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AKM Mountain Bike V Brake Pads Bicycle Brake Block Blue Bilent Tasteless Brake Pads (4pairs/8 pieces)
Brake pads features:Brake pads with moderate hardness, which belongs to the practical wear resistant type,and has the design of the sand guiding groove,can effectively to stop grit damaging the rim,materials for high quality rubber pads, brake effect is good. The brake pads are suitable for most types of bike.Brake pads installation considerations:Brake pads around, L is left, R is right,the direction of the arrow is the front ,brake pads as far as possible install close to the inner side of the friction ring.Can debug a few times more fixed die again,don't for conveniently fixed directly without debugging.If installed found there was a noise. Please readjust the angle and position of the brake pads, and then fixed.In addition to check whether there is oily be soiled on bike rim parts,if there is oily be soiled must to clean up.
AKM Bike Cable Lock, Heavy Duty Bike Lock Combination Lock 4-Feet Bicycle Lock For Bike Outdoors Black
Cable lock specifications: Lock long: 1200 mm Diameter: 12 mm widely used for: Bicycles,electric,motorcycles,iron door,glass door,skateboards, grills, fences and so on. Only choose from AKM direct then you can get the right and quality product as well as warranty features: 1. Reliable quality,safe password lock,conform to the European Union. 2. Environmental protection PVC material wrapped cable, to prevent cable corrosion, protect bicycles from scratch. 3. The 5-digit combination allows 100,000 possibilities. Making this lock nearly. Impossible to crack. Set your own combination in the strong and complicated mechanism. Password lock use method: Step 1: The initial password is "00000" to open the lock. Step 2: Turn the knob in the lock clockwise to the right in the direction of the arrow. Step 3: Then turn the digital lock ring, set the new password you want, remember the password must be aligned with the standard password, and remember the new password. Step 4: Turn the knob counterclockwise by the arrow in the opposite direction to the left. Step 5: Congratulations! Your lock is now set. If you wish to change the code, repeat the steps.Tips: Be sure to remember your own password, otherwise you can not open the lock.
Micah's Bride: An AKM Novella (All the King's Men Book 9)
Phoenix Press
Can it be called a dream wedding when everything goes wrong?Micah is a mated male. To him, that's all the evidence he needs that he and Sam belong together. But for Sam, a former human, it's not that simple. Haunted by memories of her abusive ex-husband and their ill-fated wedding in a small Vegas chapel without her friends and family present, Sam wants to do it right this time. She wants the dress, the veil, the bouquet, the something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.Willing to do anything to make Sam happy, Micah asks King Bain to help him plan the wedding of the century. If the big wedding with friends and family is what she wants, that's what he's going to give her.And the best part is Sam has no idea.In Micah's Bride, you'll find laughter and tears, along with a look at some of your favorite AKM characters who've come to witness the first vampire wedding ever and share in the festivities. But don't be fooled, even happy affairs contain their fair share of shop talk, especially with war on the horizon and a roomful of vampire warriors chomping at the bit to take down the enemy. There's sure to be a few discussions about what's to come after the honeymoon that you won't want to miss.Recommended for fans of J.R. Ward, Lara Adrian, Kresley Cole.Books in the AKM Series, in reading order:Rise of the FallenHeart of the WarriorMicah's CallingRebel ObsessionReturn of the AssassinAll the King's Men - The BeginningBound Guardian AngelBLACKMicah's Bride
AKM Set of 9 Cast Iron Bottom/Grate Bars to suit Parkray 99 (130082 & 130081)
Full Set of 9 Bottombars to suit Parkray 99 VERY IMPORTANT! PLEASE NOTE: THESE BARS ARE 12 INCHES IN LENGTH! IF YOU REQUIRE BARS WHICH ARE 14.5 INCHES IN LENGTH THEN YOU NEED PARk;RAY 111 BARS! PLEASE MEASURE BEFORE PURCHASING! full set of cast iron firebars/bottombars to suit all Parkray 99 models. The set consists of 5 x 130082 and 4 x 130081
AKM Shooting Game
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'Akm Barschild, Kala Kalaschnikov AK-47 Weapon, Dekoschild
Made of high quality tin made signs in excellent quality. They are printed and with a special protective finish, the the brilliance of the colours again increased, logo in gold in the lid of the box. The edges are verletzungssicher rounded, curved and folded. The superior quality of the material used ensures a sturdy and durable plate and a long service life, even in extremeren environments around night clubs or workshops. Intended to be used as a and bold vibrant colours makes a special protective varnish. Rounded corners to prevent accidents that could otherwise occur if you're having a clumsy use or by the use by children.
Fireclub Tactical Russian POSP 4X26 SVD Red Illuminated Sniper Scope With Rubberized Support Sight Eyepiece Extender for SVD Dragunov Rifle AK47 AK-47 AKS AKM SKS
Scope Has Integrated Side Mount to attach onto Side Mounting Plate. Magnification: 4x26 Powered Illuminated Red Reticle with Advanced BDC (uses On/Off Switch) - BDC Computes to 1300 Meters. Rubberized Eye Piece & 1 x CR2032 Battery Not Included. Designed for SVD, AK type willl need an extra universal side moun(not traditional mount) to install it. This is A Replica of the Original Style. This is A Replica of the Original Style.
Paladin Press
Firearms expert Clark Hodges hosts the most complete video ever produced on the famous AK47/AKM series of assault rifles. Hodges traces the history of this unique firearm from its beginnings to the present and takes a detailed look at every one of its many variants. This is the definitive reference on this firearm family and must viewing for all AK47 owners, collectors and historians.
Jack & Jones Men's Jjiglenn Jjoriginal AKM 696 Noos Slim Jeans, Green (Olive Night), W34/L32
Green trousers. Buttons closure. Slim fit. Five pockets.
Akasa AK-M168-2 – Hardware Cooling Accessory (80 x 80 mm, 25 mm)
Why not replace your noisy 60mm fan with a quieter 80mm fan by using a black fan Adaptor.
Jack & Jones Men's Jjipaul Jjflake AKM 542 Black Noos Trouser, W32/L32 (Size: 32)
Jack & Jones Men Cargo in black. Jjipaul Jjflake Akm 542 in original Jack & Jones-quality. Made of material: 100% cotton (see article description).
AKM Security Bike Lock Combination Bicycle Chain Lock Anti-theft Mountain Bike Lock 5 Digit Password Lock Bicycle Lock Outdoors Riding Equipment
Product name: AKM bike chain lockLock core:a full range of anti sawing and drilling,with waterproof and dust-proof coverApplication: Motorcycle. Electric car. Bicycle. Tile sliding door. Glass door.Specification: the total length of lock: 40mmX900mmWeight: 0.764kgMaterial: high-quality manganese steel chainAdvantages:use the password to open, do not need the key, the lock itself is very strongColor: Black, Red, Grass green, Yellow, Pink, Light blue, Dark blue (with 17 chain combination)Unlock: the five digits password to dial in sequence alignment calibration, pull it open.PS: Password lock has been set at the factory original password, if you need to set up a password.please follow the instruction settings.If you change the password, but forget the password accidentally, you will no longer be able to open the lock, please be sure to remember the password! Thank you for understanding!It is recommended that while you are locking the bike,connecting the bike to a railing and the like more secure place.How to use the password lock:1. The original password is "00000"2. Open the lock, there is a knob3. Turn the knob clockwise 90 °to the head4. Set a required password, such as "12345"5. Set up well, turn the knob counterclockwise 90 °, back to the starting position6. success!
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