Agritura Water Wiper, 75 cm - A31209
• Water Wiper • galvanized • with splash guard • blade made of natural rubber • without handle • fitting handle KRB-2962
Viehzeich.Spray 400ml gn RAIDEX by Agritura
Colour - green; Content - 400 ml; For marking cattle, goats or pigs; For marking sheep use an especially developed marking spray for sheep; Intensive and quick-drying colour.
Saturnian Fun Gripper 10' Tie Dye Parachute [Misc.] by Agritura US
Kuh 1:87 schwarz/weiss liegend /stehend 8 Stueck - 571878
Podoseptan Claw Paste
• Podoseptan® Claw Paste • drying paste to care for the coronary band, fetlock and interdigital spaces of cattle and sheep • effective even in the presence of unfavourable influences such as rot / wet from manure / slurry and also counteracts softening of hooves and skin
Hand balm with jojoba oil enzborn-a00906
• Hand Balm with Jojoba Oil ENZBORN • content - 250 ml • penetrates easily and keeps skin soft and smooth • protects against moisture loss• smoothes the skin notably
Marigold Ointment ENZBORN 100 ml
• Marigold Ointment ENZBORN • protects and grooms sensible and stressed skin • regenerating and vitalising effect • selected oils and waxes regulate the natural lipid-moisture balance of the skin• contains nourishing substances: marigold oil, vitamin E, Allantoin, • witch hazel and carotene
Gants d'équitation Magic Grippy, multicolore - A29004
One size fits all Multi-stretch texture for a correct adaptation to any hand Cotton blend Palms with knobs to hold the shape of the reins50% Nylon, 50% Acrylic
10 kg, graduated in steps of 50 g -29951
• pointer steelyard • 10kg, division 50 g • for quick weight determination • for economic forage control • mechanism and spring in high-quality processing • sturdy Plexiglas front and stable housing • Hooks included
Milk Bottle square 2 litres
• Milk bottles • Milk bottle shape, 2 liters • with filling scale • for single animal breeding and for drugs entering suitable • complete with teat
20 Litre Jerry Can
Food-safe, White and Red Lid with seal
Euro farm cattle brush
• Cattle Brush • complete with spring • especially heavy-duty construction for easy handling • animals of different sizes can rub themselves without problems • extremely flexible to resist even the greatest strain (animals jumping on the brush) • special nylon bristles for cleaning and grooming the coat • stable spring mounting • Top quality cattle brushes • Cows need to scour and scrape. This is how they clean themselves and rid themselves of parasites, lichens and mites. Brushing stimulates and encourages blood circulation. The use of a cow cleaning machine or cattle brush is a major contribution to the cow's welfare and is therefore essential for a high milk yield. The animals are calmer and their well-being is increased. • Our Electric Cattle Brushes are easy to assemble. A sensor prevents tail hair from getting pulled in. All frame parts are zinc-plated and have been tested under the toughest conditions in pens. In addition, the Duo and Swing Brushes have intelligent control and a display. The extensive operating instructions included with every machine contain all of the key information on how to put together, maintain and troubleshoot the equipment. • The electric cattle brushes are virtually maintenance free. The lubrication of pressure points and the prompt replacement of brush rollers extend service life and attractiveness to animals.
Cow Lifting Frame,900 kg - A01011
• Cow Lifting Frame • very robust and stable design - has been proving itself for decades • an indispensable device for cows that cannot get back on their feet (e.g. complicated parturition) • a well spent investment that pays quickly and should be a must for every dairy cattle farmer • the gummed clamps are adjustable to the size of every cow • with a pulley or another hoisting apparatus every animal can be helped up to its feet • The best professional device!
Scarpe Atlantic Stars Uomo Antares AM 38VF Azzurro 403 Pelle scamosciata ss 18 39
Scarpe Atlantic stars uomo Antares AM 38VF azzurro 403 pelle scamosciata ss 18 (nuova Collezione 2018 primavera estate) ATLANTIC STARS Sneakers Atlantic Stars dal design sportivo e contemporaneo. Questo dinamico modello nasce da una passione ispirata agli anni 80 e riadattata secondo le esigenze urbane e moderne. È una running valorizzata dalla leggera e flessibile tomaia in vera pelle scamosciata con sezioni in tela dalle cromie tono su tono e pelle liscia dove viene riportato il logo del brand. Simboliche sono le maxi stelle laterali che esaltano il simbolo Atlantic Stars. La suola è in gomma con rinforzo sul tallone che ne garantisce il massimo comfort. Calzata regolare Consigliamo di acquistare il proprio numero di calzata regolare, le Atlantic Stars rispecchiano gli standard.
Replacement floor stopper - 27250-5
• TitanNet • Description - Replacement Stopper bottom • Colour - Black • sheep net with vertical struts • The TitanNet sheep net has been specifically designed for rough terrain. In the vertical rigid plastic braces were used in place of the soft strand material. These are permanently connected at a distance of 30 cm to the horizontal strands, thus providing compact stability even in hilly and uneven terrain. • height 90 cm or 108 cm • Length 50 m • 14 stable plastic posts • Current guide horizontally with 3 x 0.20 mm stainless steel conductors per strand • increased conductivity by using 5 Niro ladders and a tinned copper conductor in the top strand • reinforced, current carrying Oberlitze • welded knots • galvanized bottom tip on plastic posts • head insulator and ground stopper make unintended loosening of wire nearly impossible • the plastic strands have a 3 year warranty against UV damage
Rotlichtbirne 175W Rot
175 W - red PAR 38 durable excellent heat transmission splashproof 5000 operating hours by 240 V Saves energy costs up to 30 %
Edelstahleimer 5,7 L m.Tragegriff
Stainless Steel Bucket with handle inside and outside high-gloss polished ideal for food, milk processing, frozen food and for slaughter A16629 with graduation