AL-KO 38P Combi-Care 2-in-1 Petrol Lawnrake/ Scarifier
Lawn thatcher and aerator with petrol engines for larger surfaces. Lüfterwalze supplied Technical data: for lawns measuring up to 1312.33 yrd (1200 m) ² Motor AL-KO 144 F capacity (ccm)/kW / U/min 53 / 1.3 / 6100 Vertikutierwalze 14 Steel Blade working width scarifying 14.96 inch (38 cm) Lüfterwalze 24 Stahlfederzinken working width airing 14.57 inch (37 cm) Central need for depth adjustment thanks to 5 different Weight: approx. 20 kg
AL-KO 2004/3004 Safety Device
AL-KO 2004/3004 Safety Device - Safeguards against unauthorised coupling and uncoupling. Specifications: Cylinder lock with drill protection Extremely robust and attractive design Provides a visual mark of security Also suitable for use with AL-KO 2004 stabiliser AKS 3004 safety device..
AL-KO Soft Ball - Red - Tow Ball Cover
The Al-Ko Soft Ball fits over the tow ball. The soft and absorbent rubber compound cushioning surface ensures that when manoeuvring backwards, minor collisions will end without damage. Easy to fit the soft ball is UV, cold and heat resistant from -90`C to 80`C
VonHaus 2 in 1 Lawn Scarifier – 1500W Electric Garden Lawn Rake with 4 Working Depths & 10m Power Cable
VonHaus 2 in 1 Aerator & Scarifier Maintain a healthy, weed-free lawn without spending hours raking, forking and scraping with the VonHaus 2 in 1 Aerator and Scarifier. Fast, efficient and reliable, the Aerator and Scarifier takes on the role of two tools in one - making it easy to maintain your garden all year round. Interchangeable Rollers Equipped with a dual purpose drum and two easily interchangeable rollers – Lawn Rake/Aerating Roller – Removes unwanted moss, weeds and plant debris from the surface of your lawn. This build up can cause water logging. The Aerating roller also perforates compact layers of, this improves the circulation of water, nutrients and air to grass roots, promoting the growth of healthier thicker grass. Scarifying Roller – Further penetrates and cuts out the compact layer of thatch and moss that starves your lawn of vital nutrients and air. The scarifying roller opens ups the soil surface promoting further aeration making it easier for grass seeds to embed into the ground. Flexible & Manoeuvrable Powerful 1500W motor with two point start switch for safety. Lightweight 8.5kg design with 10m power lead and height adjustable handle for outstanding manoeuvrability. Comes complete with instructions that will guide you through every step of construction. Specification Power: 1500W Weight: 8.5kg Collection Box Capacity: 28 litres Working Width: 320mm Working Depth (scarifier): 4 to -4 to -8 to -12 mm Working Depth (aerator): 11 to 3 to-1 to -5 mm Guaranteed Sound Power Level: 98dB
Lawn Mower Blade Alko Vario 470B BR Comfort 46/470 bio-comfort
Rotary Cutting Blade for lawn mowers Length: 18 "(46 cm); Central hole diameter: 1,97 cm Side Holes Diameter: 1/2 x 2 cm, width: 5.5 cm, Length: 460 mm, central hole diameter: 19.7 mm, Diameter Holes to sides: 12.7 x 20 mm width: 55 mm - This blade set Replaces your original blade with the following items: 449003, 332039