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Air locker ap700 professional Punch Nailer/Nail Remover (AP700 With DAP700 Piston Driver Assembly) by Air Locker
Air locker
Make sure to buy the AP700 with the Piston Driver Assembly for Punch Nailer AP700;Driver Diameter: 0.157;Punch / Remove or Sink nails between 10-20 gauge sizes;Easy to use
Audew 4 Pack Air Purifier, Air Purifying Bamboo Bag Car Air Freshener Natural Odor Eliminator Home Air Purifiers, Activated Carbon Filter for Cars, Closets, Bathrooms and Pet Areas
Operation suggestion: Place every 2 ~ 3 months under sunlight and can get rid of adsorption of bamboo charcoal from moisture and odor, to maintain the good function of bamboo charcoal.Bamboo charcoal bags, used more than a year, can demolished bamboo charcoal particles in the soil to be buried. to improve soil activity, prevent pests and diseases and promote plant growth. The four effects of bamboo charcoal: 1. Cleaning: Bamboo carbon has a strong physical adsorption capacity, can absorb water, air pollutants, harmful gases. 2. Moisture absorption: can absorb moisture, automatically adjust the humidity, people feel comfortable.3. Shielding: bamboo carbon has a strong shielding, blocking function, a variety of home appliances can eliminate electromagnetic waves on the human body damage.4. Sterilization: bamboo carbon, bamboo vinegar with sterilization and other antibacterial effect. Feature: Sustainable: The bamboo activated carbon is one of the most sustainable resources, after irradiation it can be used again. Harmless: The bamboo activated carbon is not only not harmful, but also adsorb the Schadstöffe.Bereite compatibility: The natural dehumidifier with activated carbon can be used in many places, eg. Good packaging: The bag is well made, then it can not leak and easily adsorb Schadstöffe. Package included: 4 × 100g bamboo charcoal bags
Master Lock 150EURDLJ 50mm Brass Padlock with Long Shackle
Master Lock
The Master Lock 150EURDLJ has the following specifications: 50mm solid brass padlock - 64mm hardened steel extra long shackle, 7mm diameter. - 5-pins
Air Locker DAP700 Piston Driver Assembly for Punch Nailer AP700 by Air Locker
Air Locker
Piston Driver Assembly for Punch Nailer AP700; Driver Diameter: 0.157
AIR LOCKER A12 Professional Hammer Tacker Uses T50 Staples 1/4
This hammer tacker is specially designed for quick and easy installation of poly sheeting, insulation, roofing materials, carpet pad and upholstery. The hammer tacker is constructed completely of steel to provide a long service life and deliver professional results. Features include an oil resistant, nonslip comfort grip handle. Ergonomic soft rubber grip provides maximum comfort to prevent sore hands Heavy-duty rugged steed construction for added durability Features quick load Designed for quick, repetitive stapling Easy to service and maintain Comfortable fluted handle with grip Come in a clamshell ready for retail sales Applications: House Wrap Roof Felt Insulation Carpets Padding
Air Locker AP700 Heavy Duty Professional Punch Nailer / Nail Remover with Free Steel Coupler Plug 1/4 Inch x 1/4 Inch Male NPT by Air Locker
Air Locker
Air Inlet: 1/4 inch NPT Thread;Operating Pressure: 80-120 PSI;Driver Diameter: .160;Includes:;Punch Nailer / Nail Remover, Steel Coupler Plug - CPH441, Operating Manual, Cardboard box
Master Lock MLK130T Padlocks
Master Lock
