splitting
Swedish Log Splitter
Smart Splitter
The Smart Splitter is so easy to set up and use Get a base log, using the 20mm Drill bit supplied, drill a hole of at least 12cm deep and 8cm from the edge of your base log Place the guide rod securely into the hole, then place over the guide rod the 1 metal washer, the rubber washer and then the other metal washer. Tighten the bolt so that the guide rod is tight. Lift the handle of the Smart splitters cutting wedge and place your log into position under the cutting wedge. Lift the striking weight with both hands and drop it slightly onto the splitting wedge so that the wedge is slightly embedded into the log. Lift the striking weight to the top of the striking rod. With both hands, throw the striking weight down towards the log, making sure you let go of the striking weight before it hits the log. Repeat this until the log has split. If you wish to cut kindling then place your wood / split logs under the splinting edge and again with both hands firmly on the striking weight thrown down the weight, ensuring you have let go of the weight before it hits the wedge.
Mechanical Design Engineering Handbook
Mechanical Design Engineering Handbook, Second Edition, is a straight-talking and forward-thinking reference covering the design, specification, selection, use and integration of the machine elements that are fundamental to a wide range of engineering applications. This updated edition includes new material on tolerancing, alternative approaches to design, and robotics, as well as references to the latest ISO and US engineering regulations. Sections cover bearings, shafts, gears, seals, belts and chains, clutches and brakes, springs, fasteners, pneumatics and hydraulics, amongst other core mechanical elements. This practical handbook is an ideal shelf reference for those working in mechanical design across a variety of industries. In addition, it is also a valuable learning resource for advanced students undertaking engineering design modules and projects as part of broader mechanical, aerospace, automotive and manufacturing programs.Presents a clear, concise text that explains key component technology, with step-by-step procedures, fully worked design scenarios, component images and cross-sectional line drawings Provides essential data, equations and interactive ancillaries, including calculation spreadsheets, to inform decision-making, design evaluation and incorporation of components into overall designsIncludes procedures and methods that are covered to national and international standards where appropriateNew to this edition: flow-charts to help select technology; Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA), product, service and system design models, Functional Analysis Diagrams (FADs), Design for Excellence (DFX), Design for MADE, and the process of remanufacture
Mi Faro (Instrumental)
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Kiss Your Wife Goodnight -- or someone else just might
AGMA Consulting Group
What's the book about? Well … I humorously review how men basically became so inept at developing our relationships with others. I then introduce some of the things that men can do to improve themselves and their relationships. Through simple observations and through personal experience, it seemed to me that men in general have simply lost their way on the path to learning how to be a man and how to romance a woman. This, however, isn’t man’s fault per se; we have had poor role models in this area mostly because our role models were lost also and as is often the case, when a man gets lost, he won't ask for directions.When we as a species do not know what to do, we will generally do nothing at all – the proverbial deer in the headlights mentality. For too long now men have been these deer locked in the relationship headlights. For years, we have stood frozen in the middle of the highway with relationships barreling down on us like semis set loose on an interstate – horns blaring with headlights as bright as supernovas – we have been too afraid to move forward into the unknown all the while knowing that the past has not worked for us either. We have simply not known what to do, so we have done nothing and quite frankly this approach has not worked for us either. Enjoy the humor but don't miss the message -- it is time for men to continue on their evolutionary path. It is time for men to develop into Alpha Men – understand communication, know that if your wife wants to dance then dance, romance your wife as you cook her dinner, and learn to listen.An enjoyable experience for both men and women.
Agma #2

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Amanece (Instrumental)
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Champion EP Gear Oil ISO 460 (20 L)
DK Lube Oil
This oil is recommended for lubrication of transmissions (oil bath, oil mist or oil circulation) and is particularly suitable for heavy loads and high temperatures.
Engraved Personalised Cremation Urn Jewellery My Grandma My Angel Angle Wings Birthstone Pendant Memorial Ash Keepsake Necklace
Engraved Cremation Urn Jewellery "My Angel My Grandma"Heart with Birthstone&Angel Wings Charm Pendant Memorial Ash Keepsake Necklace♣What is the meaning of the 12-month birthday stone1>January Birthday Stone isGarnet,Means chaste,sincere,fraternity,true.2>February birthday stone isAmethyst,Means honest,peaceful.3>March birthday stone is Aquamarine,Means wisdom.4>April birthday stone isDiamond,Means pure,flawless.5>May birthday stone is Emerald,Means lucky,happy.6>June birthday stone is Pearl /Moonstone,Means health,longevity,rich.7>July birthday stone is Ruby,Means enthusiasm.8>August birthday stone is Olivine,Means couple happy.9>September birthday stone is Sapphire,Means loving,honest.10>October birthday stone is Tourmaline,Means happy,Shalom.11>November birthday stone is Topaz,Means friendship,hope.12>December birthday stone is Turquoise/Tanzanite,Means victory,good luck,success.♣Package Included1>1xPendant2>1xfunnel3>1xGift box
16g 16 gauge 1.2mm 3/8 10mm steel eyebrow lip bars ear tragus horseshoe rings circular barbells hand painted cones AGMA Body Piercing Jewellery 2pcs
You are buying 2 pieces of 16g (1.2mm), 3/8"" inch (10mm) Circular Horseshoe with 3mm Unique Hand-painted cone ends HPG18. All item is exactly as shown in the picture and the item will be shipped with beautiful jewelry box or pouch at no extra cost.
Classical Indian Dance
Vasundhara Vision
Forest Master Bulk Log Stand Saw Horse Multi-Wood Holder for Chainsaw Cutting Sawhorse
Forest Master
The Forest Master Bulk Log Stand is capable of safely securing multiple logs for the user to chainsaw, the logs are held in place by 2 chains which prevent the logs from moving during cutting. The main advantage of the design is when the user is cutting the logs there is nothing directly below that can be caught by the chainsaw reducing risk of injury to the user and damage to the chainsaw or saw horse. The Bulk Log Stand can fold flat for storage by turning the uprights and the legs (see picture attached). The Bulk Log Stand is telescopic to accompany various amounts of logs. The log stand is manufactured in the UK. Technical Specification - Easily loaded - Folds for storage - Simply open up to use - Holds multiple logs - Very simple chain locking device when lifted up it snags, drops when it becomes loose meaning safe cutting - Supplied with 2 uprights, 2 feet, 2 stop chains and the wooden base - When cutting the logs the user should be able to cut freely with no obstructions,there are many badly designed saw horses on the market - Any obstructions will damage the chainsaw blade and give bounce back / kickback, this saw horse is safer than many others on the market - The holes are predrilled for the base, The " U support "log holder sockets into the wood so you can change hole positions by simply drilling another hole into the wood, you can make another base from a log and leave it outside just pull out the " U support " s and store them until a later date - The more " U support " s you buy the longer the wood you can cut - Takes up to 150kg in weight - Height 690mm (storage only) to 1300mm - Length 650mm - Width 490mm - Weight 8.2kg Please note we do not deliver to addresses off the UK Mainland.
CFC-P35 Ag-MA - 039–T Window Film
CFC CarFilmComponents e.K.