Al Fakher

Al Fakher Shisha Flavour 1KG (Double Apple)
Al Fakher
Al Fakher Shisha 1KG, 1000g, 100% Genuine
Al Fakher 80Pcs. 8-Rolls 33-mm Quick Lighting Hookah & all Bakhoor Incense Charcoal, The Incomparable Special Premium Charcoal Of Al Fakher
Al Fakher
80 Dics Charcoal AL-FAKHER Quick Lighting Shisha Hookah & for All Bakhoor Incense 8 Roll Coal Disc Briquet Box.
Dics Charcoal AL-FAKHER Quick Lighting Shisha Hookah Roll Coal Disc Briquet For Shisha khalil Mamoon (8 Roll (Full box ))
Each Roll got 10 discs Original Al-Fakher product Finest Quality charcoal for instant hookah Easy to light and burn evenly and slowly
Pomegranate Shisha Flavour BIGG Ice Rockz Tobacco Free 120g
Bigg Ice Rockz, pomegranate, 120 g.
Al Fakher Shisha flavour (spear gum)
Al Fakher
Al Fakher Shisha flavour (spear gum)
Shiazo 100gr. Strawberry - Stone Granulate - Nikotinfreier Tobacco Substitute 0,2 Pounds
Shiazo 100gr. Strawberry - Stone Granulate - Nikotinfreier Tobacco Substitute 0,2 Pounds
Al Fakher 50ML Premium E-Liquids No Nicotine TPD Compliant (Double Apple)
Al Fakher
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320° Premium Coconut Charcoal Coal for Shisha Hookah & BBQ 1 kg
As passionate shisha smokers, 320° set out with the mission to create the best quality coconut coal on the market. With extensive research and testing, we established that the optimum burning temperature for coal to provide that perfect shisha experience is 320°. Therefore, we developed the perfect 'recipe' to meet this temperature requirement for a long lasting coal that consistently provides an excellent shisha experience. 320° coal is spark-free, odourless, non-flavoured - all with an ash content of less than 2.5%. Simply put, you will not find a better engineered coal on the market. Box contents. Weight: 1kg. Number of cubes: 72. Cube size: 25x25x25mm Country of Origin: Indonesia. Tip to ignite the charcoal. The natural charcoal does not contain any quick ignition substances and therefore cannot be lit with a standard cigarette lighter. A gas burner is needed for ignition. Do this and the charcoal will burn in just a few minutes.
New 10 Rolls AL FAKHER Hookah Charcoal Tabs Instant Shisha Ez Quick Lite Coals

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Zen Shisha Coal Coconut (100 Minutes Burning time), Non, 1x Box
WHY ZEN ? 1. The big size cubes last for 100 minutes 2. Odourless and Flavourless 3. Provide enough heat without black spots QUALITY: The #1 selling shisha coal for the European market. These coconut coals are crafted with the use of all natural materials with a main ingredient consisting of raw coconut shells. DETAILS: Net Weight: 907g Total Cubes: 63 Cube Size: 2.5cm x 2.5cm x 2.5cm Country of origin: Indonesia TIP: This natural coconut charcoal will require a single coil burner and 10-20 minutes to light up. It cannot be lit with a cigarette lighter.
AL FAKHER Shisha Hookah 1KG (Mint)
Al Fakher
Al Fakher Shisha 1KG, 1000g, 100% Genuine
Mera Instant Light Shisha Hookah Charcoal 80 Instant Light Discs
shisha pipe
Mera charcoal is one of the highest quality instant light shisha charcoal products. The Mera discs ignite with a lighter in around 10 seconds and burn with almost no smoke at all and are virtually odourless. It improves the quality of your shisha smoking experience using Mera charcoal. Mera coal is very clean and very fast to ignite, around 10 seconds and the coal is glowing red. You will find Mera the cleanest instant light you have ever tried. Warning: When the Mera charcoal disc has been ignited, do not touch it with your skin, because it will cause a burn to the body. Never throw away the ash remains in a waste paper basket or dustbin, as this could cause a fire. To avoid amy injuries, you should use a pair of shisha coal tongs to hold the charcoal, you must never hold the disc in your hand when igniting or when ignited.
Blue Mist Steam Stones Shisha Flavour
Steam Stones are the next generation of Tobacco-free and Nicotine-fre hookah alternatives. Starbuzz has perfected the science behind steam stones to bring you the ultimate Tobacco-free smoking experience. Enjoy the flavor quality of Starbuzz that you know and trust with the colossal yet smooth clouds that this steam stones produce. Features Flavor - Blue Mist Type - Steam Stones Tobacco-free Nicotine-free
Portable In-Car Shisha Hookah! Travel Traditional Arab Al Fakher Smoking
Meena Supplies
This is the ultimate machine for smoking on the go. Engineered to perfection. Hose - made of medical grade silicone which is washable and 100% corrosion and rush proof. Features solid aluminium handles and a spring at its foot to eliminate pipe kinking. The hose-hookah connector is click action meaning it will not drop out unexpectedly and makes a perfect seal with zero fuss. Bowl - The bowl itself has a screw thread on the bottom and is cased within a metal cup, protecting it from impact and from falling even if the lid is off. The gap between the edge of the bowl and wall of the cup acts as a catcher for ash. So to de-ash, you simply give the unit a shake. Lid - has a grill on the top for easy airflow. Screws on and locks in so even with heavy movement, the lid is staying on and the charcoal inside the unit. All of this is encased in glass innards covered in shiny metal for protection. Especially made to fit snugly in large car cupholders. Also features LED lights at the bottom of the unit which flash red, green and blue!