Master Lock classic brass padlocks are a tough and reliable security solution. The solid brass body has a modern diamond shaped design and a brushed finish. The extensive range of brass padlock options means there is a Master Lock brass padlock for just about any need. Each padlock has a solid body, hardened steel shackle and dual locking levers. A variety of multi-pack options, where all padlocks in the pack open with the same key (keyed alike) is also available. Padlocks are available with 4-pin, 5-pin or 6-pin cylinders and with a variety of shackle lengths for added security and for a wider range of possible application options. All Master Lock padlocks are supplied with a minimum of 2 keys and a Lifetime Warranty against mechanical failure. Suggested Uses: Gates, containers, storage units and sheds.The Master Lock 130EURT has the following specifications: 2 x 30mm solid brass padlocks - 16mm hardened steel shackle, 5mm diameter - 4-pins - keyed alike
Audew 2 Pack Air Purifying Bag Odor Absorber, Activated Charcoal Air Freshener,Bamboo Charcoal Natural Home Air Purifiers Car Air Freshener, for Cars, Closets, Bathrooms and Pet Areas, 205g/ Bag
Features: USE IN VEHICLE ·Remove formaldehyde and peculiar smell for NEW Car. Small interior space, formaldehyde pollution concentration is very high, the body has brought great harm. Activated carbon package, remove formaldehyde and peculiar smell , healthy and fresh, bring you an enjoying journey. -USE IN HOME ·For the wardrobe Dehumidification Mouldproof: Inhibit the breeding of mold, not only solve the beloved clothes easy moldy problem, but also remove the nasty smell. ·Reduce the harm of Secondhand Smoke: Place on the table, timely adsorption of second-hand smoke, protect family health. ·Get rid of new home's decoration smell: Strong adsorption decoration materials emit formaldehyde, ammonia, ene, TVOC and other harmful gases. Remove the decoration smell in 1 to 2 weeks , and can adjust the room room humidity, speed up the room dry. ·Get away from the kitchen and toilet's generated toxic gases: Adsorption of a large number of TVOC, so that indoor air become fresh and comfortable. BUYER REQUIREMENT: !!Every 2 ~ 3 months exposures in the sun , you can get rid of bamboo charcoal adsorption of moisture and odor, to maintain the
Air Locker U630A 22 Gauge 3/8 Inch Crown C Type 1/4 Inch to 5/8 Inch Upholstery Stapler by Air Locker
Air Locker
Staple Length: 1/4 inch - 5/8 inch | Magazine Capacity: 200 Staples;Operating Pressure: 60 to 100 PSI | Air Inlet: 1/4 inch NPT;Weight: 1.6 lbs;Tool dimensions (LxWxH): 9.1 inch x 1.9 inch x 6.5 inch;Includes: Stapler, Blow molded case, Oil and Hex key
Air Locker CN64A3 5/8 Inch to 2-1/2 Inch Heavy Duty Concrete T Nailer by Air Locker
American General Tool
Magazine Capacity: 100 | Operating Pressure: 60-100 PSI;Air Inlet: 1/4 inch;Fastener Size: 14 Gauges - 0.087 inch Diameter;Fastener Type: T-Nails (both hardened and galvanized);Fastener Length: 5/8 inch - 2-1/2 inch Long Nails
Air Locker 7110 Staples 22 Gauge Upholstery 3/8 Inch Length fits Senco / Bostitch Staplers - 10,000 per Pack by Air Locker
Air Locker
Fits all 22 gauge Upholstery Staples;Fits Porter cable, Senco and more brands;22 Gauge staples;3/8 inch Staples;10,000 per pack
Bamboo Activated Charcoal Odor Absorber | Best Charcoal Air Purifier | Natural Odor Eliminator | Shoe Deodorizer | Chemical Free | Perfect For Home Use
Get A Clean, Odor Free Home With Phaii Bamboo Activated Charcoal Odor Absorber!DO you have a hard time keeping your home free from unpleasant odors?Are you conscious about the all the invisible pollutants clogging your home's atmosphere?Whether you have trouble ventilating your living spaces or you're simply tired of cheap, synthetic air fresheners that are harmful to your lungs, we have just the perfect product for you.Powerful Air PurificationThis fragrance and chemical free air purifier will tirelessly work 24/7 to keep the air you breathe free from any harmful agents and pungent smells.Place our activated charcoal odor absorber anywhere that could benefit from moisture and odor removal - and marvel your new, pleasurable surroundings.You can now start enjoying life - without any added environmental stress!What are you waiting for, then?Click Add To Cart Now Before We Run Out Of Stock Again!
