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Quality Black Bar End Motorbike Motorcycle Mirrors Blue Tinted Glass fits 99% of bikes
Alchemy Parts Ltd
Very High Quality CNC Machined Billet Aluminium Bar End Mirrors These bar end mirrors are designed to clamp onto your existing bar ends, hence why various spaces are included. Alternatively, you can use the bar ends the we provide with the kit; you just insert the bar ends into the end of your handlebars. NOTE: These Are Universal Fitment - If You Are NOT Clamping these Mirrors To your Existing Bar Ends, before purchasing, please confirm that you have hollow handlebars on your bike to allow for Bar End fittings to be inserted This item is not E-marked
Alchemy Parts & Accessories 4 1/2
Alchemy Parts Ltd
4 1/2" Universal Grill Headlight This is a solid custom headlight with a bottom mounting bracket. It's a heavy set and well made headlight that's ideal for custom project bikes, Harley Davidsons, cafe racers, streetfighters, trikes, choppers and so on...
Motorbike Load Resistors Equalizers for LED Indicators
Alchemy Parts Ltd
LED Load Resistors for MotorbikesIf you have upgraded your standard indicators to LED ones, you may find that they're now flashing to quickly. LED indicators draw less power than standard indicators which in most cases causes a fault in the circuit.The best way to solve this problem is to fit a resistor to each side of your indicator circuit.These very neat resistors will do the job and because they've got the male mounts attached, they're usually plug and play.Well worth buying these if you don't want problems with the police because your LED indicators flash too quickly.N.B. These can get very hot, so please fit them in a well ventilated part of the bike's bodywork.
Motorbike Wing Mirrors - Excellent Quality E-marked ideal for Naked & Supermoto
Alchemy Parts Ltd
Practical Motorbike MirrorsThese, Alchemy Parts & Accessories, mirrors fit nearly all motorbikes with handlebar mounted 10mm thread, including Yamaha. Their minimalist look and neat style makes them ideal for streetfighters, custom bikes, project bikes, naked bikes and so on...N.B. These mirrors are not suitable for Ducati mirrors with an 8mm thread.
Black Motorbike Indicators & Stop and Taillights- LED Custom Integrated - CNC Billet Aluminium
Alchemy Parts Ltd
High Quality Integrated Indicators / Stop & TaillightsThese Integrated LED indicators / turn signals with stop & taillights are CNC machined, super bright and made to a very high standard of quality.They combine all the functions needed for the rear of your motorcycle packed into an all-in-one discreet, classic looking housing.They feature a dual colour 3W CREE LED chip and projector lens which magnifies the light really well.The dual coloured LED changes colour between functions; that is to say amber LED for the indicators and a 2-stage red LED for your stoplights & taillights.When you then indicate, the driving light cancels itself and the indicator flashes. As a result, they're ideal for Harley Davidsons, custom bikes, cafe racers, trikes, streetfighters, naked bikes, sport bikes and so on....N.B. Being LED, you may need resistors to slow the flash rate down. Please search under 'Resistors' in our Amazon store.
Custom Motorbike Headlight - Universal - Black Metal for Cafe Racer Street Bike Project - E-marked
Alchemy Parts Ltd
Universal Black Steel Headlight With Chrome BezelThis good quality, solid headlight is ideal if you want to upgrade, or simply change your motorcycle's headlight.It's a classic design that doesn't go out of fashion and being black, offers that classic look. Being 35W, it's bright, too.As a result, it's well designed for Harley Davidson, Choppers, Crusiers, Cafe Racers, Trikes, Streetfighters, Project Bikes and so on...
Alchemy Parts Ltd
7.7" Universal Black Steel Headlight This good quality, solid headlight is ideal if you want to upgrade, or simply change your motorcycle's headlight. It's a classic design that doesn't go out of fashion and being black, it will eventually offer that patina look. Being 55W, it's bright, too and has a sealed beam and full metal housing.The light colour temperature is 5000K and offers a pure white light, instead of yellow/white as per most standard lights.As a result, it's well designed for cafe racers, scremblers, brat bikes, Harley Davidson, choppers, crusiers, trikes, streetfighters, project bikes and so on...
