The Black Albatros
Ron Eisele
Here is a mystery. During the course of our lives we sometimes encounter occurrences or situations that defy rational explanation. Some of us are quick to ascribe supernatural influence, others strive to apply reason and logic. `The Black Albatros’ is a short story based on such an incident. It was related to the author by a retired RAF Squadron Leader in the mid 1960’s who had served in the Great War. The fictional characters portrayed in `The Black Albatros’ will be familiar to readers who have read the author’s debut novel `1918 Blue Skies Aloft.’ The sequence of events are as narrated over fifty years ago.
'Albatros Vest
Albatros workwear. All-round Black VestDurable canvas, 270 g/m² Regular fit Functional bellow pockets with flap and velcro Mobile phone pocket with velcro fastening strap, pen pocket Lightweight mesh lining in the back area Material: 80% Polyester, 20% cotton Colour: Grey/Black (808) Blue/Black (351) Sizes: XS - 3XL
Albatros 2708 MILANO dining chairs, set of 6, violett, SGS tested
Albatros International GmbH
The MILANO Chair SET gives your dining room some Italian flair! The features of the MILANO Chair Set are chic and practical. Because, it's not just the modern shape of these chairs that will captivate you, it's their practical details too: - Comfort: these chairs are lovely and comfy to sit on! (which is the most important thing about a new chair!) - On the weight side of things, these chairs are really light. (comfy day to day and good for kids) - Sturdy artificial leather cover. (easy to wipe) - Material: steel frame and artificial leather. Dimensions: see sketch The chairs MILANO are fire retardant in accordance with British fire safety regulations. Warning! There are many similar copies on the market. But even if these chairs look exactly the same, they are made in a completely different factories and are not of the same quality as MILANO chairs. Our MILANO chair was tested by independent swiss testing organisation SGS according to EN12520 and it got top marks for: - Stability - Durability - Safety
SE 5a vs Albatros D V: Western Front 1917-18 (Duel)
Osprey Publishing
Amid the ongoing quest for aerial superiority during World War I, the late spring of 1917 saw two competing attempts to refine proven designs. The Royal Aircraft Factory SE 5a incorporated improvements to the original SE 5 airframe along with 50 more horsepower to produce a fast, reliable ace-maker. The Albatros D V, a sleeker looking development of the deadly D III of 'Bloody April' notoriety, proved to be more disappointing as it suffered a rash of lower wing failures. Nevertheless, Albatrosen remained the most numerically important fighters available when the Germans launched their final offensive on 21 March 1918. Despite its shortcomings, German tactics and skill made the Albatros D V a dangerous foe that SE 5a pilots dismissed at their peril. This title tells the story of the design and development of these two fighters and concludes with their dramatic fights in the last year of World War I.
Martinu: Promenade (Trio Albatros)
STR 33886; STRADIVARIUS - Italia; Classica da camera Violino e piano
Albatros – Warning Sign Sarah
'A "Important Note sign nostalgic vintage retro advertising enamel wall plaque of the item it can be fixed into place with the help of the enclosed suction cups on all smooth surfaces (e.g. room doors, windows, etc.) are attached. You can use it even with screws - not included - to attach to other things. Three holes for attachment are out.
Albatros Wire Traces 3 Pack 40cm 12kg
Pack of three Albatros hengelsport Wire Traces 3kg b/s 40cm length Black colour