Akasa Interconnect Pro 5.25-Inch USB Front Panel with Card Reader
Akasa InterConnect Pro Card Reader AKHC05BKV2 AKHC05BKV2
AKASA AK-LD05-50RB Magnetic LED Strip Light - Red/Green/Blue
Akasa Vegas MB AKLD0550RB RGB Magnetic 15 LED Strip Light AKLD0550RB Components Computer Cases
Akasa AK-CC7108EP01 Heatsink and Fan includes 92mm Low Noise PWM Fan for Socket 775/1155/1156/CPUs Upto 77W
Fan Height:25 mm, Rotation Speed:600-3000 rpm, Power Connector:4-pin fan connector, Compatible With:LGA775 Socket, LGA1156 Socket, LGA1155 Socket, Rated Voltage:12 V, Fan Bearing:Entering bearing, Fan Diameter:92 mm, Air Flow:56.8 cfm, Processor Compatibility:Core 2 Duo - all speeds ¦ Core i3 - all speeds ¦ Core i5 - all speeds, Rated Current:0.21 A, Air Pressure:4.05 mm, Heatsink Material:Aluminium, Noise Level:17.2 - 30.54 dBA, Features:Pulse-width modulation (PWM) support, MTBF:40,000 hours
Akasa 2.5/3.5 - 5.25-Inch Mounting Adapter
Depth:15.5 cm, Height:4.2 cm, Weight:96 g, Width:14.9 cm, Bays:1 x internal - 2.5" / 3.5" shared, Compatible Bays:1 x internal 5.25"
4 Pack PWM Fan Splitter Cable Y Splitter Computer PC Fan Power Cable 1 to 2 Converter, Black Sleeved Braided
4 pack PWM fan splitter cable Y splitter computer PC fan power cable 1 to 2 converter, black sleeved braided Features: PWM splitter cable: The wires are 26 cm, sleeved in black braiding with a 4 pin female connector at one end and splits to 2 male connectors at the other end. 1 to 2 Converter splitter: This Y fan splitter connects 2 computer case fans to a single motherboard fan header, compatible with 4 pin and 3 pin PMW fan connector. Increase airflow: The fan splitter cable provide an additional fan to increase airflow in your computer case, reduce the accumulation of heat within the chassis. Convenient to use: These 26 cm extension cables allow you more choice in where you want to position your PWM or fans inside your case, good for your daily use. Specifications: Length: 26 cm Color: black Package includes: 4 x PWM fan splitter cables
Akasa AK-CC7118HP01 K25 Low Profile Intel Cooler for LGA 775/1156/1155
AKASA K25 MiniITX Cooler AKCC7118HP01 Cooling Fans
Akasa A-RA03-M1B Contemporary Styled Fanless Aluminium Case for Raspberry Pi and Asus Tinker Boards - Black
Akasa ARA03M1B Raspberrry Pi Aluminum Case ARA03M1B Components Computer Cases
Akasa AK-FN093 Vegas X7 12 cm RGB LED PC Fan
Vegas LED fan provides subtle system illumination and ultra quiet acoustics. It has full support for ASUS Aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light Sync and is Gigabyte RGB Fusion Ready.Main FeaturesDamping pads reduce fan vibration noise.Crystal-clear blades provide maximum illumination.Unique LED-embedded frame design for better protection.