Universal White CREE 3 Watt Projector LED Daytime Running Lights DRL For Motorcycles Motorbikes Scooters Trikes and Quads
Alchemy Parts Ltd
White 3w CREE LED Projector Daytime Running Lights Universal Fitment - Will Fit All Motorcycles, Quad Bikes, Scooters, Cars, Vans etc These high quality Daytime Running Lights have a CNC machined aluminium casing and a super bright 3 watt CREE LED Chip which is imported from the USA. They are seriously bright and can be seen from great distances. This set of lights comes with specifically designed mounting brackets which mount to your bikes mirror mounting points - Simply unscrew your mirrors, place the bracket onto the mounting point and screw your mirror down firmly onto the bracket. The brackets have an 11mm hole which makes them suitable for all motorcycles and scooters with handlebar mounted mirrors. Note: If you have a motorcycle with a fairing these lights can be mounted without the supplied brackets by drilling a small 6mm hole
Motorbike Spotlight Fog Light Brackets Clamps - Very High Quality - 25mm 1
Alchemy Parts Ltd
Universal 25mm 1" Diameter Motorcycle Spot / Fog Light Brackets. These very high quality billet aluminium Spotlight brackets / clamps are specifically designed for motorcycles and can be directly mounted to your bikes handlebars or crash bars. They are well made and simple to fit. The light mounting platform is adjustable which allows you to mount your lights at multiple angles. Will fit most motorcycle & quad bike handlebars, and some Engine Crash Bars. N.B. The spotlight pictured in the photos is not included in this sale
Black Motorbike Headlight with LED Halo Ring 6.5 inch dia. 12V 35W
Alchemy Parts & Accessories
6/5" 165mm Headlight with LED Halo Ring This good quality, headlight is made to a high standard and is ideal if you want to upgrade, or simply change your motorcycle's headlight. It's a classic design that doesn't go out of fashion and will offer a classic look from the very beginning. As it's 35W, it's bright, too and the halo ring sets it off very well. As a result, it's suitable for Harley Davidsons, choppers, cruisers, cafe racers, scramblers, trikes, streetfighters, project bikes and so on... N.B. Although this headlight may be listed for your model, you may need spacers & washers for a tight fit to your existing fork-mounted brackets
Black Metal LED Motorcycle Motorbike Indicators for Cafe Racer Style Vintage Retro Bikes
Alchemy Parts Ltd
Contrast Cut IndicatorsThese very well made chrome aluminium LED indicators feature a classic shape with modern LED internals.As a result, they're ideal for custom bikes, cafe racers, street scramblers, brat bikes, Harley Davidsons, trikes, streetfighters and so on...
Motorbike 12V Headlight with Sidelight
Alchemy Parts Ltd
Replacement 12V HeadlightIdeal if you've had a front end accident, or your existing headlight is looking tatty, this headlight is well made, considering its excellent price, and is very easy to fit.Ideal for Honda CB125TD,CG125
Black Rectangular Aluminium 8mm/10mm Universal Motorcycle Motorbike Scooter Mirrors
Alchemy Parts Ltd
PAIR OF HIGH QUALITY 10MM THREAD ALUMINIUM MOTORBIKE MIRRORS These mirrors are ideal if you want a very cool, adjustable mirror, but at the same time, you are trying to create a minimalist front end look to your motorbike with no clutter. They have an arm which allows for plenty of adjustment and given that the mirror itself easily folds up, they are ideal for use in towns and cities, or if you have a narrow alleyway that you need to fit your motorbike down. The adjustable arm will also allow for plenty of space between your hand and the mirror body. These mirrors also come with 10mm and 8mm thread bolts, so will be able to fit most Yamahas and Ducatis, as well as most scooters, too. As a result, they're suitable for naked bikes, cafe racers, street scramblers, retro bikes new and old, scooters and so on... ***N.B. THESE MIRRORS DO NOT COME WITH THE MIRROR MOUNT CLAMPS THAT YOU SEE IN THE ADVERT PHOTOS. THESE ARE AVAILABLE ELSEWHERE IN OUR AMAZON STORE*** ***THESE MIRRORS ARE NOT E-MARKED***
Motorbike Bar End Mirrors - Fold In, Fold Up for 22mm 7/8
Alchemy Parts Ltd
Pair of Fold Up Motorcycle Bar End MirrorsThese well made bar end mirrors are ideal for your motorcycle if you want to have that cafe racer / custom bike look to your bars, but need the added practicality of being able to fold your mirrors in when riding down an alleyway or through traffic.They're designed to fit into hollow handlebars too, and when inserted, will literally expand when tightening for superior grip.As a result, these mirrors are suitable for cafe racers, custom bikes, streetfighters, choppers, scramblers and so on...
