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Akzo Nobel - A European Integration perspective
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Seminar paper from the year 2005 in the subject Business economics - General, grade: good, HAN University of Applied Sciences (Arnhem Business School), course: European Integration, 9 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: The following report gives a review about the chemical company Akzo Nobel in a European Integration perspective and is based mainly at the annual report 2004. Furthermore the authors explain a European Integration perspective between Akzo and Nobel. The first part of the available report contains a brief introduction about our topic and the general economic situation in the Netherlands. In the second part the authors explain the economic aspects and give an overview about the company Akzo Nobel, the commercial and market and the company strategy. The cultural aspects are the third part of this report and show the national and company cultures and the cross-cultural alliance. In the fourth part we explain the Legal issues and show the legal structure, the market position and state aids of Akzo Nobel. With the fifth part we give a summary and conclusion about our project topic and show our opinion about the merger between Akzo and Nobel.
Akzo nobel DIY Hammerite 5087569 radiator paint, 0,750 litres
For all galvanised surfaces such as garage doors. Specially designed for direct application to zinc, usually common acts as a base on the inside is therefore not necessary. Very elastic. Maximum weather resistance. Consumption: Villeroy & Boch Product are sufficient for approx. 5 m² with 2 coats is good. Our products are in the paint and wood protected area EU VOC compliant. General legal Notice If items biocides include. All our products the biocides are used is the's safe to use, please note the respective safety data sheets.
International Boat High Gloss Durable Yacht Paint Toplac 750 ml Brand New (Snow White)
Akzo Nobel
Toplac's silicone alkyd formula is extremely smooth-flowing, producing a very high gloss. Superior uv filters combine with this to produce a surface which will retain its colour and gloss up to three times longer than conventional gloss paints. We keep most colours in stock - see below for current stock.
Akzo Nobel (DIY Hammerite Metal Paint Matt 0.400 L, 5087645
Glossy Metal Protective < br> as all Hammerite Metal Schutzlacke is also the protective rust protection Hammerite Metal Coat Matt Varnish, and together it is plain for all, or angerosteten Altanstrichen lodging of ferrous and non-ferrous metals (after prior to treatment Conditioner directly RostSchnell trocknendHohe KratzfestigkeitZuverlässiger protection against impact and RostbefallHochgradig Weatherproof and UV-resistant product after drying time: 1-2 hours (for Sprüdose staubtrocken derogation) type of application:/Foundation LackVerarbeitungstemperatur: 10-25° cbetont the natural HolzmaserungGebrauch: exterior uses < Iron < features> br br> Finish: matte < br> consumption, 1 l is enough for approx. 5.47 yrd (5 m) ² (if different) < Sprüdose br> Packing Size: 7103.26 fl oz (250 ml, fl oz) 11365.22 (400 ml, fl oz) 21309.78 (750 ml), 2.5 Litre < br> Can be Painted over after: can be Painted over after at least 4 hours (when different Sprüdose) br - 10-25 temperature: ° C
Akzo Nobel (DIY Hammerite Direct to Rust Metal Paint Hammer 0,750 L), 5087601
Rust protective varnish for all blank, Angerosteten or iron with Altan in metal, nonferrous metals in accordance with appropriate treatment (see below), such as garden fencing, garden furniture, stairs, and balcony railing, window, lights, bicycles, trellis windows, etc.For both indoor and outdoor useBuntlacke also suitable for radiators.Drying times:Staubtrocken after approximately 1-2 hour by string bar after approx. 6 hoursCoverage: approx. 5 m²/litre - 2 coats is good. The Endhärte and degree of shine is achieved after approximately 2 weeks.
Polyfilla Fine Surface Filler 1.75kg
ICI Paints Akzo Nobel
autocryl Plus LV R546 1L
autocryl plus LV r546 1L
New 2015 Cuprinol Garden Shades Country Cream 1L
Akzo Nobel
Cuprinol Garden Shades has been specially developed to colour and protect sheds, fences and other garden wood. Its special pigments ensure a rich colour and allow the natural texture of the woodgrain to shine through.
Hammerite direct to rust metal, paint hammered finish, silver grey aerosol 400 ml
Akzo Nobel
With DualTech two-way protection: water runs off and rust is stopped – directly to rust brushing – easy to use – stops rust and forms reliable protection against rust – high impact and scratch resistance - highly weather and UV resistant. The substrate must be free from dust, grease and solid. Remove loose rust with a wire brush. Perform tests on old coats. For safe, long-lasting rust protection, 4-5 spray jobs are required. Shake well for approx. 3 minutes before use. Spray evenly at a distance of 15 cm. The spray lacquer is finger dry after approx. 10minutes and can be reworked after 15 minutes of drying. The reach is approx. 0.5m²/l.
Akzo Nobel DIY Dulux Clear Glossy 0.375 L - 5194739
Primary, intermediate and final coating for wood and wood components. Consumption , 375 ml for approx. 5 m2 at a unique coat. , 750 ml for approx. 10 m² when coat
International Toplac High Gloss Yacht Enamel Paint - Mediterranean White 750ml
Akzo Nobel
Premium quality high-gloss durable yacht enamel - Silicone alkyd formula lasts twice as long as conventional one-part enamels - Excellent UV resistance - Extended gloss and colour retention characteristics - Easy to apply giving deep, lustrous finish Area Above the waterline Finish High Gloss Practical Coverage (m sq/Lt) 12.0 No. of coats 1-2 Substrates GRP, Wood*, Steel*, Aluminium* Application Brush, Roller Thinner No. 1 (5-60901) *over suitable primer
Akzo Nobel (DIY Hammerite Metal Paint Hammer 0.400 L, 5087615
Metal protection paint, hammered silver grey, 400 ml from Hammerite, with item no.:5087615, and EAN:4007591562067.
Fluorinated Coatings and Finishes Handbook: The Definitive User's Guide (Plastics Design Library)
William Andrew
Fluorinated Coatings and Finishes Handbook: The Definitive User's Guide, Second Edition, addresses important, frequently posed questions by end-user design engineers, coaters, and coatings suppliers on fluorinated coatings and finishes, thus enabling them to achieve superior product qualities and shorter product and process development times. The book provides broad coverage of these fluorinated polymer coatings, including the best known PTFE, polytetrafluoroethylene, first trademarked as Teflon® and ePTFE (GoreTex®). Their inherent qualities of low surface tension, non-stick, low friction, high melting point, and chemical inertness make fluoropolymer coatings widely desirable across thousands of industrial and consumer applications, but these properties also make it difficult to convert fluoropolymers to coatings that have sufficient adhesion to the substrate to be protected. In this book, readers learn how fluoropolymer coatings are used and made, about their pigments and fillers, binders, dispersion processes, additives, and solvents. The book includes substrate preparation, coating properties, baking and curing processes, performance tests, applications, and health and safety.Provides a practical handbook that covers the theory and practice of fluorinated coatings, including the structure and properties of binders and how to get a non-stick coating to stick to the substrateCovers liquid and power fluorocoatings, their applications methods, curing and baking processes, and their commercial end usesPresents detailed discussions of testing methods related to fluorocoatings, common coating defects, how they form, how to eliminate them, and the health and safety aspects of using and applying fluorocoatingsIncludes substrate preparation, coating properties, baking and curing processes, performance tests, applications, and health and safety