Albion Engineering Company

Albion Engineering 258-33718 Stainless Steel Caulk Bucket Scraping Tool, Offset Hardwood Handle, 8 x 2 by Albion Engineering Company
Albion Engineering Company
Bucket scraping tool; 8 long x 2 wide; Rigid stainless steel with comfortable offset hardwood handle knife edge enables efficient removal of caulking material from sides and bottom of pail
Albion Engineering Company 258-3TPS Tooling Spatula 3 Inch X 5/8 Inch -3/8 Inch by Albion Engineering Company
Tough stainless steel blade;Easy-to-grip wooden handle;Size - 3 in. x 0.62 - 35 in.
Albion Engineering Caulk Spatula Set
Albion Engineering Company
This seven piece set includes the following spatulas (Part # - Blade Length - Tip Width): 958-3TPS - 3" - 3/8", 958-3S - 3" - 5/8", 958-4S - 4" - 3/4", 958-5S - 5" - 7/8", 958-6S - 6" - 1", 958-8S - 8" - 1-1/4", 958-10S - 10" - 1-1/2"
Albion Engineering 958-G01 7-piece Streamline Spatula Set by Albion Engineering Company
Albion Engineering Company
7-piece streamline spatula set; comfortable curved handle; precision ground for optimum flexibility for perfectly finished joints; rounded tips for standard applications, yet easy to modify for unique applications; no plastic components means easy solvent clean-up
Round Brass 1.0mm Rods 9pcs # BR4M
Albion Alloys Ltd
Albion Alloys BW10 Brass Rod 1.0mm (Pack of 9) Length: 305mm Precision Metals For The Creative Model Maker Model makers, precision engineering companies, TV and film production companies and prototype manufacturers the world over now use our range of metals to create all manner of items. From scale plastic modelling to avionics and landing gear on unmanned aerial reconnaissance vehicles, our metals are seen as the product of choice. Create your own metal stock facility on your workbench and#8211; all micro tube and rod is designed to slide fit enabling previously unacheivable detail on your next model making project.
Albion Engineering 875-1 Delamination Detection Tool (DDT)
Albion Engineering Company
Good for concrete slabs, columns, walls, beams, tile surfaces, and masonry, including overhead surfaces. A must for contractors doing concrete restoration in parking garages, tunnels, bridge decks & beams.
Albion Engineering B12S20 Manual Drive Sausage Caulk Gun, 20 oz
Albion Engineering Company
The Albion B12S20 is a 20oz Manual Drive Sausage Gun featuring a 12:1 Drive.