Motorbike Rear Stop Tail Light with Grill
Alchemy Parts Ltd
Prison style LED Stop Tail Light For Custom Bikes This very high quality universal motorbike LED tail light is designed for a minimalist back end look. It has a built-in number plate light and a strong bracket to hold the number plate on as well. This tail light is suitable for the following motorbikes....Retros, Naked Bikes, Café Racers, Streetfighters, Harley Davidson / Japanese cruiser project bikes, and so on...
High Quality Pair of 52/53mm Diameter CNC Machined Black Headlight Brackets/Fork Clamps for Motorbike Motorcycle
Alchemy Parts Ltd
High Quality Pair of CNC Machined Headlight Brackets for 52/53mm Diameter ForksThese brackets are specifically designed for guys who want to customise their front end and are on a budget, but want high quality products.They are easy to fit; just remember that you'll need to remove your forks for these to slide over.
Self Adhesive Exhaust / Engine Aluminium Reflective Heat Shield Sheet 100cm x 33cm Ideal for Motorbike Motorcycle Fairing and Car
Alchemy Parts Ltd
Self Adhesive Exhaust / Engine Aluminium Reflective Heat Shield Sheet A must have product and easy to apply due to the self adhesive sticky backing. Ideal for use on your motorcycle to protect your fairing, fuel tank, seat or anywhere else that needs protection from heat. This size sheet is perfect for sports bike fairings and can be easily cut to desired size / shape with a standard pair of scissors.
Pair Of Universal 12v Dual Tone 110db Air Horns - Great Upgrade For Cars or Motorcycles
Alchemy Parts Ltd
12 Volt Universal Dual Tone Air Horns Great replacement horn set for cars, vans, quad bikes, motorcycles & all other vehicles with a 12v electrical system. Very loud, great sounding kit & really easy to install.
Alchemy Parts & Accessories Motocross Enduro Motorbike Motorcycle Light Horn Kill Switch for 22mm 7/8
Alchemy Parts Ltd
High Quality Headlight / Horn / Kill Switch This switch cluster is identical to stock OEM design and quality for most Husqvarna, Husaberg and KTM Motorcycles. It's a replacement for OEM part number 50311070000 (except for the indicators / turn signals) and is made in Taiwan to very high standard, unlike other cheaper switch clusters you see elsewhere online. The wire plug-ins are designed to plug into stock wiring with no required splicing required, and it's compatible with the following makes & models: KTM: 125 EXC '00-'16 200 EXC '00-'16 250 EXC '00-'16 250 EXC-F '07-'16 250 FREE-RIDE '14-'16 300 EXC '00-'16 350 FREE-RIDE '13-'16 350 EXC-F '12-'16 380 EXC '00-'02 400 EXC '00-'11 450 EXC '03-'16 500 EXC '12-'16 520 EXC '00-'02 EXC 525 '02-'07 Husaberg: TE 125 '12-'14 TE 250/300 '11-'14 FE 250/350 '13-'14 FE 390 '10-'12 FE 450 '09-'14 FE 501 '13-'14 FE 570 '09-'12 Husqvarna: TE 125 '14-'16 TE 250 '14-'16 TE 300 '14-'16 FE 250 '14-'16 FE 350 '14-'16 FE 450 '14-'16 FE 501 '14-'16
Alchemy Parts & Accessories Black GPS Digital Speedo Speedometer for Motorbike or Trike fits 7/8
Max Inc.
GPS DIGITAL HANDLEBAR MOUNT SPEEDOMETER This custom speedometer uses the latest GPS technology and is a great simple solution for custom bike builders - there are no modifications required to install this speedometer on your motorbike. The digital speedo uses a GPS signal to monitor your speed accurately without the need for a mechanical or electronic sensor. This speedometer is extremely easy to install and simply mounts onto your bike's handlebars. For the wiring, it is simply 3 wires to connect - power, earth & backlight wire. After installation, mount the GPS antenna somewhere flat using the magnetic backing with an uninterrupted view of the sky and it's all good to go! The stylish speedometer housing is made from high grade CNC-machined 6061 Billet Aluminium with black anodising. As a result, this speedometer is ideal for custom bikes, project bikes, scramblers, cafe racers, rat bikes, quad bikes and so on...