Aiphone Lef-10, 10-Call Master Station
Aiphone communications lef-10 is a selective call open voice style master station with the capacity of up to 11 total stations. The system can be designed to meet a wide variety of needs, including any combination of master and sub stations up to its maximum capacity.
Aiphone LEF 5 5 call master
LEF 5 5 call masterAiphone LEF5 5 way wall or desk mounting open voice master station with lock release  Requires either LE-A,LE-AN,LED,LE-DA,AMP-LE-F or AMP-LE-S sub station plus 1 x PS 12S power supply
Aiphone Lem-1Dls Single-Door Access Sentry System Starter Kit With One Master Intercom
The aiphone lem-1dls single-door access sentry system starter kit includes one door intercom, one master intercom, and an ac transformer to enable audio communication with visitors at a door prior to granting access using the door-release button. The door-release button works with an electric strike (sold separately) to remotely unlock the entrance for the visitor. The master intercom emits an audible signal to indicate an incoming call from the door. Pressing the push-to-talk button allows the master intercom operator to talk to the visitor, and releasing the button automatically transmits sound from the door intercom. The chime and audio volume is adjustable on the master intercom. The housing is black plastic for the door intercom and white plastic for the master intercom. The master mounts to a desktop or wall using the included mounting hardware. Additional lem-1dl master intercoms (sold separately) can be connected to the system using an aiphone dak-2s adapter (sold separately) to extend coverage into other rooms; each additional master requires its own ac transformer or dc power supply (sold separately). Specificationsoverall dimensions (master intercom)7 x 5-1/2 x 2-1/4 inches/180 x 143 x 55 mm (h x w x d) overall dimensions (door intercom)4-3/4 x 3-7/18 x 1-1/8 inches/120 x 88 x 29 mm (h x w x d) communication output100 mwmaximum distance from door/sub to master650 ft. Using a 22 awg wire, 1,600 ft. Using an 18 awg wirecompatible wiresaiphone 822202 or 821802 (sold separately)door strike connectionnormally open maximum 30vac or 30vdc at 1 amp door release such as aiphone el-9s (sold separately)power requirements12 to 16vac or 12 to 24vdc. Requires aiphone pt-120n ac transformer or aiphone ps-12c dc power supply (sold separately) h is height, the vertical distance from the lowest to highest point; w is width, the horizontal distance from left to right; d is depth.
Aiphone JA-DAC Surface-Mount Audio/Video Door Station with Camera Controls, For Use with JA Series Audio/Video Intercom System
The JA-DAC is a surface mount door station used with the JA open voice, color video entry series. The unit mounts to a 1-gang box and is made from sturdy ABS plastic with a clear Lexan lens cover. The JA-DAC features a color PanTilt CCD camera, speaker and mic for communication, illuminated call button and white illumination LED for low light conditions.
Aiphone Stainless Platinum 1BP DA1AS with Ref KDA2 Ref: 110580
Platinum Stainless Steel 2 buttons with keyboard 100 codes White 2 relays Light for da1as, kitda2 & da2ds
Aiphone LEF-10C Open Voice Selective Call Master Intercom with All-Call and Door-Release Buttons; Semi-Flush Mount; Accepts Up to 10 Connecting Door, Sub-Master, or Master Intercoms
The aiphone lef-10c open voice selective-call semi-flush mount master intercom with all-call and door-release buttons works with any combination of up to 10 aiphone laf and lef series master intercoms and la, le, or ls series door and sub-master intercoms (sold separately) to enable audio communication with a visitor at a door and with other rooms within the building. The all-call button works with an aiphone bg-10c adapter (sold separately) to broadcast a message or music to every intercom connected to the system. Each intercom in the system must be connected to an aiphone ry-pa relay (sold separately), which can connect an electric strike (sold separately) for door access control as well as connect devices such as cctv cameras and lights (sold separately). Ten buttons with led indicators allow the master intercom to direct a call and communicate with the desired door or sub-master intercom. Calls received from a sub-master intercom are indicated by a momentary chime and the corresponding led indicator above the selectable buttons illuminating for 20 seconds. Depressing the push-to-talk button on the master intercom allows the user to talk to the specified door or sub-master intercom user, and releasing the button immediately transmits sound from the door or sub-master intercom to the master intercom. The privacy button prevents other intercom users in the system from overhearing a conversation with another intercom. At any time, the master user can listen to audio transmissions from a specified door or sub-master intercom. The chime and audio volume is adjustable, and switching the power button to off silences the master intercom's chime alerts. The housing is white plastic and mounts semi-flush to a wall using the included mounting hardware. The system is hardwired to be powered by a 12v power supply (sold separately). Specificationsoverall dimensions9-7/16 x 7-7/8 x 1-3/8 inches (h x w x d) communication output800mw at 20 ohms for reception.
Aiphone-GT1D by Aiphone
Handset audio communication;Door release button;Security guard call button;Call tone volume control
Aiphone JMS-4AEDF 7
Flush-mount door intercom works with a master intercom (sold separately) to enable audio communication with visitors; for use with the Aiphone LEF and LEM Series master intercoms (sold separately); Weather-resistant stainless steel faceplate mounts flush to a wall using a two-gang box and the mounting hardware included.
Aiphone color TV door KF-66

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Aiphone AT-406 2 piece telephone handsets
AT-406 2 piece telephone handsetsAiphone AT406 telephone handsets,allowing two-way calling and communication. Suitable for restaurant kitchen to bar etc. Features: Two-way handset intercom system Up to (3) sub stations can be added (AT-306) Powered by 6V DC (PS 6D Sold Separately) or batteries (four 'AA') with battery status indicator Charcoal grey with 4' coiled cord
Aiphone VC-K handset for VC system (5-wire)
Aiphone VC-K is a telephone handset room station for the Aiphone VC system.. Wall mounting handset unit with door release and push to talk operation