Air Locker L9010 3/8 Inch Long x 1/4 Inch Narrow Crown 18 Gauge (L Wire) Finish Staples (5,000 per box) by Air Locker
Air Locker
Staple Length: 3/8 inch;Staple Crown Width: 1/4 inch;Wire: 18 Gauge (L wire);Quantity: 5,000 per Box
Amzdeal Dehumidifier Home Dehumidifier Mini Electric Dehumidifiers for Home Bedroom Wardrobe Living Room Office 700ml Quiet and Portable
Advantages: -More Lightweight and more portable but its effect is as good as heavy ones. -Applying peltier technology instead of a loud compressor, working sound is below 40dB with no annoying sound, offer you quiet and soundly sleeping, even the baby room and the elderly room are applicable. -Well package ensures no damage in transportation. -CE / ROHS certification, safety have been guaranteed, no adapter melt situation occurs. -18 months warranty, 48 hours online friendly customer service, 100% customer satisfaction pursuit. Contact us if you meet any problems. Benefits: -Human body can withstand humidity is 20% - 60%, the body feels more comfortable when it is 40% - 55%. When the air humidity exceeds 60%, easy to trigger respiratory and skin health ailments, so dehumidifier is a necessity. -Avoid hygienic problems due to high humidity. -Keep you away from musty odors, condensation windows(especially good for rainy cities), warped wooden surfaces, and cracked, peeling, or blistering paint. - Benefits people who suffered from cough, asthma and headache to a certain degree. Note: 1.The use effects depend on the degree and area of moisture in the room. 2.Please turn off the power and unplug the plug when you do not use it, otherwise the internal current will affect the service life. 3.Please close the doors and windows while using. 4.Frost may occur when the working environment is below 10 °, at this time it is recommended to use 4h, rest 0.5-1h. Specifications: Certification: CE / ROHS Product Size: 275*110*160mm Operation indicator: green Tank full light: yellow Capacity: 700ml Power: 25W, AC 100V -240V 50 / 60HZ Package: 1 x Dehumidifier 1 x UK Plug 1 x User Manual
Bamboo Air Purifier with Activated Charcoal Filter (4x200g)
What is the secret of Rummershof air purifier? There is no secret. The Rummershof air purifier is filled with bamboo charcoal. This charcoal has millions of tiny pores and thus has an incredibly large, effective surface area, which absorbs odours and pollutants like a sponge. When air flows through the pores, any odours, allergens and bacteria stick to the surface. This means that the air is purified. Where does the Rummershof bamboo charcoal come from? The tall, fast-growing bamboo trunks are first sawn and dried in China for Rummershof, then processed in an oven at about 700 degrees without oxygen to create charcoal. During the carbonisation process, a highly porous surface is created, with millions of tiny holes that filter impurities from the air. Where can the bamboo air purifier be used? The air purifier is best placed in an open area, or suspended where the air can circulate and it can function ideally. Of course, the air purifier can just as easily be placed in a pair of shoes, or hung up in the shoe cabinet, locker, wardrobe etc. It can be used on all surfaces or materials. How long can you use the bamboo air purifier? The normal lifetime is about 2 years, if the activated charcoal is periodically reactivated in the sun. The UV rays renew the charcoal's function. Turn occasionally. We recommend that reactivation should be carried out once a month. In dark winter months, you can also use the activated charcoal longer if there is no sun, of course. Please do not ever put in the oven or the microwave!
Air locker ap700 professional Punch Nailer/Nail Remover by Air Locker
Air Locker
Punch/remove or sink nails between 10 - 20 Gauge Sizes, Easy to use, a good quality product
Wisewife Air Purifier - Odor Allergies Eliminator with True HEPA Filter Air Cleaner for Smoke Dust Mold Home and Pets - Odor Removal Box for Allergen Reducing - Air Cleaner
Wisewife air purifier will safely and effectively clean the air in your home or office without any batteries or electricity,making room more enjoyable and healthier. The petite and brief air purifier design fits all decor and easily allows you to direct air flow to any part of the room. Product Usage:Highly effective in fridge,new wardrobe drawers and shoe cabinets,ideal for cars and washrooms as well.Effective range:One Q8 is recommended for every 18ft3(0.5m³),which is the intermal space volume of a standard sized fridge.How it works:Nano-scale catalysts decompose odorous gases and at the same time sterilizes with highly active oxidative substances.How to UseFor each unit, the effective area is as big as the refrigerator drawer, around 50 cubic decimeter/3051 cubic inch.Take Wisewife air purifier out from the package, then in 24-48 hours, it will make a difference, for slight odor.Filtering core lasts for a decade with no efficiency compromises.Guaranteed ten-year usage with no need for any replacements.CH-Cut solution is 15x more efficient than the best activated carbon on the market in controlled testing environment.With third-party lab acknowledgement,CU-Cutis proved to eliminate 92% of Escherichia Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus (the most common bacteria in fridge) in only one our.Airbome Formaldehyde is known as the hardest pollutant to be eliminated.CH-Cut technology is proved to decompose 93% of airbome formaldehyde in third party lab within only two hours.SpecificationOne purifier per package.Size: 7 x 8 cm (Diameter X Height).Weight: 0.14 kg.Color: Silver.Case Material: Aluminum alloy.