Akasa AK-CBFA04-15 PWM Fan Splitter Cable for 2 Fans
Connectors:2 x 4 pin PWM - male, Connectors (Other Side):1 x 4 pin PWM - female
Akasa AK-IEN-01 Lokstor M51 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch HDD Combo Rack
Height:4.2 cm, Width:14.8 cm, Depth:19.4 cm, Compatible Bays:1 x external 5.25", Bays:1 x hot-swap - 3.5"¦ 1 x hot-swap - 2.5" x 1/8H, Interfaces:2 x SATA 6Gb/s - 7 pin Serial ATA ¦ 2 x USB 3.0 - 9 pin USB Type A, Included Accessories:Key, Features:Key lock, anti-vibration, LED indicator, no tools required, SATA hot swap support
Akasa 12cm Viper High Performance S-Flow Fan
Akasa AKFN059 120mm Ultra Quiet Venom Viper Cool Fan 34 Pin AKFN059 Components Cooling Fans Modding
Akasa AK-ICR-07 Internal Card Reader
Akasa AKICR07 Internal Card Reader 35 6 Slot with USB2 Port Black White Panels AKICR07 Storage Flash Memory Readers
Akasa AK-TC Tim Clean Sink
A simple and easy to use Thermal Material Cleaner AKASA - CPU & Heatsink Cleanet - TIM-clean - AK-TC (125 ML) Tim Clean fluid removes all thermal pads and silver based thermal grease from the base of heatsinks and CPU surface. Tim Clean is a citrus based solvent and is safe to use. Citrus based solvent for cleaning heatsinks and CPU's How to use? 1. Remove as much loose deposit of TIM as possible. 2. Apply solution with a clean dry cloth. 3. Leave for 1-2 minutes. 4. Wipe clean with dry cloth
Akasa AK-CBFA07-45 Flexa FP5S PWM Splitter Cable
Connectors (Other Side):1 x 4 pin PWM - female ¦ 1 x 15 pin Serial ATA power, Connectors:5 x 4 pin PWM - male
Akasa AK-CBFA06-30 Flexa FP3S PWM Splitter Cable
Connectors:3 x 4 pin PWM - male, Connectors (Other Side):1 x 4 pin PWM - female ¦ 1 x 15 pin Serial ATA power
Akasa AK-HDA-03 2.5-3.5-Inch SSD/HDD Adapter
Height:2.5 cm, Width:10.2 cm, Depth:11.3 cm, Compatible Bays:1 x internal 3.5", Bays:2 x internal - 2.5"
Akasa AK-CB002 PWM Splitter
Combining the power of a PSU molex connection with the versatility of a PWM motherboard connection for the very first time the Akasa AK-CB002 is a unique product furthering the cause of quiet efficient computing. Supporting three PWM fans from a single motherboard header makes this the ultimate fan splitter for todayÆs low noise performance systems. Case fans and watercooling radiator fans can now benefit from smart and precise PWM control alongside the CPU fan. Utilising the intelligence of PWM for three fans enables multi fan connection and usage of more powerful fans while allowing their speed to be synchronized with CPU load. RPM feedback for the motherboard is provided from a connector marked CPU fan. Combined with akasa Smart Fan series fans (PWM enabled) it is a smart and easy solution for building quiet performance systems. Combined with akasa Smart Fan series fans (PWM enabled) it is a smart and easy solution for building quiet performance systems.Main FeaturesSimple solution for quiet and smart fan controlSynchronizes three PWM fans with PC CPU usageAll connectors labelled for easy connection
Amazingdeal365 4 pin PWM Fan Cable 1 to 3 ways Splitter Black Sleeved Extension Cable (2pcs)
Features: One-to-Three PWM fan splitter Unique Design No more mess and clutter Improve Airflow Beautiful all black sleeved cable Specification: Quantity: 1pc, 2pcs , 5pcs Color: Black Compatible with 4pin PMW fan connector. Cable Length: Approx. 26 cm / 10.24 inch Plug: 1 : 4pin female; 3 : 4pin male ( 2 of them is 3pin, 1 of them is 4pin ) In order to avoid the signal conflict of same speed measurement, Only connect with 4pin interface, the temperature regulate speed can be achieved. Included: 1 X 4 pin 1 to 3 Extension Cable
Evercool EC-DF013 PWM Fan Splitter for 2 PWM Case Fans (AK-CBFA04-15)
Application : 2 PWM fans from single PWM header Cable length : 15 cm Cable Material : Copper Designed for : 4pin PWM fans Fan connector : 2 x 4pin PWM (one with RPM feedback for motherboard) Product code : EC-DF013
Akasa Interconnect EX AK-HC-07BK Multi-Functional Internal Card Reader For 5.25-inch Front PC Bay
Additional Ports:4 x USB 3.0 ¦ 2 x USB charge port, Required Ports:1 x 9 pin USB header ¦ 1 x 20 pin USB 3.0 pin header, Compliant Standards:ISO 7816, OS Required:Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1